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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- Who is this Rebecca Flores who is doing morning traffic for Fox 4? She's appeared, the best I can tell, after faithful blog reader (really) Todd Carruth resigned. I can't find her on the website but she is hawt.
- This morning we've got a black man who will be the Democratic nominee for the president of the good 'ol USA. Just think how long it would have taken if the South had won the Civil War?
- And Obama might not win it all (the right wingers call him "unelectable"), but his supporters care far more about him than the Republicans care about McCain. You never see that kind of enthusiasm at a McCain rally. And you never will.
- This is from the 3A state championship game in Georgia. It sure looks like the pitcher and the catcher conspired to bean the umpire.
- The Best Buy in North Fort Worth is open. But haven't been there yet. I'm guessing it looks like any other Best Buy.
- You've probably seen the "bait car" story that lead to the death of the elderly lady in Dallas. (Guy steals a car the police own and are watching, crook flees, crook hits and kills lady.) Yeah, the bad guy deserves 99% of the blame, but the bait car idea - just like fake prostitutes - is stupid. Why not put a bag of money out in the Walmart parking lot and then arrest those that attempt to walk off with it?
- I've begun watching The Savages (which I had never heard of until that girl over at Incidental Smirkings mentioned she had watched it.) Incredibly depressing. Incredibly good.
- No, wise guys, I didn't go see Barry Manilow.
- Ironically, I can't remember the last time I ate at Dairy Queen.
- Still one of my favorite videos at the 1;14 mark.
- After about four years, I finally found an old remote control to my bedroom TV and discovered it had a sleep timer. Yahooty! For most of the past decade (or more), I've fallen asleep with the TV on. Will still do that, but at least it'll go off on its own now.
- There was a guy who failed to show up for his felony trial in Decatur yesterday.
- Who says the Cotton Bowl is going downhill? They just announced that Texas A&M-Commerce will play East Central University of Ada, Okla., on October 18th. Now where did I put my East Central pennant?
- Speaking of sportzzz, watched a little of the Aggie girls lose in the softball world series last night. Based upon the end of the game, there is lots of crying in softball.
- Never before have there been so many lawyers in Texas not knowing what they are doing.
- Singer John Mayer has a car that could be in Death Proof one day.
- Houston vice is still picking on strip clubs and The Smoking Gun has the mug shots of the ladies recently arrested. That first one looks like she could be Mrs. Green #9.
- Another reason boat owning is a beating: It was incredibly windy on Memorial Day. Incredibly windy last weekend. Suppossed to be the same next weekend. Considering that boating is basically a May through August recreation, that's quite a chunk of the season already ruined.
- I once paid $5,000 to have my 200 hp outboard motor rebuilt for my now ex-boat. Perhaps that's why I'm bitter.
- I don't mind the Miranda chick from Sex And The City being gay. Wait, I do mind!
- How there is not a wreck on FM 51 within Decatur every day is beyond me.
- I've always thought that Maggie Gyllenhaal was smoking hot (and could she be any more sexy than in SherryBaby?), and this new pic doesn't change that.
- Somewhat homeless guy kisses reporter during live spot.