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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • When the lead story on most newscasts is that Dallas is the #2 city for road rage, you know it's a slow news day.
  • I saw Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine in the grocery store yesterday. That always makes me excited although I never buy a copy.
  • The buzz yesterday was "Joe Buck Live" which debuted on HBO on Sunday night with one of the guests being Artie Lange (who I had never heard of but has some connection with Howard Stern.) Lange dropped such shocking stuff that I can't even come close to repeating it here. On a replay last night, even HBO bleeped him out.
  • And I presume that was all planned to generate publicity -- it worked.
  • My home Internet is still up. It such a miracle that I expect to see the Virgin Mary burned into my screen any second.
  • Megan Fox looks like a miserable woman. But a hot miserable woman.
  • Overheard two guys, who really don't even like each other, start talking about ammunition the other day. They both tried to one up each other with their knowledge (i.e. caliber, jackets, hollow point, and a bunch of crap I didn't understand) like it was some crazy Man Contest. I sat back and pretended I was watching Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.
  • Worst job in the world: Being a diver looking for the body of the baby who might be in Lake Lewisville.
  • It's about time for the local newscasts to provide us with the critical warning of "Drink lots of water" if we plan to be outside for an extended period of time.
  • I agree with the observation that Obama is taking on a whole lot of issues all at once, but someone observed that the best opportunity for a president to get the results he wants is in his first year in office.
  • All of a sudden motorcycle deaths in DFW have stopped.
  • I glanced up at the TV last night to see the Evil Empire trailing in the College World Series 6-0. I smugly went back to working on quantum physics or whatever I was doing. Checked the score this morning, UT won 10-6. Ugh.
  • Hot UT fan from last night
  • I've got to go to the dentist this afternoon but I've developed one of those cracks on the side of my lips which hurts when I open my mouth too wide.
  • Limited interest: If you know who Todd Marinovich is and have time to read a long article about his crazy, wheels off life, check out Esquire's, Todd Marinovich: The Man Who Never Was. Great title.


Anonymous said...

Megan Fox may be hot, but she's not as miserable as this kid:

Anonymous said...

Diving looking for a baby....that really sucks! Both of those adults should be chunked off a bridge with cinder blocks tied to their bodies.

Regarding your mouth, put Carmex or Blistex on it and it should help. Good luck at the dentist!

Glad your internet is still up! You're making progress!

Anonymous said...

Put some good old fashion chapstick on ur crack (on your lip) before you go to the dentist and u should be good to go

Double Fake Dan Selz

President Clark said...

Hot UT fan looks like McKenzie Miles.

Anonymous said...

Obama is destroying the country. Only a matter of time before it is in shambles.

Anonymous said...

our country is already in shambles..what's just a matter of time is civil unrest, maybe war, but who will be fighting who...?

wordkyle said...

The top two questions are, 1) What are the results Obama wants? (Rewarding political allies -- e.g., ACORN, UAW, KJ -- must be high on the list) and 2) Other than expanding government, does he know how to get intended results? (Joe Biden: "Everyone guessed wrong on the unemployment numbers.")

Anonymous said...

I saw Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine in the grocery store yesterday. That always makes me excited although I never buy a copy.

me too. :)

Anonymous said...

Really really tired of all the continuous harping on Obama. Not a fan, don't really care one way or the other. Not sure why people get so very worked up about things they have no control over.

Anonymous said...

If it hurts to open your mouth too wide for the dentist, you can always suggest he take the scenic route getting to your teeth

I think the UT fan kinda looks like Paris Hilton...if her diet consisted of solid food

Don't think the Joe Buck deal was staged. That's Artie just being Artie. He had a serious drug and alcohol problem while he was on MADtv. I think he is still on the sauce, and he doesn't mind saying whatever pops into his head, and lots of stuff pops into his head!

Megan Fox is hot, but, man, she has got way too much attitude for someone her age, and with as little experience as she has. If she can act - great. If not, she'll be another one of those blips that keep showing up on the hot celeb radar for no good reason.
Not sure where the miserable part enters into that. She's young, hot, getting paid...I'll take a big ol' ladleful of that dish, if you don't mind

Anonymous said...

The story on Todd Marinovich was very interesting. Upon starting the article, I remembered reading about him years ago. Interesting, and sad, how that all turned out. Maybe he's got it figured out now. The journalist ended it with a very interesting question for him, which he didn't really answer.

Anyway, great article - but it is long, takes some time to read it.

Thanks for the link, Barry; I would not have found that on my own.

Jarhead said...

Great article on Marinovich.



Anonymous said...

HEY NOW, look at those two luuvverrlly gents in the backgroud of your pic today. uh huh...THAT'S what girls like! oooooeeeemommma!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 10:14. Guys in back...Hawt!!!

Looks like Florida sand. Barry, don't know what beach you're going to, but Florida has beautiful sand and blue, blue water.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they're so yummy!

Bruce :-}

The Fishing Musician said...

Your random daily photos give meaning to my humble and at times, worried existence. Thanks for being there for us, Barry.

Anonymous said...

barry, google 'angular cheilitis'. click on the wikipedia link.

Anonymous said...

1) Yeah....I've heard of "Pistol Pete" Todd Marovich. He was the greatest b-ball player ever.

2) I don't want to know why you have chapped lips. Tell him to....nevermind.

Double fake John Holmes

Anonymous said...

When I click on it that picture doesn't blow up big enough to tell what's in their belly buttons. That worries me a little.

Anonymous said...

Motorcyle death in Dallas on Central Expressway and Park Ln.

Anonymous said...

I saw the baby's parents on TV last week being interviewed about how the police weren't looking hard enough for the kidnapped baby. The mom was wearing a T-shirt with something like chains of skulls printed on it. I just thought "this isn't going to turn out well".

Not that skull-shirt-wearing moms are necessarily evil... just saying.

Anonymous said...

That was a LONGGGGG article on Marinovich, but I couldn't stop reading it. Always wondered what happened to him. Good find!