Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Have we seen this girl before? I can't remember.
  • It's surprising the protests are still going on in Iran. I thought they would have been squashed by now.
  • Fox News is all anti-Obama all the time. And Steve Doocey on the horrible Fox and Friends this morning says, "Remember here at Fox we still do journalism - unlike the other guys."
  • The pilot of a Continental flight into Newark (not ours, the one in NJ) died mid-flight yesterday but it landed safely by the co-pilots. It was the lead story on World News Tonight but hardly got mentioned in the local newscasts.
  • And I saw one passenger interviewed who somehow managed to work in, "I was in first class." Thank you, sir. I wanted to know that.
  • I don't think there's a single sit-com I've followed on TV since Seinfeld.
  • On Sunday, I normally choose one thing to eat for dinner all week long. This week it was grilled chicken. The week before it was sandwiches. Why? 80% of my food would go to waste if I didn't continue to eat it every night.
  • North Korea threatening to launch a missile towards Hawaii on the 4th of July? They couldn't launch a missile that would reach across town.
  • Uh oh: Kaufman County DA gets arrested for DWI. Shocker: He was convicted of DWI in the 1990s. How'd he get elected in the first place?
  • And you know it's a bad sign when the county web site misspells his name. (It's "Harrison").
  • Coaches are like politicians except they have a scoreboard.
  • I think we are all turning on Tony Romo. (And I was just watching an episode of last year's Hard Knocks where he said something to the effect of, "We could fast forward to the playoffs, or even further, but I want to enjoy the journey of the season." As if the playoffs were a foregone conclusion.)
  • The 15 Most Disturbing Movies Ever Made. And I've got a buddy at the courthouse who will be putting every one he hasn't seen on his Netflix queue today. (Link requires some discretion.) And #9 is disturbing and great.
  • I had the craziest dream that I was trying to sneak out of a developed cove on an unknown lake on my old boat. As I was packing, an acquaintance whirled me around and stuck a gun in my chest. He then told me he was just kidding. I then woke up.
  • Maybe I should keep away from disturbing movies.
  • I get this weird pleasure in watching traffic jams in Dallas on TV in the morning.