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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • If it's this hot now, what's July and August going to be like?
  • Digging up a fence post buried two feet in the ground and encased in cement is not fun.
  • I rethreaded my weedeater when I wasn't doing yard work. There's no bigger beat down than to have the line run out when you're right in the middle of whacking weeds.
  • Rush Limbaugh, in response to Obama encouraging Americans to lose weight for health reasons, said that "you exercise freaks" are the ones putting pressure on the health care system because they are always getting injured. The man is losing it.
  • I'm not talking about my home Internet. Five repair guys. No results. Incredible.
  • Sarah Palin sure doesn't mind exploiting her daughters for political purposes. Until this recent David Letterman flap, I had forgotten she even had a 14 year old. But she sure didn't mind dropping Willow's name in her many responses.
  • That lady's voice drives me insane.
  • A lot of people casually email me but will start off with, "This is NOT for publication."
  • After the storms the other day, I found a basketball (fully inflated) sitting in my front lawn. I left it there for a couple of days thinking the owner would see it. He didn't. I guess I can keep it -- guilt free.
  • But I don't have a basketball goal so that's kind of silly.
  • Lots of fuss over the re-election of the Iranian president when, in reality, he has no power. They still have that Ayatollah thing working over there.
  • I finally saw what I think is the first Coen brothers movie, Blood Simple. Not bad.
  • Bell Helicopter workers voted to go on strike last night. With everyone else losing their job, they might want to tap the brakes on that.
  • If you know you're going to the beach for a vacation and you know you're as white as a sheet, is it OK for a guy to go to a tanning bed?


Anonymous said...

Yes...Sara Palin exploits her daughters for political gain so much like you, I even forgot she had a 14 year old daughter. Barry, I think you may be losing it also. Oh yes, you forgot to mention that Letterman is an idiot that is in need of jokes that are somewhat humerous.

Anonymous said...

It's fine to go to the tanning bed as long as you are just trying to look good for the women. Other than that, it would be gay.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether the target of a crude comment is 14 or 18, should we really be proud of a society where so many find it humorous and a large percentage of others say "lighten up, what's the big deal".

Well, at least, we're rapidly closing in on determining the "lowest common denominator.

Anonymous said...

Yes- go to the tanning bed!

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Heat? It usually gets hotter in July and August, but the humidity in late June can actually make this feel like the hottest time of the year. Temps get near 100° with 70% humidity on the day(s) after some of these June storms. That is misery. Would much rather deal with 100° and 15% humidity like August.

Re: weedeater... I am big fan of the replacement spool. Just one backup, so you can avoid the mid-trim-restring.

Rush is an idiot. I am a conservative, generally vote Republican, and wholeheartedly believe Rush is an idiot.

Re: Unions... ask GM how that whole union thing is working out.

Re: being "fishbelly" white and planning a summer vacation... use the tanning bed. No shame there. You will be much happier. And also consider the beautiful scenery you will see at the salon. (A nice salon anyway).

Anonymous said...

When the biggest headlines Republicans can make is Palin getting into a cat fight with a late night talk show host, you know they have hit rock bottom.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to hit the beach, you had better go to a tanning bed at least two times for a decent base tan. SURE to utilize one of your socks!

mzchief said...

Let us pretend Letterman was actually talking about the 18 year old daughter when he referenced Palin's daughter as being so promiscuous that she got knocked up by a 33 year old professional baseball player during the 7th inning of an ongoing game. In what twisted world is it EVER appropriate for ANYONE much less some 62 year old man to make a joke out of a teenager being "knocked up"? Nearly as disgusting as the joke is the number of people DEFENDING Letterman's perverted attempt at humour.

I wonder how hard Letterman would laugh if someone "joked" about how long it took a "Nasty old man like Letterman to marry the mother of his little bastard after he knocked up the gold digging slut who spit out the accidental crotch fruit." Perhaps Letterman would find it more humorous if someone speculated that it's doubtful that an old fart like him could have really fathered, in 2003, the little bastard birthed by the gold digging slut he had been shacked up with since 1986.

I would bet dollars to dimes Letterman would not laugh because dissing someone's family, especially their children is not funny even if someone claims it's a "joke."

Anonymous said...

Why would anybody living in Texas ever need to go to a tanning bed. There is more hot weather and sun than anybody possibly needs. Just make sure you apply the SPF 30 first.

Anonymous said...

Sarah exploited her kids to the fullest for votes. She's just pissed now because someone else is doing it for ratings. Just a bitter loser.

Jarhead said...

"There's no bigger beat down than to have the line run out when you're right in the middle of whacking weeds."

Mine always runs out when I have about 10 feet of fenceline left to go.

Sarah Palin needs to STFU. Doesn't she have a job somewhere close to Russia?

"The man is losing it."

Why do you even bother? I'm a conservative and I don't even waste my time with that retard.

"I found a basketball..."

Post-storm flotsam has netted me countless life jackets, balls, flotation devices, etc., all guilt-free. You gotta secure that trash people.

Anonymous said...

Of course you can keep the basketball. Ever see the SNL skit where the lady immediately kept anything that landed in her yard?
I'm hoping I find today's random pic gal in my yard. "It's mine, I keep it now!"

Rush's comment is idiotic. There's a big difference between "you exercise freaks" and people maintaining a healthy physique. The cost of health care associated with a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and unhealthy diets far outweighs (no pun intended) the cost for injuries related to exercise. Okay, I'm just guessing about that, but heart disease and diabetes...there you go

The Iranian presidential election IS a big deal. How are we supposed to take them seriously if they don't have a non-cleric as a lunatic spokesperson?

Anonymous said...

Re your comment about the Strike at Bell Helicopter. If companies would treat their employees fair and equitable, then there would not be any need for Unions and Strike. It is the rank and file of any company that makes the money to pay for the salaries of the Executives and they want to screw the employees over. It is only about fairness.

Anonymous said...

Ya know Bart,it's a big time beat down when you're whackin your Banjo and the string breaks.

Anonymous said...

bell strike is ALL about greed.
pure & simple. UAW better pay attention to GM, FOMOCO, & MOPAR !

Anonymous said...

Is it OK to make similar jokes about Obama's daughters? He didn't exactly hide them during the election. Would we be offended then because of their age, the damage to their self esteem, the fact that their dad won the election unlike Palin, or would it be a racial thing? Letterman was out of line, but our culture has deemed this acceptable unless it directly affects our kid or offends our political persuasion.
Wrong is wrong.

Anonymous said...

You are right, it is all about greed. Greed of the company to not share the good fortunes of the company with the people who make it. It is about being fair. After being in both sides (at Bell)of union and management it can be seen that the problem is not with the union workers.

Anonymous said...

Won of Wise Count's own was on channel 4 this morning about the strike. He said they gave them a 3% raise bu raised the insurance premiums above the pay raise. Need to strike the insurance company - they are the ones with all the money! Gotta pay throughthe ars, then take um to court just to get them to pay for anying.

Anonymous said...

all things considered, the workers at bell already have much better pay and benefits than most other jobs in this country, and they have great job security. bho may CHANGE that..!

wordkyle said...

Regarding Rush - I disagree with him about exercise. (Not the only time I've disagreed with him, by the way.) But in what way is he "losing it," a "retard," or "an idiot?"

Regarding Palin's daughter - Of course politicians' kids are fair game for jokes, and of course the joke was beyond any bounds of decency or good taste. And of course, no such jokes are made about the underage daughters of Democrats. That would cause widespread outrage.

Regarding unions and strikes - One need only look at the major automakers' problems caused by the UAW to see the ultimate effect of unions on an industry. Union membership has declined for the last forty years for a reason. Like government programs and other parasitic organisms, unions have overreached their purpose and begun to eat their hosts.

Anonymous said...

Remember, it is the liberal media that makes headlines, not a political party.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with an organization such as a labor union, or even an individual employee, trying to negotiate a better deal. That is all this is about; in any contract year with a labor union they know they are going to get low-ball first offer from management. I can't understand why some people feel just because the economy is bad they should just take what they are given and be happy. I am not saying you shouldn't be thankful to have a job, but in this life you have to negotiate at some point to keep things fair. I actually admire the Bell workers for taking a stand at a time when employers are using the "you should be thankful" approach to keep wages low.

The Truth said...

Barry, according to Rush Limbaugh on healthcare YOU are making healthcare more expensive by running so much. You could twist an ankle and go to the doctor and use your insurance company. I guess we all need to be fat like him. It is proven that fat people live longer and never have heart attacks younger than "healthy" people. Seriously the guy is an idiot. His comments are not pro-right wing, but just anti-left wing.

Anonymous said...

8:31: Being gay is not wrong or right. It is just what you are, and it should not be used in a negative connotation any more than "being black" or "being Jewish" should.

Old Timer said...

wordkyle said... Regarding unions and strikes - One need only look at the major automakers' problems caused by the UAW to see the ultimate effect of unions on an industry.
If you have ever worked in Management of big Companies as I have, then you have seen how the lack of true leadership affects the bottom line of a company. The General Motors and Chrysler fiasco was not caused by the workers; rather it was the Leadership that brought about their downfall. As for the union workers, they only take what the company gives them. They don’t walk into the payroll department and say give me a check above and beyond what my salary is! It is the management that gives them the benefits and wages. They only ask for a fair share of what they have made for the Company.

Anonymous said...


I hope your daughter is not as narrow mind and judgemental as you.

Anonymous said...

Right Wing = Selfish people who don't care about the good of the country, but themselves only.
Left Wing = Selfless people who know that a rising tide lifts all boats, and that united we stand, divided we fall.

Anonymous said...

You need to go to a tanning bed to get a base tan so you don't bun to a crisp at the beach.

Count on at least 2 weeks to get a good base.

Former Beach Bunny

Jarhead said...

"But in what way is he "losing it," a "retard," or "an idiot?"

I meant "retard" in the sense that the way he presents his ideas is retarded ~ not in the Mongoloid, Downs Syndrome sense of the word.

Rush is a media whore. Plain and simple. It's sad that he's evolving into the new face of conservatism at a time when finger-pointing and name-calling are the exact opposite of what we need right now (action vs. words). His modus operandi is to disagree with anything and everything that comes out of the Obama administration. Granted, there's a lot there to disagree with, but it's not good political policy or tactics to fight every battle in a wholesale fashion like he does. It's making conservatism look more adversarial and hostile, which has historically been the liberal tack, with the all-show-no-go aforementioned name-calling and finger-pointing. We need to be part of the solution through actions and not part of the problem via blaming everybody else and taking no responsibility. That's what the lefties are good at. Let them do it.

Rush's ego has swelled up so large that now the left is using him against the conservative cause, and IMO, it's working. We need true conservative political thinkers like Patrick Buchanan, Andrew Bacevich and [sorta] Newt Gingrich at the helm, not inflated neoconservative media egos like Limbaugh, Hannity, Wolfowitz, Rove and Rumsfeld [the latter three corrupted Bush and ultimately the whole Republican party in just 8 years!].

We "conservatives" have presented a huge target over the past 8 years with huge deficits, pre-emptive war in Iraq, expansion of government to unprecedented levels ~ three things that liberals have historically embrace. Oh goody! now we've taken the worst that liberalism has to offer and made it our own. This is "neo-conservatism." The funny thing is that liberals are too dumb to realize that when they call conservatives "neocons," they're really degrading the tenets that liberals hold so dear to their hearts. Now that's retarded [in the Mongoloid, Downs Syndrome sense of the word].

The solution? Give these guys back to the Democratic party where they belong and take back the Republican party for the Old Right.

I'll be here all week.

Jarhead said...


That's a good one. Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...


msmaureen said...

Well who the hell is hiring that's what I want to know!!?? College Grad as a Paralegal Bachelors Degree needs and wants a full-time JOB. Willing to commute, just needs MONEY at this point!

Anonymous said...

Skippy, how is your achilles heel?

Anonymous said...

weve seen this girl before

wordkyle said...

1128 - That is the funniest thing posted in a long time. Given the Left's take-no-prisoners assault on "the rich," Kennedy's reference to rising tides (prosperity in one area increases prosperity in other areas) is decidedly NOT a Leftist principle.

1124 - You are correct that management's decisions affect the bottom line. (Although I'm not sure what constitutes a "fair sahre" of anything.) I'm not saying unions are responsible for all of Detroit's problems. It seems apparent, however, that unions wanted more golden eggs than the goose could provide.

Jar - Who else is espousing Conservative principles in any sort of effective manner? The media shred anyone else who is remotely effective. The MSM portrays Liberalism as "normal" and everything to the right of Mao as "extreme." The Republican party is the only viable option for conservatism, yet Republican politicians kowtow to the media pressure and act like Democrats. McCain's fiasco demonstrated the futility of trying to be "the same, only less so." Of course Rush portrays the pompous ringmaster to increase listenership. But he also convincingly expresses Conservative philosophy to a public that won't get it anywhere else. Should the debate not be vigorous when opposing philosophies clash?

Jarhead said...

"Who else is espousing Conservative principles in any sort of effective manner?"

That is a great question that I don't have an answer to. I wish I knew so I could shake his [or her] hand. Sarah Palin maybe?

Just kidding.

By "convincingly expresses," do you mean completely alienating, through sheer obnoxiousness, any chance of persuading the fence sitters to espouse conservative principles?

The problem we have is that the moderates and left-leaners are sheep. They'll follow whoever is more popular at the moment. Right now we know who that is. Limbaugh may be correct in the bases of his arguments, but the way they're presented is more divisive than unifying. I may agree with most of what he says, but I'm not going to rally around a megalomaniac like him when the bullets start flying. That only gets you dead.

I suppose I'm thinking about this issue along the lines of leadership rather than political indoctrination. Rush may be a forceful conveyer of Conservative ideology, but he's a crappy face for the party banner.

He gets points for vigorous debate, but right now we need action more than provocative speech. And unfortunately I have no leader to follow these days.

I used to call McCain a RINO [Republican In Name Only] because of his left-leaning neo-conservatism. Now I seem to be the man without a party.

" a public that won't get it anywhere else."

Another huge problem we have is education. People believe what the MSM tells them to believe as well as feeling certain that politicians deliver what they promise. If I lie to my boss once, I'm fired. Presidents do nothing but lie and we re-elect them. We're followers. We're too lazy to educate ourselves about candidates, the political process, political science, the definitions of "liberal" and "conservative," history’s successes and failures and how they came about. It’s easier to simply believe what we’re told. If someone disagrees with us we call them names because that's all we know how to do and we're too stupid to educate ourselves on issues and mount effective arguments in defense of our core values. The current system [and especially the Democratic party] has made an art form of catering to lazy people. They open thier mouths and manna from heaven flows out. The lefties definitely have charisma on their side and unfortunately, that counts more than substance in our burgeoning Idiocracy.

wordkyle said...

Jar - The problem you describe, if I'm understanding you correctly, is not that Rush is the "face of the Republican Party" -- a description that no one but the media have given him -- but that none of the Republican politicians have stepped up to assume a genuinely Conservative leadership role. Why should they? What politician wants to get destroyed by the MSM? The siren song of Liberal media approval is too strong for someone who depends on other people's opinion for his job.

Look, even Democrats have to run for office as conservatives. (Who didn't promise tax cuts last year?) So conservatism works, and why not? Conservative ideals such as individual achievement and self-reliance are what most Americans still believe. But without hearing a strong public voice -- either Rush's or someone else's -- people will begin to believe the Liberal misinformation they are constantly fed. You talk of convincing fence-sitters, yet what good does that do when you alienate the base? That's exactly what created the Republican problems that they have now.

Anonymous said...

In 1979, Port Arthur Texas was deemed an "All American" city. The Petrochemical industry there had the area rolling in money.

If I remember right, the average worker in the plants was making $18 per hour. A tremendous amount at that time.

But apparently not enough. The unions in the area struck for even more. Management said great. Rather than spend money on the workers, they spent a bit of profit to automate their plants.

All of the workers permanently lost their jobs. The largess from the area went to the bottom line, rather than workers, and Port Arthur went from "All American City" to ghost town within a couple of years.

The same can be said for the steel industry, and other manufacturing concerns.

Not a lot of great economists in the union movement.


Anonymous said...

If a rising tide lifts all boats, how come Obammy wants to tax all corporations to fight global warming to lower sea levels?

wordkyle said...

And right on schedule, we get the results of this poll showing Conservatives as the single largest ideological group.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I understand the use of "Obammy". Could someone explain?

Jarhead said...

I wonder if the poll respondents were supplied with the definition of "liberal," "moderate" [whatever the hell that means]and "conservative." The article accompanying the poll states:

"The vast majority of self-described liberals and conservatives identify with the unmodified form of their chosen label."

What does that last part mean?

I'll bet 95% of those polled, if given the three definitions, couldn't match the definition with the ideology. I believe if liberals [and moderates for that matter] studied the conservative philosophy and suspended their fear of "The Man," hatred of rich people and Bush, put down the bong and cracked a history book, they would find they identify more closely with conservatism than liberalism.

But like I stated previously, they're too lazy to do the research. It's easier to have their thoughts spoon-fed to them by Brian Williams, Katie Couric and Charles Gibson.

Filthy hippies.

Anonymous said...

And that very same article you linked us to, also says:

"Thus far in 2009, Gallup has found an average of 36% of Americans considering themselves Democratic, 28% Republican, and 37% independent. When independents are pressed to say which party they lean toward, 51% of Americans identify as Democrats, 39% as Republicans, and only 9% as pure independents."

So.....liberal is not a synonym for Democrats and conservative is not a synonym for Republicans....among most people anymore.

Most liberal do identify as DEMS, but they don't have to; it is looking like more and more conservatives identify themselves as DEMS, too = bad news for the REPUBS.

Anonymous said...

Obammy comes from some redneck trash who thinks he is being clever by calling our black President of the United States by a name meant to degrade black Americans. You know, Mammy, Boy, etc. What a joke.....that clever redneck is probably unemployed and is busy writing on a blog everyday for kicks....probably is supportive of skinheads and KKK members.

Anonymous said...

I have no use for Obammy either.

Anonymous said...

How have you all missed commenting on the the Calvin Klein ad?

gern blansten said...

Mzchief said...

I wonder how hard Letterman would laugh if someone "joked" about how long it took a "Nasty old man like Letterman to marry the mother of his little bastard after he knocked up the gold digging slut who spit out the accidental crotch fruit."

man, that's just harsh! lol


wordkyle said...

Jar - The terms were "self descriptive," so it was whatever each respondent wanted it to mean. The categories that were offered were VERY Conservative, Conservtive, Moderate, Liberal, VERY Liberal. The vast majority didn't describe themselves as VERY anything. You and I both know that if you listed the principles of Conservative vs. Liberal, without the labels, a huge majority of Americans would identify with Conservatism.

358 - An interesting inversion of information you perpetrated. The actual news was that an increasing number of Democrats (as well as Independents and Republicans) identify themselves as Conservative. Although the Republican party is by no means synonymous with conservatism, the Democrat party is a hotbed of liberalism. As Conservative Democrats become disenchanted with the direction their party has taken and defect, it can only be good news for Republicans. (Or maybe Libertarians.)

Anonymous said...

Im tanning right now for a trip to mexico... Horrible farmers tan from working outside

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever consider that the joke was on Rodriguez - not Palin? It's Alex who’s got the rep of knockin' up anything that moves. Palin's daughter (I supposed it was the unmarried mom) was just the foil of the joke. Geeeeze.

Anonymous said...

It is amusing to credit the media for Obama's popularity as opposed to what he is/appears to be doing.

Dooesn't give American people too much credit.

If my memory serves me right, W enjoyed the same popularity ( surely not bestowed by the media) yet as his terms/terms progressed and what he did/or appeared to have done became unpopular, his numbers fell.

If Obama follows Bush in making unwise decisions, he too will end up with W's ratings.

And the media will be there.......if there is any certainity re the media is that they love to take someone down.

The Donald said...

WK and Jar, the person best equipped to carry the banner for the GOP is...[drum roll] Newt.

True, the mere mention of his name drives the Left apoplectic, but he certainly has the command of history and of governance to be up to the job.

In '96 and '00, Newt's negatives (mainly among nattering nabobs) would've been equivalent to HRC's. However, the public's memory is short, and HRC without any major metamorphosis, is now considered mainstream.

I've long thought that Rush was a closet lib, inasmuch as his bombast (yes, I understand it's part and parcel of his schtick) is more likely to turn away the middle-grounders and even true conservative believers. Newt has the gravitas to turn Rush into something less than a footnote in the national dialogue.

Moving down the batting order, I think Mitt has the management skills and intellect for the job, but unfortunately didn't manage to move the discussion away from his Mormonism. Mike H. seems like a fine guy, good character, but I think lacking in the forcefulness and intellect that's gonna be required in '12. Maybe coulda been elected in '88-'04, but next time around, it's a whole new ballgame.

Anonymous said...

6:00 - I concur.

Anonymous said...

4:14, All the names that were used by liberal weenies for GW such as satan and Hitler were not meant to offend conservatives because they were being used by intellectuals that know more than the average person.

Anonymous said...

Letterman's joke was in bad taste & he himself has said that it was.

But mz's retort - the vile things mzchief said about Letterman and his wife and son - was 100 times worse.

I suppose that was her point.
Makes sense - Insults seem to be her point most of the time she posts.

wordkyle said...

637 - The media's failure to do their job is the only reason Obama is President. They shilled for him throughout the primaries, when candidates with as much baggage as he had are usually vetted and eliminated. Obama is still untouchable, to the extent that even comedians are afraid to make fun of him.

641 - I championed Newt in the last election, until he finally said he wouldn't run. Since then he has become a little smoochy toward Democrats, I presume in an attempt to appear more likeable and conciliatory (or worse, the dreadful moderate.) He has all the tools, but the media can't wait to get their fangs back in him.

Anonymous said...

BG-don't tan. Have you heard of this thing called sunscreen? Getting skin cancer is not a walk in the park. Do spray tan if you must have a tan!
Jar-get a J-O-B

Anonymous said...

a little smoochy my ass..he was kissing hrc's ass in the middle of the campaign last year. he even endorsed her.

Anonymous said...

WK -
You make statements that are absolutely false but you say them with such certainty that I am sure people think you are right. Kind of like the sheep you like to refer to?

Comedians absolutely do make fun of Obama. Do you not watch the late night shows? Or do you just read in some conservative blog that comedians don't make fun of Obama, therefore you believe that must be the truth & you repeat it as the truth. Well, it's not. Watch late-night, Old Man, and you'll see you are WRONG. Obama is often the butt of jokes.

I suppose you didn't watch the very liberal Bill Maher last week did you? His last couple of minutes - New Rules section - were spent addressing Obama, made fun of him and told him that he was falling short of what he was elected to do; that he was being way too moderate, etc.

As usual, you do the very thing you accuse the other side of doing.

Liberal media, my a##.

Anonymous said...

It seems like if theese company's were doing so well the overpaid union employees would buy stock with their extra money they make.that would make sense wouldn't it?They remind me of two children dividing up a candy bar.We know how to get it right don't we.After the screwing the American public got with G M I feel like I am starting over paying for my 2000 chevy.As for Crystler that's like outting money in a box and giving it away.THe Italians would't take untill we paid shipping.DAGO

Anonymous said...

How are God & Obama alike? Neither has a birth certificate.

wordkyle said...

937 - You are correct. Using the comedians as an example was a poor choice. I don't watch television, and went off of third party information.

Here's an example of late-night comedy "about" Obama:

Conan O'Brien: "Big stuff going on in the world. President Obama gave a big, historic speech yesterday in Egypt. ... President Obama impressed listeners by beginning his speech with the traditional Islamic greeting, 'As-salaamu alaikum.' Yeah, it's very cool. Yeah, it was especially impressive because a year ago, President Bush opened with, 'Shalom, amigos.'"

Jimmy Fallon: "Barack Obama is taking his first overseas trip as president tomorrow. He is headed to the G20 economic summit. And he's been rehearsing his opening line to foreign leaders. 'Hi, I'm not George Bush. Hi, I'm not George Bush.'"

Jimmy Fallon: "President Obama's continuing his world tour. Yesterday, he was in Egypt. Did you see that? He visited the pyramids of Giza and he called them 'awe-inspiring.' That was an improvement over President Bush's tour of the pyramids. He called them 'pointy.'"

Man, they really stuck it to Obama, didn't they? I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

Once again, WK - you are using some conservative web site that has cherry picked those jokes. I'm not going to take the time to research jokes on some other websites. But next time I hear the bashing you don't think exists, I'll let you know.

But yes, there are certain things that can't bash him for because he doesn't have the baggage; he hasn't make the mistakes that W made.

Anonymous said...

Wordy continues his very selective perception. I guess it's ok. He just lives in a world of his own making - not the one the rest of us do.

wordkyle said...

653 & 753 - You are right. I do have certain perceptions.

For example, Obama put a man who cheated on his taxes in charge of the IRS. That astounds me.
- Obama took Chrysler away from stockholders and gave it to the UAW. That astounds me.
- Obama gives his pals at ACORN billions of dollars in stimulus money. That astounds me.
- Obama took control of the census from the Commerce Department. That astounds me.
- Obama got a trillion dollar spending bill that does the opposite of what was intended. (That doesn't surprise me.)

On all of these, the media have given him a pass, playing down the story if they report it at all. That astounds me the most.

Somehow people are able to separate Obama from what he does, so that he never gets dirty. Obama has gotten away with more in five months as President than Bush did in eight years.

Anonymous said...

Those are opinions......and quite slanted ones at that, WK, but that's OK - we all do that.

But back to the joke thing. Some presidents just do things that can be joked about easier - for example Bill Clinton still gets jokes even now & he's been out of office for over 8 years.

A recent one that was making fun of Obama's date night with his wife: (I'm probably butchering it - I'm not a good joke teller)

" I don't know why people get upset about this. Bill Clinton had weekly date nights too......It just wasn't with his wife."

WK - you need to lighten up. You're not a bad guy - you're just wound kinda tight.

I've got a great idea - Why don't you write some jokes making fun of Obama's policies? Pass them on & maybe somebody will pick them up on late night.

I know your jokes won't be in bad taste, because you don't do that kind of thing. I'm serious. I do respect that about you.

As soon as I wrote that about Obama jokes, I thought about all the racist remarks (jokes?) that appear on this blog about Obama. You have to admit, he gets more than his share of that, at least on this blog.

wordkyle said...

943 - First, which of my points are not factual?

The racist jokes about Obama are from knuckleheads. I don't find them worthy of comment.

You make the all-too-common mistake of judging my whole personality by what (and how) I post here. I post here for a particular reason, which I have stated before and won't bore you by repeating. My opinions are serious. I'm flummoxed by the worship of Obama -- and I use that word advisedly. Normally rational people now believe 2+2=3, and information detrimental to Obama is dismissed without so much as a thought.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 11:24...
I do not have a daughter. Nothing I said was narrow minded or judgmental. My comments about Letterman were HYPOTHETICAL and used to ask a RHETORICAL question. I was using just as broad generalizations in describing Letterman as did Letterman in describing Palin's daughter. After all, the bitter old libritard Letterman suggested an 18 year old, who had been "knocked up" by her high school boyfriend, was promiscuous enough to get "knocked up" by a professional baseball player during the 7th inning of a game in which the 33 year old was participating.

Just for the record, I do not believe there is any such thing as a bastard child/illegitimate child. Children have no control over the marital status of their parents. However, there are illegitimate parents but those are parents who do not attend to the needs of their children. As for Letterman's wife, I don't even know her name thus there is no way for me to know her motivation for shacking up with Letterman.

I certainly hope you have not had any children, thanks to people like you, the gene pool does not need anymore damaged DNA.

Anonymous said...

Alas! Poor Newt. He once was a Crackerjack, now he is just a stale popcorn fart.

Anonymous said...

Letterman was TOTALLY out of line with his comments! And 70% of his fans felt the same way. Come on America, let's be a more kind, gentler nation, okay?

Anonymous said...

Whatever, mzchief -

I suppose Letterman could say his comments were HYPOTHETICAL and used to answer a RHETORICAL question too.

Your HYPOTHETICAL comments about Letterman's wife and child were so much worse than anything Letterman said about Palin's daughter.

So what if you don't know Letterman's wife's name? I'm sure there are very few of us that do. You still made an extremely rude comment about her and her son in a public blog.

I doubt that Letterman knew Palin's daughter's name, either.

You are very FREQUENTLY guilty of the very things you rant about.

Your comment about Letterman's wife and son was one of the worst things I have read here.

Anonymous said...

For once, I agree with mzchief! I appears to me that Letterman doesn't understand boundries.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that! A comedian that doesn't understand boundries!

Anonymous said...

A comedian that doesn't understand boundaries? I bet that's never happened before.

Anonymous said...

From MSN - Letterman's apology - Can we move on now?

On his CBS' "Late Show" on Monday night, Letterman said his joke about one of Palin's daughters being "knocked up" by Alex Rodriguez can't be defended.
He said the joke referred to 18-year-old Bristol Palin, not her 14-year-old sister Willow. But Letterman said it's his responsibility that people believed that he intended to target Willow, who had attended a New York Yankees game with her mother.

"I'm sorry about it, and I'll try to do better in the future," he said.

Although Bristol, an unwed mother, was the target of his joke, Letterman didn't name her when it was originally made on June 8.

It was "a coarse joke," "a bad joke," Letterman told viewers. "But I never thought it was (about) anybody other than the older daughter, and before the show, I checked to make sure, in fact, that she is of legal age, 18."

"The joke, really, in and of itself, can't be defended," he declared.

If there's a misconception that he was making the joke about a 14-year-old, Letterman said he understands why people are upset. "I would be upset myself," he said.

"I feel that I need to do the right thing here and apologize for having told that joke," he said. "It's not your fault that it was misunderstood, it's my fault that it was misunderstood."

Letterman made several references to the issue during his monologue, introducing himself as "Dave Letterman, good will ambassador." He said he got a call from his mother earlier in the day telling him she was siding with Palin.

When he began a joke about Bernard Madoff, whom he called "the most hated man in America," he then amended that to a list of two.

"Me, Bernie Madoff," he said. "He was waaay out in front until a couple of days ago."

mzchief said...

To anonymous 1:37...

Naff off!

Anonymous said...

Miz -
No "It sucks to be you."???

I'm slipping.

Anonymous said...

Tanning bed = okay
Spray Tan = NOT okay

Anonymous said...

I know some real bastard kids that have some really great married parents.DAGO

Anonymous said...

"Gov. Palin announced that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant.
And you thought John Edwards was in trouble before! Now he has really done it."
-- Leno last year, doing a joke similar to the one that got Letterman in trouble, but Palin did not go ape shit over this one.