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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Fireworks = Celebration Of Liberty or Fireworks = Chance To Blow Up Stuff?
  • As U.S. troops engage in a 4,000 person "major offensive" in Afghanistan, the Taliban has captured a U.S. soldier. This could get messy.
  • The oldest Jonas brother is engaged? Let me be the first to say, "Kid, are you out of your freakin' mind?"
  • And why do they call it a "proposal"? That sounds like the opening offer before extended negotiations. Then again, maybe that's the way it should really work.
  • News released this morning: The U.S. unemployment rate is now at 9.5% -- the highest in 25 years. I still think we could be in for another economic implosion.
  • Rhome PD appears to be picking on rock trucks lately.
  • Speaking of Rhome, whatever happen to the wacky news that the mayor, city council, and police used to give us on a weekly basis? I hate stability.
  • South Carolina still has an adultery criminal statute. (Or so said my radio.)
  • "Two Fort Worth lawmakers seek independent inquiry into Rainbow Lounge incident." That's just grandstanding. They are lawmakers, not enforcers.
  • (Note to Ticket fans: There's news about The Hammer)
  • New book I downloaded: Assassination Vacation.
  • They still haven't caught that "pervert" in Grapevine.