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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • South Carolina governor Mark Sanford failed to, uh, shut up yesterday calling the Girl From Argentina his "soul mate." (I told you after his first press conference that he loved her.)
  • A bomb killed 27 in Iraq yesterday - the first day that U.S. troops pulled out of . Yep, this war has gone swimmingly.
  • I'm almost finished with my book about the downfall of Bear, Stearns and, although a lot of it is over my head, it was fascinating. (You probably don't recall that the Wall Street firm went belly up last year after at one point having it's stock sell at around $170 a share.)
  • But there was an incredibly rich guy named Joe Lewis from Orlando that bet the firm would pull out of it when the stock hovered around $100 a share (before the plummet.) He was worth about $2.5 billion and gambled just shy of $1 billion when he purchased about 9.5% of the firm's shares during the crisis. Bad call. Very bad call.
  • I may be on vacation in a couple of weeks but I'm trying to get this blog to do some automatic uploading of "best of" posts. I care about you that much.
  • I've never voted in the Major League Baseball All-Star contest but I read that you can vote a maximum of 25 times online. Sheesh. And that's only from one computer.
  • I wrote about Outliers a few weeks back. If you get a chance to read this book, do it.
  • New Minnesota Senator Al Franken (yep, he was declared the winner yesterday by some "liberal winnie" court) is a heck of a lot smarter than you boys think he is. I saw him on Celebrity Jeopardy about 15 years ago where he absolutely smoked the competition (and me.) And his three books are simply great.
  • A constable should never be involved in a police chase.
  • The Messenger is doing its "Best Of" contest this year, and I noticed for the first time they have a Best Blog category. I would like for the Liberally Lean Army to gather up your pliers and blow torches* if I don't win. Decatur will make Tehran look like a family picnic. [*Pulp Fiction reference]
  • I don't get beaten down by all the Michael Jackson coverage as everyone else, but why in the world does the Rev. Al Sharpton keep showing up on my television invention?
  • If you get to see the most famous documentary of the singer, called "Living With Michael Jackson", do it. It's great. Especially now.
  • And there is going to be a 130 mile motorcade from LA to Neverland (photos) on Thursday where Jackson's body will be available for public viewing? Oh, my. What a scene.
  • And Neverland could make far more money than Graceland . . . I think.
  • So you're a third year law student at UT and think the world is your oyster? What about when the recruiting coordinator tells you that visits by law firms for interviews is down 45%?
  • My continued belief that you can get arrested for anything: Even for having a miscarriage in Tarrant County.
  • Fox 4's Heather Hays said last night, "A pervert has been slinking around the Tinseltown theater in Grapevine . . . . " Kind of shocking. But the guy "just" touches young girls on the leg. That carries with it a maximum punishment of $500.