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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Did you see pictures of I-30 on fire this morning in Mesquite? Yep, a tanker truck had a wreck causing the fuel on the highway to catch fire. I-30 was shut down both ways which we make me want to off myself on a Monday morning commute.
  • I don't think anyone needed to get reprimanded over this billboard.
  • I looked at the movies this weekend and there was nothing worth seeing. Is it just me, or are they just bad this holiday season?
  • Baylor almost beat Tech on Saturday and Tech only has there self to blame.
  • TCU is predicted to play two-loss Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl. That's a lose-lose proposition for the Frogs. Win it and you're supposed to win it. Lose it, and a tremendous season comes crashing down.
  • It's Christmas time again which means we should all buy our spouses a Lexus -- complete with a bow on top of it in the driveway.
  • Tiger Woods has been a media genius. Up until now.
  • And the girl he is allegedly having an affair with (hawt) has hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred. Allred only knows about getting in front of the camera, and nothing more.
  • Great panaramoic view at Kyle Field from the Texas game on Thanksgiving night. (Credit: TV Tan Line.)
  • New Moon won the box office again this weekend. I don't know what they paid those kids, but whatever it is they might have been ripped off.
  • Funny New Moon related poster with some truth to it.
  • Angels & Demons kind of petered out, didn't it? As did the Michael Jackson movie.
  • I've gotten into the habit of going to be early and waking up early --- even on weekends. Old Man Syndrome?
  • I jogged with a big dog on a leash for the first time this weekend. Sheesh. The thing was dragging me down the street.
  • I bet "Cyber Monday" is no different than any other online shopping day this time of year.
  • And someone on the Ticket this morning asked if "Cyber Monday" is the day that we all stalk our exes online. Not a bad idea.
  • The Dallas Morning News had an article yesterday naming the 50 Greatest Dallas Cowboys in honor of the team's 50th anniversary. That seemed weird since I've heard no hoopla over a 50th season. Even though formed in 1959, isn't 1960 the team's first official year since that was when they played their first game?
  • Uh, oh. The Washington State cop killer was granted clemency by ultra-conservative Gov. Mike Huckabee years ago?