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Bowling Thoughts

I went bowling, yep, bowling Saturday afternoon at Main Event in Grapevine. Not sure what prompted that desire other than no football coupled with rainy weather, but I acted up on it (which is what I do). Thoughts:
  • It ain't the Pro Bowlers Tour on Saturday afternoon. There are more kids there than Romper Room.
  • And that means we've got kids launching balls like shot puts and then screaming in anguish when they don't get the intended results.
  • The alley has "guidelines" or makers (I'm struggling for the right word) on the lane that are created by some weird light projected from the ceiling.
  • And then the oddest moment: Out of nowhere, the music cranks up, the lights go down, and a lazer light show is flashing all over the lanes. It was like Disco Bowling and it went on for a good ten minutes.
  • Our "waiter" was a young kid whose level of service didn't satisfy my competitor. Not sure what went wrong there. But things went horribly wrong.
  • I was reminded that I am an awful bowler despite receiving college credit in that very sport. It looks easy on TV.
  • You'd think a little wrist trick would cause the ball to break right to left at the very end. It didn't work.
  • We ate at the new Tilted Kilt before the glorious sporting events. It's kind of like Twin Peaks or Bone Daddy's with the waitresses sporting a modified school girl look. Who knew there was such a huge market? The Ticket will be there Tuesday, I think.


Anonymous said...

I'm sick of hearing about Haiti. Why didn't they live some place safer and build better stuff? That's what I did and look at me- not a care in the world.

Anonymous said...

Skippy, That's why you don't see professional bowlers with limp wrists. Q. How do you keep a Haitian fed for a week? A. Who cares.

Anonymous said...

Barry probably asked if they had really light balls for attorneys. You no they all have none.

Anonymous said...

I have some advice for you regarding bowling. Dude, quit playing with someone else's balls and get your own. Better yet getting 2 almost identical, that way you will have 2 good balls you can play with any time you need to or you could let a friend play with your balls if you ever a have a guest.

RPM said...

I once bowled in a league on a company team. I had a 260 average and came within 1 strike of a 300 game.

I think Danny White was the Cowboy's QB at the time.

Anonymous said...

my "Gaydar" is going bananas!!

Gary said...

I've been told (so who knows how accurate this is) that "community" balls at lanes aren't "polished" or whatever enough to generate the spin that you see the PBA bowlers producing. Thus,when playing your once a year game at the local alley, just throw it straight and hope to break 150. I have found that 150 can usually win amongst the screwoffs I run around with.

Also, I think it hilarious when I role a couple of strikes and begin to think "Hey, I've got this figured out!" Only to follow those strikes with a series of gutter balls or 1 pinners. Tired head do Crown & cokes.

Anonymous said...

RPM...Yeah, and I scored four touchdowns in a football game in high school. I came in one bottle of Boone's Farm shy from bangin' a cheerleader that night.

Jack Daniels said...

Good God son, how much does your life suck? Bowling? What did you do next, go shopping at Garden Ridge?

msmaureen said...

Bowling for me is nothing more than a reminder of something I suck at, so I usually don't bother. BUT! A Winner never Quits, and a Quitter never wins. I have other interests that I am good at so bowling is just a passing fancy for me. I'd actually like to go bowling with my family just to remind and embarrass myself that I still suck at it, and have a few good luaghs with my teenage son and my husband. Tell me again how bowling is a sport? JK!! I'm glad to hear you exposed to yourself to a few moments of the life of children, it's always fun to imagine what life would be like if we had our own. Just remember to keep things in perspective, you don't have to go out and grow your own team, just one or two and the few they attract is always just fine for me. We we're all kids once, it's fun for me to remember the good times of being a kid, so places like Main Event, Incredible Pizza, Chuckie Cheese and a few of my favorite kids is always a blast for me, because than I am remembered what is like to be a kid again. My childhood if full of dysfuntional memories like attempted murder by my mother, being physical beat, humiliation, and more bad times than good times. So in my adult life I try to imagine my childhood through the kids that I enjoy hanging out with. I feel and see the Holy Spirit in the little kids, and little kids know what unconditional love is more than anyone else I've ever met.

msmaureen said...

Do what experts since the dawn of recorded history have told you you must do: pay the price by becoming the person you want to become. It's not nearly as difficult as living unsuccessfully.

Earl Nightingale