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High School Football, Please Forgive Me

Since I was in the area without a whole lot to do, I stopped by to see unbeaten Pilot Point and unbeaten Godley in a 2A playoff game in Saginaw yesterday. Observations:
  • $5 admission and free parking? I had forgotten what a deal it is.
  • And can I dare say I was a thousand times more entertained than going to the Cowboy game last weekend? It ended with Pilot Point winning on a last second field goal as time expired.
  • Pilot Point has no band but 22 cheerleaders.
  • At halftime, they go out and do some gyrations to a rap tape mix.
  • They sell $1 hot dogs?
  • I had forgotten how fast the game goes. But without commercial breaks, things move along in a hurry.
  • When did this Read Option become so vogue? (You know, snap the ball to the quarterback in the shotgun who stands there and either hands it to a running back that crosses in front of him or takes off running?) Both teams ran it a million times.
  • I was under the impression every team ran the spread these days.
  • Case in point: The Godley quarterback ran it 31 times. That's a whole lot of snapping it back to the QB who then just takes off running. Looked very back yardish -- effective, but back yardish.
  • After hearing a cowbell I had an urge to yell, "More cowbell!" And then I just sat there smiling way too big.
  • The artificial field turf made me think of you guys.
  • During the game it dawned on me that I had no idea where Godley was. But their uniforms were cool: They had LSU colors.
  • The last non-Texas Stadium high school game that I had been to was a Bridgeport playoff game in Graham in 1996. That's almost pathetic.
  • The Pilot Point fans weren't very passionate. Very surprising.