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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The guy that smashed into the fleeing car yesterday afternoon in Dallas (video below) was almost giddy in the post crash interviews on the news last night. That was weird.
  • There was another high speed chase this morning in Dallas-- at least until the tires were shot out and she (yep, she) went 20 mph forever on rims.
  • I saw a DPS trooper changing a girl's flat tire this morning on 287 outside of Rhome. I'm not sure I've ever seen that before.
  • I've been reading for a few years how the federal court in Marshall, Texas is a hot bed for patent lawsuits. In fact, it may become what the Rio Grande Valley is to personal injury lawsuits. Evidence: Yesterday's $1.67 billion verdict. That's with a "B".
  • I felt dumb this morning. There was a graphic put up on NBC about a jet crashing this morning with 153 people on board off the island of Comoros. But next to Comoros was the island nation of Madagascar. I had no idea. Movie, yes. Place. no.
  • At 6:52 a.m. on Channel 5, the local newscast did a story on "Chuy's" opening up in Arlington. There is no way it wasn't a paid commercial disguised as a news story. That drives me nuts.
  • I never take 380 to Denton but it sounds like the construction is going to be a beating.
  • The Fort Worth cops are trying to justify their raid of the gay Rainbow Lounge is a little tough considering it had only been open for a week. (No personal knowledge here -- read it in the Star Telegram.)
  • Hey, some of you legal eagles out there, explain this to me: What good will it do to try and attack the arrest warrant in the Russ Martin case in a pre-trial hearing? Unless evidence was found as a result of the arrest (and I don't think there was), winning that motion will mean absolutely nothing.
  • The Rangers have a big series with the Angels this week. How big? So big that only 16,985 showed up last night in Arlington for Game 1. And that number looks generous compared to the empty seats on TV.
  • Stop the presses, WBAP's Hal Jay actually made me giggle this morning. After sports guy Steve Lamb said it was "Free Kid Tuesday" at the ballpark tonight, Jay quipped, "They are giving away free kids?"
  • U.S. troops have now withdrawn from urban areas of Iraq. But we're still hanging around in other parts of the country. Who would have thought that it would take longer defeat Iraq than the Germans and Japanese in WWII.