Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Is the TAKS test offered in a Spanish version?
  • I caught Tonya Harding on Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel over the weekend. What a bitter, bitter woman.
  • Of the four guys lost as sea, did you see the rescue of one of them who hand by clinging to the boat for two days and two nights? I cannot imagine.
  • Just when did Halloween become so sexualized?
  • Tony Romo got harassed by the paparazzi in Los Angeles over the weekend. He soooo needs to prove something before he goes all Hollywood on us.
  • Do you get to date in Heaven?
  • I love Gmail.
  • Were women obsessed with their fingernails and toenails 20 years ago?
  • You would have thought the Montage County Jail would be reopened by now.
  • Doesn't a job with the government seem like a safe alternative right now?
  • Had the strangest experience in court yesterday. An out of town lawyer who is known for some unusual conduct shows up in court during a docket call. One of my clients' name is called and we go stand behind before the judge. I glance back and find the aforementioned attorney standing right behind my client - barely a foot away - facing the judge. We all kind of look at each other. I make my announcement to the judge and the other lawyer turns and walks out of the courtroom. What the heck was that about?
  • The Mavericks lost to Oklahoma City last night? Time to blow up the team - this era is over.
  • During Joel Osteen's televised sermons, he advertises a book that his wife authored at the same time via a graphic. Makes me shake my head.
  • I always wake up 10 to 15 minutes before my alarm goes off. I then reposition myself to easily reach the snooze button and then fall back asleep.
  • The Plane Landing on The Hudson even has been recreated with the traffic control audio overlayed on it. It's really great. Man, that happened fast.