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It Costs More To Be A Father In Decatur Than In Bridgeport

Just look at the cost of these competing Daddy/Daughter dances.


Anonymous said...

"Professional Photographs" = High Tone.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait hold the brakes. We all know that most of the Bridgeport dads got like 8 daughters so It will actually be more expensive for them once you tack on the $5 for each additional daughter.

Also, the Decatur one says "and $5 for each additional sibling", which means Decatur is obviously being politically correct for all the little boys from Decatur that will want to attend.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that all of the proceeds from the Decatur Daddy-Daughter Dance goes to support local charities. The proceeds from the Bridgeport Daddy-Daughter Dance goes to support the City Parks and Recreation Dept.

Anonymous said...

I just heard from a reliable source that the proceeds from the Decatur Dance are actually going to the turf for the football field.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked there is no BYOB indicated in either notice.

Anonymous said...

Best $10.00 you can spend as a dad.

RPM said...

Will the heat be on at the Decatur dance?

Anonymous said...

5:03- You said it, and the moment is priceless. I've been every year in Decatur and have cherished every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

The Decatur Junior Woman's Club Daddy / Daughter Dance information:

Registration forms can be picked up at iCopy in the Prada Shops and The What Not Shop on the square.

Guest's who pre-register get 5 free raffle tickets!

When: Saturday, February 13, 2010, 6pm to 8pm

Where: Decatur ISD Multi-Purpose Building

Cost: $25 per couple ($5 for each additional sibling)

All donations go to benefit these charities:

WARM - Wise Area Relief Mission
CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocate
Wise Choices Pregnancy Resource Cetner
Wise County Christian Counseling
Spirit of Christmas

We will have music, dancing, refreshments, and on-site photography portraits to make your night memorable! We will also have door prizes and raffle items!

Anonymous said...

that's because everything about bridgeport is cheap, including the women

Anonymous said...

Why does this have to be a fund-raiser event? To me, it sends a great message to hold one of these events to let the dad and daughter have a memorable night together. Decatur has made the cost so high that I feel many will not come who otherwise would like to.

Bridgeport looks to be charging just enough to cover the cost of the evening - which I think is great! If I want to donate to WARM, CASA or any of those other charities (which are all great causes) I will write them a check. Like I said, why not just host a fun evening and let the payoff be a memorable night that a little girl will always remember!