Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • If it's this hot now, what's July and August going to be like?
  • Digging up a fence post buried two feet in the ground and encased in cement is not fun.
  • I rethreaded my weedeater when I wasn't doing yard work. There's no bigger beat down than to have the line run out when you're right in the middle of whacking weeds.
  • Rush Limbaugh, in response to Obama encouraging Americans to lose weight for health reasons, said that "you exercise freaks" are the ones putting pressure on the health care system because they are always getting injured. The man is losing it.
  • I'm not talking about my home Internet. Five repair guys. No results. Incredible.
  • Sarah Palin sure doesn't mind exploiting her daughters for political purposes. Until this recent David Letterman flap, I had forgotten she even had a 14 year old. But she sure didn't mind dropping Willow's name in her many responses.
  • That lady's voice drives me insane.
  • A lot of people casually email me but will start off with, "This is NOT for publication."
  • After the storms the other day, I found a basketball (fully inflated) sitting in my front lawn. I left it there for a couple of days thinking the owner would see it. He didn't. I guess I can keep it -- guilt free.
  • But I don't have a basketball goal so that's kind of silly.
  • Lots of fuss over the re-election of the Iranian president when, in reality, he has no power. They still have that Ayatollah thing working over there.
  • I finally saw what I think is the first Coen brothers movie, Blood Simple. Not bad.
  • Bell Helicopter workers voted to go on strike last night. With everyone else losing their job, they might want to tap the brakes on that.
  • If you know you're going to the beach for a vacation and you know you're as white as a sheet, is it OK for a guy to go to a tanning bed?