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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I've watched that winning Michael Crabtree TD over Texas last year a million times (how can you miss it), but I always thought Brent Musberger had said, "Crabtree! Crabtree!" He actually said, "Crabtree! Pulls free!"
  • I don't care what a defendant has done to get himself convicted, I hate watching his family in the courtroom.
  • Trust me, our Wise County juries look extremely conservative. But they can surprise you.
  • I fear for Texas Tech against the Evil Empire tomorrow. (But the article in the most recent Texas Monthly about Tech Coach Mike Leach is great.)
  • I misjudge whether to make a post sometimes. I saw the clip of the little girl throwing back the foul ball two days ago but ignored it. Yeah, it was cute, but that was about it. Since then, everyone has been talking about it and the family ends up on the Today Show. (I blame it on not having kids.)
  • In this world of you-will-get-prosecuted-for-anything, a Kentucky high school coach was found not guilty yesterday in connection with the death of one of his players due to (or not due to) heat exhaustion. The crazy prosecutor is one of the most dangerous things known to man.
  • From the Update: "NO BIBLE COURSE - The Decatur School Board voted 4-2 to not implement a Bible course at the high school, following the recommendation of the administration." I can't believe that just happened in Wise County. Let the crazy outrage begin.
  • WBAP's getting-grumpier-by-the-day Mark Davis got into a debate with co-workers Hal Jay and Steve Lamb this week and retorted that he would re-explain his point with, "Ok, I'll use shorter sentences and one syllable words." Good grief. The arrogance.
  • I've always liked Eddie Gossage, the affable General Manager of the Texas Motor Speedway, but little did I know that he has kept it quiet that he is battling cancer.
  • Wow. Texas Stadium will be imploded! Good times.
  • Very Random High School Sports Note: Decatur's nemesis, Abilene Wylie, played the #9 4A team in the state last week, Wolfforth Frenship, and won 21-7.
  • More interesting note: That's exactly how you spell "Wolfforth Frenship."
  • Glenn Beck is nuts. Glenn Beck is on the cover of Time. Glenn Beck is about to become the next Rush Limbaugh. There will always be a market for crazy.
  • A nudist church in Tyler?


Anonymous said...

"Glenn Beck is nuts. Glenn Beck is on the cover of Time. Glenn Beck is about to become the next Rush Limbaugh. There will always be a market for crazy."

Can you explain how he is nuts? Exactly what has he done or said that makes you think so?

Seems like, according to the evidence, he is much more right than wrong.

Further, there is good crazy, and bad crazy. You need to clarify.

Anonymous said...

NO BIBLE COURSES.... SOCIALISM HAS HIT THE DECATUR SCHOOL BOARD!!! Not really, but I'm sure some people are going to be outraged and socialism is the way to blame these days!

Anonymous said...

I hope they wipe down the seats.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather watch that video clip of the dad and daughter at the baseball game a thousand times than be subjected everywhere I turn, often unable to avoid, crap about Jon and Kate and all their irresponsible idiocy.

Anonymous said...

"There will always be a market for crazy."

Hence, this blog.

Football guru is disappointed in today's football coverage thus far.

teasips 7 tech 5 - defensive showdown
Alabama 102 nt 2 - nt scores early, but cannot hold the lead
okie 70 tulsa 69 - i just wanted to predict a score of sixty-nine
neb 10 va tech 9 - fun game to watch alert
tcu 70 southwest texas state 4 - i go old school and refuse to call swt by any other name
bu 30 conn 29 - battle of girl bb schools
TAMU 84 utah s 2 - step 2 to world football domination

Anonymous said...

Do they have Bible courses at that naked church in Tyler?

Anonymous said...

GOOD BREAKING NEWS: decatur does not have to worry about playing wylie this year, or the next, or the next ...

Casual Observer said...

And you crazy self righteous Baptist say us Methodist are liberal.

Anonymous said...

8:32 Jeez i hate to fight Barry's battle s for him, but Beck IS crazy by the two most commonly used definitions of the word (go to any dictionary and you will see the first definition has something to do with affected by a mental disorder and the second will have something to do with a failure to show good sense or judgment). He has been diagnosed with ADD and Drug Dependenence and been treated for both and he is an admitted alcoholic. ADD, Drug Dependence and Alcoholism are all three psychiatric disorders according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental by the most popular definition, he's crazy. Additionally, he is on record as saying things like Oboma's health care plan is a covert means from which the President seeks to extract slavery reparations and that there's no good reason to even try to limit green house gases. Neither of these ideas is supported by any conventional evidence (indeed, the science he relies on with respect to the greenhouse gases argument, is the very sort of non-peer-reviewed science he would be the first to call "junk science" if an attorney tried to rely on it to sue (God Forbid) a corporation in which he held stock. So, his judgment is a little wicky-wacky and he qualifies with respect to the second most popular use of the term as well.

Barry 1
Greenhouse Gas Sniffing, Reparations Conspiracy Theorist, Drug and Alcohol Addict, ADD Guy 0

Anonymous said...

Do they serve Kool-Aid in Tyler? Are there any fat girls down there in Tyler? Can I take my camera?

Anonymous said...

Football Guru is genius!

Anonymous said...

No Bible classes - I guess that was just another rumor about DISD hiring nuns.

Double Fake Sister Mary Catherine Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Cause that church in Tyler is Baptist, we know there will not be any drinking or dancing.

Anonymous said...

The little girl throwing the ball back is cute, but that's not the first time it's happened, possibly just the first time it was recorded for youtube consumption

A player's death from heat exhaustion:
the prosecutor would have to prove intent or negligence, right? A kid falling over dead isn't automatically the fault of the coach

I don't see how religious conservatives can be upset about the decision to not offer a Bible course, especially if they have ever made the claim for separation of church and state. That's a simplistic approach, I know

Mark Davis is an arrogant a$$. It would have been much funnier if he had used the line "I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!"

I wonder if the nudist church preacher stands in front of a lectern when addressing the congregation.
Gives new meaning to the terms "Sunday best", and "Sunday go-to-Meeting clothes".
Plus, it seems a little presumptuous, especially since their website quotes Genesis about nekkidness in the Garden of Eden. Scripture says that Adam and Eve were ashamed, because they had sinned. Are these people not ashamed? I don't understand the concept

Triple Fake Michael Trabtree

Anonymous said...

9:02 Doesn't that make Beck just like any other politician? ADD, Alcohol, Drug dependance...? Haven't heard of him sleeping around on his old lady yet, so he's got that going for him!

Anonymous said...

how do you keep a red raider from masturbating? paint his di*@ burnt orange and white and he will beat every six years or so!

Anonymous said...

What no Bible Course or Turf?
I bet some people have second thoughts about who they voted for to be on the school board

Barabas in the Bible Belt said...

I'm a Bible-thumping, right wing, conservative, wacko (that's probably how many of your readers would choose to describe me since I go to church regularly and don't care for Obama's policies too much) and I'm just fine with the DISD decision. I have more faith in the Bible classes taught at most churches over the Bible classes taught in a school where everyone is worrying what the Bible class teacher might say.

Good for DISD.

As for separation of church and state, I still understand it to mean that the government can't dictate what the citizenry does with regard to religion but doesn't mean the citizenry can't employee their faith beliefs in their daily actions.

Anonymous said...

I won't deny that Mark Davis is pretty dogmatic sometimes, but consider the target in this incident you've referenced. You've posted plenty about the idiocy of Hal Jay.

Anonymous said...


Hello, Kettle? This is the Pot. You're black.

chupacabra said...

Whew, take a breath 9:02- breathe baby breathe.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the nudists dress for those Sunday dinners they have? Also, I love the remark not to "disrobe" in the parking lot, but wait till they get in the foyer. Craziest thing I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

"Nuts" = I disagree with what he is saying but have no better solution.

I am a liberal.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for Glen Beck, Van Jones would still be a "red" green czar. Did you notice how that communist snake slithered away by turning in his resignation on a Saturday at midnight? And another Obammy operative gets thrown under the bus.

Anonymous said...

The guy facing the ocean - is he gay?

Anonymous said...


An estimated 102,000 fans to be at Darrell Royal Memorial Stadium on Saturday in the great City of Austin, Texas (along with ESPN's game day)!

All you raider fans, get prepared, it will not be pretty!

Welcome to our Haus - NOT! You will not be heard...


TEXAS - 62
tt - 21

NO FAKE - Colt McCoy

Anonymous said...

To the ultra liberal left, Glen Beck is crazy and Maurine Dowd is normal! Dowd outright lies and makes up things she claims that people say. Glen Beck reports on facts that he finds from investigating criminal ultra liberal personal relationships and organizations that Obama is very closely associated with.

Van Jones-0, Acorn-0 ObamaHealthcare-0 BECK-3

Anonymous said...

Barry, your credibility is lowered when you call someone like Beck "nuts" and pass over noting the same or worse about Pelosi, Frank, Rangel and other fools that actually have legislative power.

Anonymous said...

Eating with a bunch of naked people doesn't appeal to me;

Littlt naked boy's and girls in Sunday school, nota good and let's not even discus the Youth Group.

Little Johnny looks at daddy on the front roll and ask dad why there's a difference between him and Pastor Mark, Mom giggles;

And last but not least, Pastor Mark may not be wear'n no clothes but he's still got the preacher doo going on!! Crack me up!! I can hear it now, "I may be out of shape, I may need a little help in certain areas, hey, I may be naked but my hair looks good". Does it really matter?

Do they wear shoes?

Do they run the A/C on 68? That could be funny!!

Do SBD's still exist without your clothes?

Coudn't imagine attending for a number of reasons.

Anonymous said...

9:02 or Barry,

"but Beck IS crazy by the two most commonly used definitions of the word (go to any dictionary and you will see the first definition has something to do with affected by a mental disorder and the second will have something to do with a failure to show good sense or judgment).

1. mentally deranged; demented; insane.
2. senseless; impractical; totally unsound: a crazy scheme.
3. Informal. intensely enthusiastic; passionately excited: crazy about baseball.
4. Informal. very enamored or infatuated (usually fol. by about): He was crazy about her.
5. Informal. intensely anxious or eager; impatient: I'm crazy to try those new skis.
6. Informal. unusual; bizarre; singular: She always wears a crazy hat.
7. Slang. wonderful; excellent; perfect: That's crazy, man, crazy.
8. likely to break or fall to pieces.
9. weak, infirm, or sickly.
10. having an unusual, unexpected, or random quality, behavior, result, pattern, etc.: a crazy reel that spins in either direction.

Well, there they all are. I cannot find any definition of crazy that closely relates to Beck, except for #10. I was hoping that was along the lines of what Barry meant.

"He has been diagnosed with ADD and Drug Dependenence and been treated for both and he is an admitted alcoholic. ADD, Drug Dependence and Alcoholism are all three psychiatric disorders according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental by the most popular definition, he's crazy."

I am POSITIVE that NO mental health professional would use your description of Beck, or any other person as "crazy". They would probably lose their license if they did. Not cool.

Mentally deranged; demented; insane, surely does not apply. At most, a tad off dead center.

"Additionally, he is on record as saying things like Oboma's health care plan is a covert means from which the President seeks to extract slavery reparations"

Uh, I believe Obama essentially said the same thing. Go back and check his speeches when he was a "community organizer".

"and that there's no good reason to even try to limit green house gases."

I got to say, I agree with that 100%,

"Neither of these ideas is supported by any conventional evidence"

How about Obama's own words concerning reparations, and THOUSANDS of scientists in relation to CO2?

Over the last couple of years, hundreds of scientists who originally signed on to the global warming theory, have seperated themselves from it.

Many if not most now are concerned about global cooling.

Avoid the lefty blogs, and search for the actual VIDEO footage of what Beck has said, and his sources for what he says. Because he always provides sources. And do independent research about global warming.

'(indeed, the science he relies on with respect to the greenhouse gases argument, is the very sort of non-peer-reviewed science he would be the first to call "junk science"'

Much of what he sites concerning CO2 has been reviewed, or is being reviewed now. You seem to believe everything has been done, the case is closed, concerning global warming.

Nothing could be further from the truth. No scientist involved in this will tell you with total certainty, what is going to happen, either in general, or surely not with specificity.

Hell, they cannot predict the weather two days from now.

Further, it appears that scientists have found the sun weakening considerably, a normal down cycle. Over the next 10-20 years, we will probably be wishing for any type of global warming.

The science, on either side, is not complete, and does not warrent damaging our economy, and causing a $1761 tax increase for every family. THAT is "crazy".

"So, his judgment is a little wicky-wacky and he qualifies with respect to the second most popular use of the term as well."

I would surely go along with "wacky". But that wacky sumbich sure was right about Acorn and Van Jones, wasn't he?

He probably has been right about a lot of things. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Now there is an idea I can use. Quick, get me a new cable channel, we need to start a new show. We'll call it "The Clothing Optional Holy Hour". We'll make millions...oh, and save a soul or two.

Double Fake Robert Tilton

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to name the embarrassing buffoon Jimmy Carter when mentioning nuts. (even if it is peanuts)

Anonymous said...


knock knock
who's there

wax on about waxman pleeeeeeese.

Anonymous said...

To the first 10:06 tou must nuckin futs!!!

Anonymous said...

To the 1st 10:06; you wore me out! Go chill, dude!

Anonymous said...

1st 10:06

You give me nothing but a complete headache.

As much as you write, I would say you are OCD! Don't think you can change any minds about Glen Beck. You must be his biggest fan! Change the channel, you obviously need the break!

Anonymous said...

I hope no one drops a green bean while eating at the Tyler church

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Crazy, that Global Warming thing is the shizzel ain't it? Man, September 18th, 2009 and we're all burning up here in Wise County. But hell, it's got to be true because Al, Nancy, Harry and all the other liberals say it's so but hey, they ain't crazy nuts.... are they? I don't believe the left has any room to talk about nut jobs but then again if they're speaking from first hand knowledge and personal experience and they should know, then go ahead. It takes one to know one and the left has plenty. Other than nut cases, what the left really has is a bunch of incorigible idiots that have not a clue as to what they are doing but believe they do because of their so called experience .

Anonymous said...

The young lady in your picture this morning can't take her eyes off the guy behind her.

Nice Post! The guy has a very, very nice behind! Keep 'em coming just like that! Thanks for entertaining the females of this site for a change! Oh - did I say "change"...I LOVE CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

The last thing I remember was sitting in Tyler in church. The preacher said somethin about Thy rod & Thy staff and I blacked out.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the water ain't gay.
White shorts & water don't mix. That's why she's laughing.

Anonymous said...

Please...don't make me get a mental image of Robert Tilton all nekkid, spouting his gobbledygook nonsense. That would sooo turn me on!

Triple Fake Kenneth Copeland

Anonymous said...

The nudist church in Tyler is a total crock - some creative idiot conjured up that mess. What is funny about the whole thing is the nut who posed for the pic.

Just too funny. Can't we just see a naked praise team getting body parts all tangled up in wires.


Anonymous said...

Gotta Love white shorts & water!!!

Anonymous said...

10:35, You WIN!!!!!

That my friend was fricking hilarious!

Sad part is, I was taking a drink about the time I read your remark and had to wipe off my computer screen before writing this.

Classic, pure classic!!

mzchief said...

* Who would have ever thought Barry would have posted a photo of a flat chested chick wearing a burnt orange and white bikini while staring down the awesome gluts of a guy wearing see through swim trunks.

* Bravo to DISD for keeping religion out of the classroom. Now if we could get the rest of the country to keep politics/special interest groups out of the classroom public schools would be one step closer to being something other than a political football.

* Beck is not crazy. He is merely the most recent addition to the, far too long, list of annoying, self-important, political pundits along the lines of Limbaugh, Hannity, Olbermann, Matthews and Dowd. Beck's shtick is that he promotes himself as the "everyman" and pretends to be a moderate all the while proclaiming his Christianess.
.....Just a thought...If conservatives/republicans/neo-cons would figure out it is about POLITICS and not religion, EVERY moderate would gladly vote, in lockstep, with conservatives/republicans/neo-cons.

Anonymous said...

Half the people in Wise County are below average.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there will always be a market for crazy. Just check out MSNBC or CNN, and nutcases such as Rachel Madcow, Keith Overbite, or Chris "I want to lick Obama's feet" Matthews!

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Glen Beck is crazy. (or pretty smart to know how to work up an audience to make money)

Question for my conservative brethren: Do you think the only way our ideals and goals are achieved is to win a majority and pass them through? Guess what, it doesn't work. You have to reach across the ailse. And with Beck and Limbaugh and the like as the talking heads for conservatives that ain't going to happen.

Hate the left/dems/prez all you want. They are still your countrymen and you ain't going to get what you want without their consent.

Ditto to all you libs out there.

BTW, 100% in agreement with saying NO to offering a Bible Class at Decatur ISD. Contrary to talking heads, Religion [i]in toto[/i] has no place in school. That is what Churches (or temples or mosques) are for.

Anonymous said...

To borrow a thirty-odd year old rebuttal phrase, "Jane, you ignorant sl*t,"

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Beck's previously private addictions (much like the self righteous Rush) are self destructive. That's why the psychiatric community categorizes and tracks him and people who have the same or similar mental problems. The fact that he has admitted his addictions and gotten treatment for them in the past doesn't make him any less crazy when left to his own devices. An inability to acknowledge that the guy has serious issues keeps you from seeing how far afield he is from the rest of the population. Though say this for him: he IS crazy like a fox, as pointed out by Mr. Mike...he makes a lot of money whipping folks like yourself into a frenzy.

As for all of the other people he has called out for this, that and the other thing, who cares? The fact that he gets some right doesn't make the manner in which he does it any less lacking in objectivity.

Finally, there was no indication in the prior post that suggested folks pushing the global warming adgenda are correct...only a friendly wave to those who suggest taking care of the planet by limiting greenhouse gases where we can is good stewardship. you don't score any points by arguing what you want to argue just because you don't have a valid counterpoint to the initial salvo.

Anonymous said...


Have you ever seen the Beck show? He is every bit as much against Repubs as Dems. What he seems to look for most, is corruption, waste, etc.

He ragged on Bush about as much as he is ragging on Obama now. He applauds Dems who do the right thing.

He is an equal opportunity ragger. And seems to be good at it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and MzC is right. Beck is mainly in it to make a buck. Doing well with that too. He has more viewers than all the competition combined.

But I do believe he wants to get the corruption out, and quit the government spending us, our children, grandchildren, etc, into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the negative comments about our church, please don't be so judgemental.

Richard Long

Anonymous said...


"you don't score any points by arguing what you want to argue just because you don't have a valid counterpoint to the initial salvo."

Really. OK. Well, you got me there I guess.

So let me check here:

mentally deranged; demented; insane.

"He has been diagnosed with ADD and Drug Dependenence and been treated for both and he is an admitted alcoholic. ADD, Drug Dependence and Alcoholism are all three psychiatric disorders according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental by the most popular definition, he's crazy."

So any alcoholic, ADD sufferer, etc, are all crazy?

So, do you believe homosexuals are crazy?

The problem is, throughout history, people have tried to marginalize others by saying they are crazy.

Africans, homosexuals, Jews, and on and on, were deemed to have some mental problem, and therefore not worthy of consideration, if not much worse.

If you say it enough, and can get others to believe it, then you can make them inconsequencial. Saul Alinsky. Seems like the left is trying this with Beck, rather than debating his points. That is, when the left is not trying to get his sponsers to pull off of his show.

Funny, when he does this to the right, the right does not attack him this way.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, That this night, before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice. Mark 14:30

To learn more about the meaning of this Bible passage, tune in this Sunday to my new show, "The Clothing Optional Holy Hour" and don't forget your check book...uh...I mean...prayer requests.

Double Fake Robert Tilton

Anonymous said...

That church in Tyler adds new meaning to the term "LOVE OFFERING"

Anonymous said...

No No Bro. Amos. the hymn is
R-O-C-K of Ages!!!

Anonymous said...

I asked you not to make me think of Robert Tilton nekkid.
Now you've done it...Good morning, Mister Devil! (that's what the wife calls it)


Anonymous said...

What exactly does the nudist church pastor mean when he says "I am excited about our special group of believers."?

"Well, reverend, this is one time I won't be asking if you're happy to see me, because that is obviously NOT a banana, and you have no pockets!"

Anonymous said...

Glen Beck is speaking the truth -- glad you are listening to him, BG! Now, Nancy Pelosie is the nut case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wordkyle said...

902 - Substance dependence is also defined as a psychiatric disorder. Can Barack Obama be considered "crazy" because of his tobacco dependence? How about his past history of drug abuse? Can we also say that he has failed to show good sense or judgment? His compulsion to make demonstrably false statements regarding healthcare are proof enough of that. (Look here and here for examples.)

M-M said...

To all you global warming suckers:
1: CO2 makes up .00384% of the atmosphere. It's considered a trace gas in the atmosphere. Seriously, does your logic and good sense tell you that this trace gas is entrapping all this heat and energy from the sun and is going to broil us all?

2: Of all the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere every year, only 3% is caused by humans. All the rest (97%) is from natural sources. So, how much will all this cap and trade crap in the USA reduce our 3% contribution?

3: CO2level changes do not correlate with temperature changes. Example: While CO2 levels were rising from 1940 to 1975, global temperatures were dropping. In fact, the headlines of the day during the mid 70's was that we were heading into an ice age.

Anonymous said...

Don't any of you have anything else to talk about other than ranting and ranting about your opinions. Everybody wants to the be the know-it-all.

You know what they say about opinions don't you?

Be nice and just TRY to get along with each other.

This blog is getting so repetitive and ridiculous. It is becoming BORING!

Break loose once in a while and have some fun! It doesn't hurt at all....

If all of you would put forth all this energy into doing something "positive" for this country, your community, your families, or jobs...this would be such a great nation!

Quit spewing the hate and controversy...

Enuff! Get on with your lives.

Anonymous said...

DISD could not teach a Bible course because it is not in CSCOPE!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Glenn Beck is nuts. But, do you give him any credit for the expose on ACORN? Or, since you're such a libtard, perhaps ACORN is an okay 501(c)3 organization.

Glenn does use quite a bit of "showmanship" in getting his points across, but I'm not sure folks would listen to him if he didn't. You can laugh all you want about him, but thousands (who knows how many) marched on Washington on 9/12 because of Beck's start of the 912 Project of which I'm a proud member! I didn't get to march in DC, but I was in Fort Worth, rain and all!.

Anonymous said...

In America, God should never be put to a vote. Too bad Decatur ISD ever got to the point that someone was put in the position to do so.

Anonymous said...


Are you applying for the position of dictator or something?

Reads like you have the voice for it.

Anonymous said...

Geez, people, a bible course in a public school CANNOT be about religion. It is about the cultural, literary significance of the bible on Western Civilization. That's why it can be taught as a literature class or a social studies class.

Most high school English classes already include direct instruction of biblical allusions. That whole line in Fahrenheit 451 (about the old woman who burned to death in her house full of books)where Beatty says she was livig in "a damned Tower of Bable" doesn't make sense if you don't know the biblical allusion.

The majority of our public school students do not have the biblical knowledge of generations in the past. I'm not saying that's either bad or good. It's just a fact. The kids who have knowledge of the biblical stuff have an academic advantage over those who do not.

We teach Greek mythology for the same reason. And Greek mythology is ALL about the religious beliefs of that culture. Why don't people scream and yell when we teach THAT religion?

Anonymous said...


Dictator? Oh my goodness...i guess you are a big part of the critical bloggers on here. All I suggested was to be a little bit more positive, but obviously that isn't a part of your being! Get over yourself! Relax, maybe you just need a big BM!

Anonymous said...

No wonder all the Wise County teams can't win football games. Look at all the mentors' attitudes they have to look up to...Tsk! Tsk! The teams probably blame their losses on the government as well. HA HA

Anonymous said...

Excellent point 9:31!

Anonymous said...


Still a little dictator, are you?