The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I get a kick out of John Wiley Price needling Dallas County DA Craig Watkins who whines about having to cut his budget like everyone else. "OK. Whatever. If they haven't learned in all this time how to manage it, then maybe they are not the right people for the job."
  • Bucket List Wish: Watching a couple of tennis matches at Wimbledon.
  • Speaking of, I'm watching Roger Federer in the semi-finals right now. He's probably the greatest player ever and most people wouldn't recognize him on the streets.
  • My Costa Rica trip, now planned for January, is coming closer to fruition.
  • I never use the word "fruition."
  • There's over 100 hours of Michael Jackson rehearsing for the upcoming tour? Hello, documentary. And the little footage released so far is great.
  • And if the production company owns the rights to that footage, it'll make more off of it (once slickly produced) than the concert would have ever brought in.
  • And the Jackson/Production Company contract had to be broad enough to cover the splitting of profits from "any and all reproductions, rebroadcasts, or use of video footage" of the concert or rehearsal. Right? Maybe.
  • Good weather for Lake Bridgeport this weekend: Hot with little wind. (High winds can ruin a day on the lake quicker than anything else.)
  • I finally found the Jacksons movie on VH1 -- it's five hours long!!
  • Eleven horses die in Parker County because of no water.
  • It's a holiday for me. I was jogging outside at 7:00 a.m. (It was a combination of I can't sleep late, and I wanted to get it over with. The heat, even at that time, is brutal.)
  • After my home Internet nightmare from a couple of weeks ago, everything is fine now.
  • Being good at Guitar Hero = Kinda Cool. Being World Champion of Guitar Hero = Spare.
  • Ted Nugent is on the cover of Texas Monthly in connection with the magazine's lead article. Either he's got a Red Neck act going on or he's just a Red Neck. Either way, I'm not a big fan.
  • The ol' U.S. turns 233 tomorrow. Anybody else remember celebrating the Bicentennial which seemed like yesterday?