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Wise County Last Minute Gift Idea

Yet another idea I should have thought of first. What could possibly go wrong? (By the way, and unrelated, did I ever tell you I dreamed up anti-lock brakes in my teenage brain when I was sixteen?)


Anonymous said...

Would not be advisable for my home. Pissed off wife with loaded weapon = probable bad outcome.

Anonymous said...

You're much older than I thought! ABS has been widely used on airplanes for 60 years.
Wiki says: Anti-lock braking systems were first developed for aircraft in 1929, by the French automobile and aircraft pioneer, Gabriel Voisin, as threshold braking an airplane is nearly impossible. An early system was Dunlop's Maxaret system, introduced in the 1950s and still in use on some aircraft models.

Anonymous said...

My loaded shotgun leans in arms reach from my bed as well as the
.38 holstered around the bed post.

Of course the German Shepherds might be a slight deterent prior to the barrage of lead passing through a would-be theif.

Y'all come on in!

Anonymous said...

Was your anti-lock idea conceived at the same time as when Al Gore invented the internet?

Anonymous said...

"Not for use in homes with children"
Kinda changes the rules for that commercial where the family's all pointing remotes at each other

"The Happy Pony is on. I'm not missing Happy Pony!"

Anonymous said...

I have one.

Very handy. I bought one for my 15 year old daughter this year.

I've never been so proud of her as when she asked...."dad, should I put my 4-10 in it or my 12ga?"

She takes after her momma.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, please kill me in some other type of accidental fashion before one of the gun-loving idiots who would dare purchase one or more of these pieces of junk kills me. Please God, please!!!!!

Pffffftttt and double pfffffttttt to the idiots that think they need this kind of shiate.

RPM said...

I sleep with The Judge every night.

Jack Daniels said...

Well thank you Al Gore.