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Don't Jack With Steve Ryan


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm surprised the big boy didn't knock the crap out of the reporter after being slapped in the face!

Anonymous said...

I bet that's the worst part of being an on-scene reporter. Drunks looking for attention.

The worst part about this one is that poor guy has to report over a dope-head, freaky, white, colored guy.

He said "I bet you like Micheal Jackson".

Right now.....that may be the new fad cut-down.

"Yo mamma fat"

" liked Micheal Jackson"

Anonymous said...

Jarhead just went to vegas. Was that him?

I want to meet him (jar) some day, in my liare at Neverland. We can enjoy some jesus juice together.

BTW, I will be on show at Neverland for the next 10 days, come see me BG.

DF dead Michael Jackson

Anonymous said...

uuuh 9:23 I believe the story was going to ba about remembering Michael Jackson. I don't think he meant it as an insult. At that point I think he was just trying to deflect the annoying man following him around. I cannot stand people who get slobbering drunk and annoying to that extent. Control your poison.

Jarhead said...

I don't have that much hair.

I am, however, that fat and obnoxious.

soz said...

0:33 seconds is the best freeze frame of all time, possibly.

Anonymous said...


The next time some queer drives by me in a Saab donning an Obama/Biden bumper sticker....I'll just yell at her...."You liked Micheal Jackson you fag!"

Anonymous said...

Video removed from YouTube for copyright violations.

Anonymous said...

Once a video has been removed from the internets, you might want to consider removing the blog post Einstein.