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Watch Out For Those In Car Cameras

The Chief of Police had to resign over this? You gotta be kidding. Did you see how hot the female cop was? I would let the local troopers stick a thousand needles in me on No Refusal Weekend if it meant I got to make out with that chick. What's this world coming to? Come on, people. Back the Blue.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't hang out any more. I decided what my next career is gonna be.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Officer Sheila, I am a little sleepy. Could you give me a hand staying awake? A firm grip is key to night driving, don't you think?

Just ignore the camera since the light is not on.

Calling HR. Calling HR.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

The kissing doesn't bother me - the lack of seatbelt does.

chupacabra said...

What is this world coming to indeed.

A little team building exercise should always be in order for our men and women in blue.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what is this world coming to, people? From the Wichita Falls Times Record News:

"When investigators with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office were called Tuesday evening to the railroad track near Texas Highway 148 in Henrietta, they found a scene that was devastating to railroad employees, a family and the Clay County community.

Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons called the incident a double suicide, and identified those involved as a Henrietta couple, Eldon Earl Johnson, who was 69, and his wife, Linda Kay Johnson, who was 61.

Eldon Johnson was the pastor of the Ringgold Baptist Church.

At 8:52 p.m. Tuesday, the sheriff’s office got a call from Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway about two people who had been struck by a train about 500 yards east of the main railroad crossing on State Highway 148 in Henrietta, Lemons said.

From eyewitnesses on the train, investigators learned the couple “stood in the path of the train while embracing each other in an intentional act to allow the train to run over them,” he said.

Personnel from the train, which was traveling at a low speed, tried to push the couple away from the tracks.

Investigators, who were called out a few minutes before 9 p.m., remained at the scene until 3:43 a.m. Wednesday. Clay County called in assistance from the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office. BNSF also is working on an investigation.

No motive for the couple’s actions was revealed.

Memorial services for Eldon and Linda Johnson are pending with Davis Funeral Home in Henrietta.

“This is a tragic thing for this community,” Lemons said. “These folks were residents and neighbors. It’s a tragic thing. It’s hurt a lot of people.”

Those darned Baptists. Oh, and Back the Blue, NOT! Lots of trash behind some badges - just ask folks in Montague County.

RPM said...

She sure seems "handy" to have along for the ride.

Anonymous said...

They were just cementing their relationship....or at least... learning how to stick together.

Double Fake Bobble Head

Anonymous said...

i cannot believe that the stupid lawyer is rasing concerens on the fact that the camera might have been tampered with. wether the light is on or not means nothing if it is in the car you should assume it is on at all times. hell the new ones allow suppervisors to turn the units on with out the officers knowing it just for things like this.

Anonymous said...

She seems to be "handling up" on him there at the end. I'll bet the center console is the only thing standing between this and a hummer. Those sumbitches are just in the way.

Fake Buford T. Justice

Anonymous said...

I can tell that is not a officer of the law in wise county. Because that is a girl and a guy....

just sayin

you know who

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes sense. He's old....she's smoking.

And them he had to resign. Geeez.

Anonymous said...

Is her name Jenifer?

Anonymous said...

Good Looking? Worth getting fired?
You are a sick man BG!

Anonymous said...

Two observations here:

1) This lady cop is at least hotter than MJ's baby momma.

2) From the lack of shoulder action and the face stroking, I'm thinking the Chief's "deputy" was asleep on the job and needed a little gentle rousing to come to attention.

that is all.

Anonymous said...

Goodness cant they tell it was all in the line of duty. she had to keep him "up" it was a night transport.