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High School Football, Please Forgive Me

Since I was in the area without a whole lot to do, I stopped by to see unbeaten Pilot Point and unbeaten Godley in a 2A playoff game in Saginaw yesterday. Observations:
  • $5 admission and free parking? I had forgotten what a deal it is.
  • And can I dare say I was a thousand times more entertained than going to the Cowboy game last weekend? It ended with Pilot Point winning on a last second field goal as time expired.
  • Pilot Point has no band but 22 cheerleaders.
  • At halftime, they go out and do some gyrations to a rap tape mix.
  • They sell $1 hot dogs?
  • I had forgotten how fast the game goes. But without commercial breaks, things move along in a hurry.
  • When did this Read Option become so vogue? (You know, snap the ball to the quarterback in the shotgun who stands there and either hands it to a running back that crosses in front of him or takes off running?) Both teams ran it a million times.
  • I was under the impression every team ran the spread these days.
  • Case in point: The Godley quarterback ran it 31 times. That's a whole lot of snapping it back to the QB who then just takes off running. Looked very back yardish -- effective, but back yardish.
  • After hearing a cowbell I had an urge to yell, "More cowbell!" And then I just sat there smiling way too big.
  • The artificial field turf made me think of you guys.
  • During the game it dawned on me that I had no idea where Godley was. But their uniforms were cool: They had LSU colors.
  • The last non-Texas Stadium high school game that I had been to was a Bridgeport playoff game in Graham in 1996. That's almost pathetic.
  • The Pilot Point fans weren't very passionate. Very surprising.


Anonymous said...

There is...nothing wrong...requesting...more cowbell.

Double Fake Christopher Walken

Anonymous said...

Next Saturday, Denton Ryan plays Denton Guyer for the 4A Div 1 Region 1 Championship at Collins field off of 288 on the north side of Denton. It is considered the "home field" for both teams, along with Denton High.

Ryan scored 61 points in their game this weekend. Guyer scored 57 in their game. This game should be a real humdinger.

Double Fake Blackie Sherrod

Anonymous said...

Godley is between Weatherford and Cleburne. They do not have artificial turf and they do not have a Bed Bath and Beyond.......

And the reason the Saginaw hot dogs were a dollar is because you were eating housecat.

Double Fake Turf Toe

mudwatcher said...

You can never have enough cowbell. More is better.

Everman fan said...

Congrats to Arlington Bowie for sticking it to the pros from Southlake Carroll. I love it when inner city schools beat suburban football factories.

I will attend the Aledo - Everman game this weekend which looks to be an epic match-up.

Anonymous said...

Notice the Artificial Turf!

Red Nick

Everman fan said...

The relatively new Bowie HIgh School is actually much more suburban than they used to be. I stand by my point, tho.

Players from upscale places like Southlake get pro caliber coaching and training in and off season.

Greg said...

Great game for both teams. To bad someone had to lose and it was us. What did you think about the Godley band?

Anonymous said...

One of the Godley coaches is a Wise Countian....from BOYD.

Anonymous said...

Back in the mid 70's (maybe 1976?) the Mighty Chico Dragons defeated Godley 98-0. After running up the score early in the game, the Dragons started punting on 1st down to keep the score under 100. Might have been the last year Chico won a game! :)

Anonymous said...

Re players from upscale places...
Waxahachie beat Highland Park YES!!!!!

H.P. once put up a banner at a football game that read "Trash vs. Cash" - so classy.

Anonymous said...

Cleanliness is next to Godley-ness.

Double Fake Rand McNally

M-M said...

I saw Pilot Point beat Boyd in the first round. That running back had nearly 400 yards rushing. Wow, he was fast.