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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Swine Flu shot is now widely available to anyone in Tarrant County but that's not the case in Wise County. What gives?
  • Dallas DA Craig Watkins was on the Colbert Show last night and actually said, "Being tough on crime does not work."
  • Google has now improved its "music search."
  • TCU's Gary Patterson signs a long term extension which is really pretty weird in this day and time. But after seeing what happened to his predecessor, it might be a smart move. (Dennis Franchione went from Alabama to A&M to Oblivion.)
  • Some X tablets were seized in Sourth Texas made into the shapes of Homer Simpson and President Obama. The press and police are using the angle that they "were marketed towards kids." Puhleeze.
  • Some lady gets sexually assaulted after midnight at one of those big public rest areas south of Fort Worth along I-35? I wouldn't go in those bathrooms in the middle of the day.
  • And isn't there an old story of a former Wise County deputy being convicted of capital murder for a crime at the same place in the early 1990s? I think the conviction got reversed on appeal, but I don't know what happened after that.
  • All women should be able to take this good of a book-in photo.
  • The story of the genius kid going door to door offering free massages in Denton was everywhere yesterday. But everyone is more fascinated by the naive "victim".
  • Speaking of dope, a Wise County jury will be forced to pick between 25 years in prison and life today for a lady convicted yesterday of methamphetamine possession. Incredible. I'll probably do a full post later.
  • There was an all day hearing in a divorce case in the County Court at Law yesterday. That would be a beating.
  • Anybody else Tiger-Wooded-Out? And, as predicted, the media ho lawyer for the first alleged affair gal is having a press conference today. Edit: OK, I'm at least interested in a bikini clad girl near his home being photo'd by cops.
  • It's weird that it is going to snow south of us, but not on us, on Friday morning.


Anonymous said...

As to the ex-deputy convicted of capital murder--it was not reversed and he was put to death.

As to the all-day divorce trial, it's going to be AT LEAST another full day of it today!!

wordkyle said...

Regarding swine flu vaccine: It's called "rationing." Get used to it, especially if Obamacare passes.

Anonymous said...

who was the ex deputy?

Anonymous said...


Double Fake Hugh Hefner said...

The only interest I have with Tiger at this point is checking out all the babes that he's supposedly boned. I'm not judging. Just envious.

Anonymous said...

much better pics of sign

Anonymous said...

Oblivion? I'm headed to Vegas, baby!!! I put in for the UNLV heading coaching job.

Wish me luck!

Double Fake Dennis Franchione

Denney Crane said...

Dallas DA Craig Watkins was on the Colbert Show last night and actually said, "Being tough on crime does not work."

I don't know many attorneys who really care if the judicial system is tough on crime. But,

There are several countries in the Middle East that would disagree with his dumba$$ statement. Why doesn't he go interview several of their citizens who are missing a hand or foot.

Anonymous said...

Why are you worried about the Swine Flu now? You laughed it off last year when schools were turning out to PREVENT the spread of the disease. Seems they were smarter than you thought, huh!

Anonymous said...

X dealers have marketing departments?
I figure if you're already looking at the tabs, the sale is pretty much a given.

today's random pic:
neck up - 4.2
neck down (to waterline) - 8.5

The contract extension was a smart move for Coach Patterson, but it was an even smarter move for TCU. His record over the past ten years is a good indicator of what he can do over the remainder of the contract. And the added exposure of a high ranking and BCS game will improve his recruiting efforts. Plus, stability at the head coaching position is attractive to prospects.

Anonymous said...

No, 9:52. The swine flu has turned out to be no big deal. I know many many co-workers who've had it and it was no worse than the seasonal flu....and we are health care workers. None of us opted for the's more dangerous than the flu itself. don't believe everything you hear in the media..they lie and hype it up.

Anonymous said...

Patterson should try for Notre Dame job. TCU just doesn't have the recruiting base and plays in a weak conference.

Anonymous said...

10:25, I guess people dying doesn't bother you.... since you're in the health profession.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Google improved its music search. I was having hell finding Mos Def and Trey Songz.

Anonymous said...

A red flag went up when..."He asked me if I wanted an ass massage," she said. -- LMAO.

People are so gullible.

Anonymous said...

You are more likely to die from being murdered in one of Obammy's Chicago communities than from Swine flu.

Anonymous said...

Well in Douch Crane's perfect world we'd start chopping off hands and feet for shoplifting. How incredibly stupid.

I think Craig Watkins has a few more skins on the wall than you, Douche Crane.

Anonymous said...

Who writes these news stories?

Masseuse - a woman who provides massage as a profession or occupation.

Was this guy a woman?

I think the word they needed was masseur.

Fake Pepe LePeu

Anonymous said...

The deputy was John Byron Yarbrough
under sheriff Leroy Burch.

chupacabra said...

Evidently, he is quite the poet in addition to his skills as a homophobic murderer:

Here's one he penned called Anne's Dream-

"Papa sees his last patient,
lifts me onto his shoulders,
carries me to the park.
I beg him — push me higher.
A couple walks by whispering.
Ice cream melts sweet in the July sun.
I awaken to the sound of Gestapo tires
bumping to a stop against the curb."

If like that one you'll dig-
Dog Flips Burgers

"Dead flies in beer batter
Side order of onion skins
Melon rind picked clean
Trough water sipped through straw
Chicken lunch on Wall Street
Dog flips burgers
Waiting for market rebound
Sells rubber bone on internet auction
Too politically correct to chase cats
Listens to classical music on PBS
Supports union demands
Burns paw on grill
Swats another fly"

Everything you could possibly want to know from Tenth Court Of Appeals website:

He curently resides at the Ramsey Unit in Rosharon TX- hopefully his poetry is all that will ever 'set him free'.

John Byron Yarbrough #688355
Ramsey Unit
1100 FM 655
Rosharon, TX 77583

Anonymous said...

To the ignoramus poster 10:31....hey dumba**...38,000 died last year from the seasonal (not swine) flu, so your comment shows your total ignorance. The point is....the swine flu is no more virulent than the seasonal flu, thus far has caused FEWER DEATHS than the seasonal flu. So, before you get your non-medical panties in a wad you might want to listen to someone who actually works in the field and knows what they're talking about. I have spoken with numerous physicians, including pulmonologists (for you, the uneducated...that means lung specialist), who are not advocating taking the vaccine as it's riskier than the flu, which thus far has led to some deaths, but the flu season always does. Being the medical profession, you are correct in one thing...we do not depend on the media who sensationalize one little death. We see it every day.

Anonymous said...

12:43 Thanks for the heads up on the pulmonologist, my kid tested positive for the swine flu and my family doctor suggest I see a specialist, but when I showed up at the veterinarian they wouldn't let us in.

Anonymous said...

There's really nothing here to motivate me to insult someone or even get on my soapbox.

If ya'll will excuse me I'm just gonna get high and go down to the food stamp office. It's closer than anyplace I'd want to work anyway

Anonymous said...

Were any Niggers used in the testing of the Swine Flu vaccine or somethin.

Anonymous said...

If that POS white trash bigot don't quit usin' the N word here I'm just gonna quit the blog and go down to Como and smoke weed wit' da bruthas. I'll be safe from all this racism down there.

Anonymous said...

When you enlarge that picture the water looks really nice. Makes me wish I had a swimming pool.

And some friends.

Anonymous said...

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