Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I've never watched Bones, but I like the show's new commercials where the cast is dancing to the song "Dead Man's Party."
  • Ranger's note: They have only one run in the last 37 innings. That is an amazing stat. And it's the worst run production over four games in the history of the ball club. Wow.
  • The KXAS 5 morning news constantly shows clips of Jay Leno's show and ends the "news" story with, "Be sure to watch Jay tonight at 9:00". I hate commercials buried in newscasts (for the millionth time.)
  • There was another wrong way accident on the Dallas tollway last night. I understand wrong way drivers but why only on the tollway?
  • Every time I refer to the helicopter ambulance in Decatur as "Careflight", I have some angrily inform me that the correct name is "Texas Lifestar."
  • Yeah, Obama called Kayne West a jackass, but now there's a video of it. (Did his lips move?) But that whole incident helped him a heck of a lot more than it hurt him.
  • John Krakauer, author of Into Thin Air and Into The Wild, has written a book about Pat Tillman. I love Krakauer.
  • The defendant currently on trial in Decatur for sexual assault looks like he would be one difficult guy to deal with. He keeps telling his lawyer what to do which is fine so long as you know what to do.
  • There was a lot of news about a new proposed health care bill released yesterday by some Congressional committee. Note: It's a bad sign when only one Senator comes out to announce its release in a press conference.
  • There's talk about Cowboys Stadium having the roof open for Sunday night's opening game. I thought it would have been cool to start it out closed and then open it at halftime, then I learned you can't change it during a game. (But I can't find the link where I read that.)
  • The Today Show is going to be in Dallas tomorrow morning. I wonder if Ann Curry is going to come as well?
  • I thought there was going to be a replacement for Megan Henderson on Fox 4's Good Day? Dan Godwin isn't doing it for me.
  • Texas Justice: Judge and DA are secretly sleeping together. DA's office prosecutes guy in judge's court and gets death penalty. Judge goes on to get elected to Texas highest criminal appellate court. Judge retires after a few years. Everyone finds about affair. Texas highest court now refuses to decide whether there is anything wrong with their former colleague sleeping with the DA during the trial. There's a term for that: Appearance of impropriety.
  • Yesterday I wrote that I hated the "Oh, yeah, what about you" argument. Then someone pointed out I did the same thing with my ACORN comment. You know, I was busted. Big time.
  • The girl posing as the hooker when they are secretly taping ACORN reps is hot. (Here name is Hanna Giles but it's hard to find a pic of her.) The guy, who showed up on Fox and Friends in a pimp outfit while proclaiming "I'm very white", looks like a whip. (And I did mean "whip" instead of "wimp").
  • F Bomb blooper yesterday by a Fox affiliate (not ours). I'm not sure what that phrase means, but you have to love the female anchor's expression. (Uh: Language warning.) Thanks, Alice.


Anonymous said...

The 35 page health care as reported on Fox News this morning requires people to buy health care insurance or be fined up to $3500 a year. How can this be constitutional? It is not like having automobile insurance in case you crash into some one else. If you don't want health care insurance, don't buy it. Now those who can't afford it, will buy it and just not buy food or maybe just beans and rice.

Anonymous said...

Nice Pic...But Young Very Young...

Anonymous said...

FOX vs. ACORN: I am looking forward to discovery if ACORN has the guts to file a lawsuit. Barry, it is time for you to let go and turn on these people just like the Republicans did to Nixon. It is time for you to cut ties with the bad and the ugly in your party. You can keep the good. God, I miss JFK.

Hanna is hot.

Anonymous said...

i loved Leno on the tnite show and wasw really lookin forward to his new show. but i watche4d monday nite, and never again.
first, he did a spoof with Obama where they take excerpts from an interview and change it around where leno is askin dumb questions. always in the the past,(bush,clinton and bush jr.) it was the president who was made out like the fool. this time it was Leno who was made a fol out of.
and then he had kenya west on as a guest and i thought Leno was going to cry himself . sickening. my gosh he did everything but play kenya's banjo.
oh well.

Anonymous said...

Those girls look so young only a
school teacher would hit on them.

Anonymous said...

Keep watching Bones! Love that show! Brennan is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Funny comment I read yesterday about Obama/Kanye: (paraphrasing) You know you're screwed up when THE PRESIDENT calls you a jackass!
And his crocodile tears during the Leno interview were just lame. Okay, maybe he was really crying thinking about his mom, but he wasn't in remorse for what he did to Taylor Swift. He needs a Swift kick in the butt

It's common knowledge that teams can't change the roof setting once the game has started. It's the same for baseball. The teams have to take into consideration the weather conditions for the duration of the game and set the roof accordingly. Moving the roof while the game is in progress would prove too distracting

My hope for the Rangers making the postseason is on the mound. I've got my foot on the top step of the dugout, ready to pull aforementioned hope. If the Rangers can't get through this weekend with the Angels, I'm pulling my hope and giving up on them. Enough with the baseball analogies

Anonymous said...

The new anchor starts on the 21st. Her name is Lauren Pryzbyl or something like that. That's what prompted all the "What's a Pryzbyl?" commercials with Tim asking random people. She called in to the morning show this week and chatted with Tim and Dan for a few minutes, and then even made guesses on celebrity birthdays.

Anonymous said...

And FYI, BG, Lauren graduated from Baylor.


Anonymous said...

F bomb blooper:
I'm not so sure he wasn't saying "Keep PLUCKING that chicken."
That'd make more sense, wouldn't it?

Denney Crane said...

Those young ladies are probably talking about the procedures they're planning... this photo is before they "pack their rack".

Personally, I prefer the before scenario... but I've always preferred the chicken's dark meat...

Anonymous said...

"Yesterday I wrote that I hated the "Oh, yeah, what about you" argument. Then someone pointed out I did the same thing with my ACORN comment. You know, I was busted. Big time."

I for one appreciate that admission. You are to be applauded.

A large number of folks would just try to sweep it under the rug, ignore it, etc.

You are a stand up guy. Wrong about the way government should work. But stand up.

Now, let's work on getting your head right about big government. A four person family currently owes $1.2 MILLION dollars for their share of national debt ALONE. That is before Cap and Tax and any further health care crap, and future already mandated requirements.

The United States of America is broke. We cannot borrow any more, because the rest of the world does not want our IOUs, and our citizens with investment capital do not like the odds of getting back same dollar for same dollar. All the G'ment can do is print money that is not real, raising inflation, and devaluing the dollar.

We must refuse any more "government help", and stand on our own two feet, as Americans have always done.

We must demand that the politicians, of both parties (cause they are both extremely guilty) end pork programs. ALL of them.

We must demand, and hold them to it, that anyone running for any office pledge to not spend one dime over what we can afford, considering a reasonable tax rate.

Each politico; bureaucrat, elected official, whatever, should pledge to freeze all salaries, and cut out all perks until the budget is balanced.

Nobody should have to pay more than 40% of income in gross taxes. Hard work should be rewarded, not penalized.

All red tape, especially the silly environmental crap, should be cut, making it easier to start new business. Tremendous growth is the only thing that will begin to reduce the national debt.

Once and for all, each elected leader, or prospective elected leader, should pledge to cut all ties with Wall street, or any business venture. No lobbying from business, unions, etc. The only folks they should listen to are the American people. Anything else should be considered treason.

They should also pledge to vote to split up GE, severing their journalistic ventures from their manufacturing ventures. Fourth estate protections should not go to any company that has a direct stake in pending legislation.

That will do for a small start.

Carry on.


Ryan said...

Hittin' the bottle a little early, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

No, Ann Curry will not be in Dallas, because she is currently in Iran interviewing Ahmadinejad. It's his first interview since his re-election.

Anonymous said...

"I love Krakauer."

Guy goes someplace he has no business being, without proper training and manages to survive in spite of continued bad decisions and stupidity. What's to love?

Anonymous said...

Rangers: Hicks financial status and the resultant MLB running of the team: a. saw other MLB owners decide for the Rangers that the team would not be allowed to follow through with its strategy for signing its 1st round draft pick, so he goes to TCU to pitch instead of A-Ball; saw other MLB owners decider the Rangers would not be allowed to trade for any pitching help @ either of the two trade deadlines; and ultimately caused the players to wake up, smell the coffee and figure out that management is powerless to help them, which is why they have already given up on what was otherwise a great year. Hide and watch as the team scrapes over 20 million off of this year's payroll in the offseason and STILL doesn't make a serious run @ re-signing Marlon Byrd (all star weekend home run derby participant having a great contract year).

"appearance of impropriety" = a phrase as opposed to a term?

And on Leno, surprised no one on this blog has commented on his show last night with the wink-wink, nudge-nudge nod towards teachers hitting on students bit towards the end of the show.

Anonymous said...

Obama calling Kayne West a jackass was a straight up fact. Thats all we ask about our political leaders .... call it like it is with no political spin....too bad it wasn't a formal speech, but much appreciated.

The Rangers need to play a top team so they will have a challenge. Those A's are just so easy to beat, they don't have to play hard .....errrrr

Anonymous said...

@ 10:06

Marlon Byrd watched the All-star game on TV... copy, paste insert "Nelson Cruz".

Anonymous said...

Barry - I'm right there with you when it comes to the helicopter thing. To me, any helicopter ambulance is a Careflight. Other things I do..... I call all cotton swabs a Q-tip (no matter the brand). Any form of soda I just call a Coke. I usually tell the kids to go get in the car, even though technically it's an SUV!!!

Anonymous said...

Obama said when he was campaigning that he would not impose fines for people who did not buy health insurance. I know this plan Baucus has come up with is not "officially" Obama's plan. But, if the President has any sort of decency he would stand up and tell the guy to take the "imposing of fines for those who do not have medical insurance" bit out of it! That is just not right!

Anonymous said...

I don't know the contract status of any Rangers players, but Marlon Byrd was not a participant at the Homerun Derby. Maybe you're thinking of Nelson Cruz? He was the only Ranger involved. And yes, Byrd is having a great year (offense/defense). Cruz, on the other hand, is not so great at defense. Maybe they should consider having him DH on a regular basis?

Anonymous said...

928 jarhead you ain't fooling nobody, we know that's you, quit trying to hog up all the stupid.

chupacabra said...

You would like Bones I'm very sure; give it a try sometime.

"Sleeping together" sounds so dishonestly benign- like taking naps together. You should call it "bumpin' uglies".

Dude, you should totally marry Krakauer- that is if Lauer will let you see other people.

Anonymous said...

Hey Regis (9:28)
I'm a life-long dem, and I strongly agree with almost everything you wrote. My strongest disagreement was on the importance of protecting our environment. But I'll compromise on that just to get the other items addressed.

Philosophically, I believe that everyone is entitled to quality health care. But we can't possibly tackle that with the current corrupt state of your government (and our complicit media.)

Let's rip up the bullshit labels used to divide us as red or blue. It's time we realize that 99% of all politicians represent their big money donors, not the American people. With the current system, that is the only way to get elected and stay in office. Change the system to remove the massive influence of these organizations. Then our elected officials will actually commit to fulfilling campaign promises.

Anonymous said...

"Bumpin' uglies" is good, but I liked the term Gordo came up with this AM describing the couple that got robbed while trying to be amorous in a dumpster (eewwww!)
"They tried to get their urinary tracts as close together as possible."
Or his alternate
"They were getting their dirty parts together."
That one is appropriate considering the location of their attempted tryst
Plus, Norm - commenting on the same story, said "How much money can you expect to get from someone having sex...in a dumpster?"

Anonymous said...

The girls in today's random pic are cute...but so are dobermans at that age (in dog years anyway). And equally dangerous

I'm just sayin'

Anonymous said...


"My strongest disagreement was on the importance of protecting our environment. But I'll compromise on that just to get the other items addressed"

You misunderstood me. I am all for protecting the environment. But heavy burdens on people trying to start businesses, expanding the economy, is stupid.

What you do is track their production, whatever it is. If they polute (not CO2, that is just stupid), then you fine them enough so that they fix the problem.

As long as they know what the penalties are, how heavy they are, seldom will there be a problem.

"Philosophically, I believe that everyone is entitled to quality health care. But we can't possibly tackle that with the current corrupt state of your government (and our complicit media.)"

Right. But even if we had the money, there are not nearly enough Drs or nurses or facilities to handle "quality" health care. Neither here nor almost anywhere else in the world.

I just saw a poll today that showed about 50% of Drs would retire if Obamacare went through. If even half of them made good on that, we would be in deep dodo.

"Let's rip up the bullshit labels used to divide us as red or blue."

I am there.

"It's time we realize that 99% of all politicians represent their big money donors, not the American people. With the current system, that is the only way to get elected and stay in office. Change the system to remove the massive influence of these organizations. Then our elected officials will actually commit to fulfilling campaign promises."

You got that right. Companies, unions, etc, have NO first amendment rights. Only individual Americans.

It really pisses me off how some reps, McCain is the main one, preach about getting the money out of the system. But it never happens.

Almost like they want folks to think they are doing something, window dressing, but they never do. Hmmmm.

Preach on.


Anonymous said...

completely my mistake Cruz vs. Byrd.

Anonymous said...

Geez Regis, it's people like you who have to go off and make comments that make sense who ruin this blog for the rest of us...
Cain't you jut call people names or sumthin...

Anonymous said...

There's a 22 year old girl from wise county having a brain tumor removed on Monday. Please keep her in your prayers.

Anonymous said...

Fat brown girls generate more comments than skinny white girls !

Anonymous said...

I cried through the whole movie.

Anonymous said...

Re: the Fox blooper

For all who think he didn't say plucking that chicken, well you just wish he said what you think he said otherwise it wouldn't be a blooper at all.

Unfortunately you missed out on ancient folklore when it was believed that plucking chickens was easier and cleaner in times of good weather rather than when it was about to storm.

Some scientific support for the belief holds that high barometric pressure facilitates the release of the quill from the follicle, as chickens are wont to molt in good weather, not when it will soon be storming as being featherless might be a little inconvenient, if not outright fatal if improperly timed.

Half-Baked Chuck Darwin