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Cow Carnage

Not earthshaking, but as the old school newspapers move to the "get it on the web fast" movement, you'll see some interesting developments. This afternoon, the Dallas Morning News reported that 35 cows in Denton County had been found dead with an estimated financial loss of $65,000. This evening the story had been amended to read 23 cows valued at $11,500. (But as a side note, I'm still disturbed of finding what I recall to be about 10 cows dead in a pasture that is now a high tone subdivision on the east side of Bridgeport. They appeared, shockingly, to have been gutted and all of the cows were, oddly, within a 30 yard circle. I ran home and told my dad about it who called the owner of the land, but I'm not sure we ever got a straight answer.)