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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Channel 8 has a video on the Runaway Bay condo fire with an interview of victim/former Wise County Fire Marshal Mike Bement. His teeth burned up. Really.
  • Is the girl above a repeat? I either posted it before or I was married to her. I lose track.
  • I know a lot of people are beaten down by talk of Twitter, but it is always first with breaking news. I got a tweet about Brittany Murphy's death two hours before CNN reported it. And how can I live without knowing about stuff like that first?
  • Avatar grossed $73 million over the weekend. I've read good reviews, and it's supposed to be a technical masterpiece, but the previews look like a beating.
  • Something happened with the health care bill last night with some Nebraska senator getting "paid off." (That's the Fox News version. Check it out to find out what really happened.)
  • Now I've lost my replacement bank card. I'm dying here.
  • I caught Simon and Garfunkle's performance of The Boxer on cable for some recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert recently. I've underrated them.
  • I'm two "chapters" into the Inglourious Nasterds DVD. Yeah, it's good, but I've seen this formula before. People sit around and talk about crazy crap (why do we love a squirrel but hate a rat when a rat is nothing but a squirrel without a tail) followed by over the top violence.
  • Note to D.C. cop: Be careful admitting that you pulled a gun during a snowball fight when you are surrounded by guys with cellphones.
  • I bought a leather jacket for myself over the weekend. Not a biker leather jacket, but a Macy's kind of leather jacket. I never buy stuff like that for myself.
  • Somehow you won't see any changes, but the owner of WBAP and KCSC filed has filed for bankruptcy.
  • Speaking of WBAP, they tried a Fake Wade Phillip's bit at 8:10 this morning. Fail.
  • Saw a lady snap back curtly with "Merry Christmas!" after a security guard wished a crowd, "Happy Holidays." Sheesh.
  • Saw the cutest little girl dressed up as Cindy Lou The Littlest Who yesterday. Working on a pic.
  • I think is down this morning. Ugh.
  • Regarding my "no White Christmas in Wise County" post from Friday, I arbitrarily define "White Christmas" as snowing on Christmas morning or waking up on Christmas Day to a new blanket of snow. I don't think that's ever happened.


Anonymous said...

YES!!! triple fake Wade phillips EXTREME FAIL!!!


Anonymous said...

She is a Repeat....

Anonymous said...

Yes, today's pic is a repeat, but I'm cool with it

You're a regular TMZ with the breaking news. And I hate all those "we've got the dirt on so-and-so celeb", but I don't rely on this site for "celebrity" news, so I'm cool with that, too

"...why do we love a squirrel..."
I thought the next line was gonna be "...but hate the nuts!"
And the reason we love squirrels and not rats is because squirrels are okay with spending all their time outside in a tree. They prefer it. Rats are always trying to get inside and root around in your stuff. Rats DO have tails
Look at it this way - a squirrel is a rat with a tail merkin

"He pulls a snowball - you pull a gun! That's...the D.C. way!

Triple Fake Jimmy Malone
The Untouchables

Anonymous said...

BG, keep looking and watching toward FOXS for the truth. YES, your liberal weiners have PAID OFF ANOTHER SENATOR TO GET YOUR WAY! That makes the total 4 that we know of! Buy your votes to get your bill passed, the American, no Democratic way! The costs just keep going up, because we now have a national debt to pay because of this health care mess, and now we get to pay extra debts associated with 4 others states on top of that. Good grief, America, wake up and call your Senators! This is being rammed up our rear ends, and we are supposed to just sit and smile? I'M NOT SMILING!

wordkyle said...

Regarding Nebraska Democrat Senator Ben Nelson being paid off for his vote on the Democrat healthcare legislation: A large part of the cost of this "improved" healthcare will be transferred to the states (thus lowering the federal cost, but not the final cost to us.) Nelson got language into the bill that exempted Nebraska from those increased costs -- the federal funds will cover Nebraska. In other words, taxpayers across the country will pick up the tab for Harry Reid buying Nelson's vote.

Anonymous said...

As a christian conservative I don't see a problem with saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". The two are interchangable since we are in the middle of the holiday season.

What I do have a problem with is when people assume someone says "Merry Christmas" to counter-act the "Happy holidays" they just heard.

Sheesh....that gets old.

Anonymous said...

If the new healthcare plan does not ruin us financially all of the promises, both public and private, being made to secure the vote will kill us. Obviously, this bill is not good enough on its own or they would not have to "persuade" even our own party to support it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no Vinnie Chase no Avator for us!

Johnny D

Anonymous said... that one of them new weiner pills s'posed to help out in the bedroom dept?

Anonymous said...

Barry, forget the plastic. Start carrying a roll with a mix of $2 bills and C-notes. Cashiers will start to recognize you and you will stand out from the great unwashed shopping masses. Besides being cool, in a Fast Eddie Felson sort of way.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

"Bement got his wife and two chiwawas out of his townhome safely..."
Not sure who is responsible for writing copy over at channel 8, but...chiwawas?

Even Les Nessman (five time winner of the Buckeye News Hawk Award!) knows better than that

M-M said...

I checked it out...he got paid off.

Anonymous said...

Simopn and Garfunkel's album "Bookends" is a great album, especially played during the winter.

Phillip J Hubbell said...

Senator Ben Nelson is what is known as a surrogate whore...we get screwed, he gets paid. The voters up here in Nebraska are already setting up organizations to retire this fellow from the Senate since he sold his vote in light over overwhelming opposition from the voters in Nebraska. He is toast politically. If we can't get him recalled, we will have to wait until 2012 but we will find, fund and elect his replacement.

Anonymous said...

The world is ending!
It is December and the Cowboys won a game!

Red Nick

Anonymous said...

"...Inglourious Nasterds DVD."
Do you have that confused with Inglorious Basterds?
Maybe the one you cited is from your "alternative" DVD collection...cheeky monkey!

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows that Fox News is the most accurate available in that type of media even if you are liberal or stupid for some other reason.

Anonymous said...

Ok in regards to the Senator who got paid off on the health bill... who in the HELL are we kidding. Call it like it is A BRIBE!!
Under George Bush's watch if that had happened they would have roasted him. Pelosi is an idiot! I agree if it cant go on its own merrits the do not Bribe someone to shove it up our ass! Sign me Pissed off and being pissed on by our government that said they would promise "change". Hope everyone likes whats coming!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone complaining about the current health care changes understand that the "prescription drug" law of a few years ago added much more to the national debt than the cost of the proposed change? How about Medicare? Do you think we should eliminate that program because it costs the taxpayers too much? Hey, we've already incurred over $1,000,000,000 expense for perusing wars in the middle east after 9/11 - to what effect? How many now scream bloody murder when THEIR benefit is threatened because others want theirs. How do you spell hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

I wood eat that like an icecream samich...!

Anonymous said...