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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- Who is this Rebecca Flores who is doing morning traffic for Fox 4? She's appeared, the best I can tell, after faithful blog reader (really) Todd Carruth resigned. I can't find her on the website but she is hawt.
- This morning we've got a black man who will be the Democratic nominee for the president of the good 'ol USA. Just think how long it would have taken if the South had won the Civil War?
- And Obama might not win it all (the right wingers call him "unelectable"), but his supporters care far more about him than the Republicans care about McCain. You never see that kind of enthusiasm at a McCain rally. And you never will.
- This is from the 3A state championship game in Georgia. It sure looks like the pitcher and the catcher conspired to bean the umpire.
- The Best Buy in North Fort Worth is open. But haven't been there yet. I'm guessing it looks like any other Best Buy.
- You've probably seen the "bait car" story that lead to the death of the elderly lady in Dallas. (Guy steals a car the police own and are watching, crook flees, crook hits and kills lady.) Yeah, the bad guy deserves 99% of the blame, but the bait car idea - just like fake prostitutes - is stupid. Why not put a bag of money out in the Walmart parking lot and then arrest those that attempt to walk off with it?
- I've begun watching The Savages (which I had never heard of until that girl over at Incidental Smirkings mentioned she had watched it.) Incredibly depressing. Incredibly good.
- No, wise guys, I didn't go see Barry Manilow.
- Ironically, I can't remember the last time I ate at Dairy Queen.
- Still one of my favorite videos at the 1;14 mark.
- After about four years, I finally found an old remote control to my bedroom TV and discovered it had a sleep timer. Yahooty! For most of the past decade (or more), I've fallen asleep with the TV on. Will still do that, but at least it'll go off on its own now.
- There was a guy who failed to show up for his felony trial in Decatur yesterday.
- Who says the Cotton Bowl is going downhill? They just announced that Texas A&M-Commerce will play East Central University of Ada, Okla., on October 18th. Now where did I put my East Central pennant?
- Speaking of sportzzz, watched a little of the Aggie girls lose in the softball world series last night. Based upon the end of the game, there is lots of crying in softball.
- Never before have there been so many lawyers in Texas not knowing what they are doing.
- Singer John Mayer has a car that could be in Death Proof one day.
- Houston vice is still picking on strip clubs and The Smoking Gun has the mug shots of the ladies recently arrested. That first one looks like she could be Mrs. Green #9.
- Another reason boat owning is a beating: It was incredibly windy on Memorial Day. Incredibly windy last weekend. Suppossed to be the same next weekend. Considering that boating is basically a May through August recreation, that's quite a chunk of the season already ruined.
- I once paid $5,000 to have my 200 hp outboard motor rebuilt for my now ex-boat. Perhaps that's why I'm bitter.
- I don't mind the Miranda chick from Sex And The City being gay. Wait, I do mind!
- How there is not a wreck on FM 51 within Decatur every day is beyond me.
- I've always thought that Maggie Gyllenhaal was smoking hot (and could she be any more sexy than in SherryBaby?), and this new pic doesn't change that.
- Somewhat homeless guy kisses reporter during live spot.


Anonymous said...

breaking news: horse drawn carriage in bridgeport hit by a minivan

Anonymous said...

Mayer's car is a Ford GT in Gulf colors. Please don't tell me you've never seen the GT40s in Gulf colors in their heyday.

Anonymous said...

Hey now...I'll take # 1

Anonymous said...

The Barrypalooza concert was on TV. Don't worry, it will be on again sometime.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

Anonymous said...

It's 11:59 on Radio Free America; this is Uncle Sam, with music, and the truth until dawn. Right now I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone: "the chair is against the wall, the chair is against the wall", "john has a long mustache, john has a long mustache". It's twelve o'clock, American, another day closer to victory. And for all of you out there, on, or behind the line, this is your song.

mzchief said...

Just think the presumed Democrat nominee for POTUSS is a 1/2 WHITE man who was raised by a WHITE mother until he was 10 and WHITE grandparents from age 10-19 in Hawaii. The 1/2 WHITE man attended a predomenantly WHITE prep-school and graduated from Columbia University and Harvard University which are attended by predomenantly wealthy WHITE folks. Obama, as stated in his book Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance," writes about rejecting his mothers race and embracing Black Culture while in college. Basically, Obama has been 1/2 BLACK for the past 23 years. Obama is nothing more than a "WIGGA" which is a white person posing as a black person.

Obama knows more about being WHITE and living like "rich white people" than 90% of the U.S. population.

Anonymous said...

Obama is not the nominee yet. Those so called "Super Delicates" can change their mind at anytime. The Democratic Party is so screwed up! If I wasn't already a republican I would switch.

What a bunch of idiots including you Barry. You guys deserve Obama. I just hope he doesn't win in November.

mzchief said...

Poor John Mayer must have an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, peeny. Oh wait, it is all right because only an 8 year old would pick that paint colour and those decals for a car.

lovelit said...

Noone can accuse you of going green, Mr. Green, w/ your TV on all night. I hope the horses weren't hurt, Miranda's gfriend looks like her ugly sister (mean, but true); I'm sure she's a great gal, though. And, I giggled a bit when I read "Yahooty", funny stuff man.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your bait car stance. A bag of money in the Walmart parking lot would be fair game for whomever found it. It would then be up to them if they want to report it to the police. A car thief is going to steal a car regardless. The cops just give him the opportunity to take theirs. An honest person sees the bait car and says: "That thing could get stolen" or "Good thing I'm so honest, otherwise..."
In other words, an honest person passes on the opportunity, and the dishonest person acts on it. Those are the folks you want to get locked up
I'm just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Miranda and must be love.

Anonymous said...

"Alleged" stripper #1 gets a 20 from me anytime.

PLEASE tell me #14 and #15 are on the cleaning crew.

Maggie? Ick she looks like a school marm.

Jarhead said...

The guy in the background of that picture looks like he's smokin' a fatty.

Bulldog said...

"Never before have there been so many lawyers in Texas not knowing what they are doing."
And this is different from the past? Hardly!

bigfan said...

are they sure #14 is a chick? Maybe one of those half-n-half's! YUCK!!!!

Anonymous said...

The sad part on the bait car accident was the guy had just gotten out of jail for - stealing a bait car. Nice to see our correction system is working.

Anonymous said...

Barry Hussein is the biggest scam to come down the pike. His crazy uncles in the attic will be his downfall. It's like saying I went to KKK meetings for 20 years and never once heard the word nigger.

Anonymous said...

Hey - as one of those lawyers who don't know what they're doing I take offence to that comment! It's a full time job trying to make you look good by comparison.

Anonymous said...

mzchief, that is the most idiotic comment you've ever left. The GT40 in Gulf livery is a famous, 210MPH LeMans winner. The GT in the same colors are a tribute to that achievement.

Anonymous said...

I watched The Savages this past weekend - same report - very depressing - very disfunctional - Loved it!!

Anonymous said...

Fox 4 traffic chick used to have the same gig on 11. She got pretty big when she had a baby and they upgraded the spot, new traffic chick is smokin. She has an Eddie Munster widow peak like none other.

M&M said...

After you watch the homeless guy kiss the reporter, watch the video of the Dutch reporter getting smashed by a car. It's crazy.

AnObiter said...

A friend once dragged me to a Barry Manilow concert.

Surprisingly, we're still friends.

Anonymous said...

Barrack Obama will continue his very intelligent campaign. You have the choice to actually listen and learn or reject him. Regardless, he will be elected in November. Then it'll be put up time. I believe he and his staff will be able to provide a better government than we've experienced the pat 7 years. This is my projection and opinion.

Tired of Politics said...

If the South had won, and survived 'til today as an independent nation, and emancipation of the slaves had been postponed, I get your point. However, I think several other possibilities exist on what might have happened, and some are at least as likely as "the obvious one" that you infer, that is, that, no, a black person would probably not be in the position that Obama is today. The reason that is "the obvious one" is because the victorious North got to write the history books, as the victors always do, and completely villainized the South. Those who have in the past, and continue to hold the money and power in the North, have been as greedy, ruthless, and exploitative, and throughout this nation's history, have participated in all that had to do with centralizing the power and money there. I'm talking about the prominent, "old money" families, some of which are represented in elected government today. The states that seceded, and have the truly horrible history of legally enslaving other humans, will forever carry that mark. However, I find no sign that there is any societal higher morality, more acceptance of people who are "different", or any less racial discrimination, north of the Mason Dixon. On another subject that sometimes follows in this discussion, that is, reparations, the lions share of wealth that slave owners had was taken away by the federal government and the Northern Carpetbaggers during Reconstruction, and ended up -- I'll let you guess where.

Barry, you are correct in your observation of enthusiasm for the two candidates, but again, I would offer another perspective on that fact other than "the obvious one". Are they enthusiastic over proposed new and effective policies, demonstrated leadership and/or experience, a promising plan of action, reduced waste in government, less tax burden, or is it rather persona, charisma, motivating oratory, the promise of something for nothing? Conservatives have stated flatly since way before the nomination was locked up that McCain is not a true conservative. What do they have to be enthusiastic about? Liberals, however, have a Liberal they can vote for. Hoorah for them. The processes that exist produced two candidates -- now, who will each of us vote for, and why?

Mzchief, spot-on regarding Obama.

Anonymous said...

2:30 - That's not saying much.

The guy (Obama) scares the hell out of me. IMHO he is nothing more than a used car saleman and I'm not buying his crap.

wordkyle said...

230 - Exactly what should I listen to that Barack Obama says? So far it seems to be nothing other than empty platitudes and traditional Liberal Democrat talking points.

I would be interested to find out what you hear when he speaks.

Moses said...

I think your bag of money analogy is very similar to the fake hooker. The bait car, however, not so much. Stealing the car is, what was it, about number 6 or 7 on God's Top Ten List? I can't remember which, but it's there for sure, and without confusing language.

mzchief said...

To anonymous...
If you honestly believe by listening TO Obama you are learning anything ABOUT Obama, I have a ocean front property to sell you in Wise County. Though Obama told the world; "Rev. Jeremiah Wright is the most important person in my adult life." and that Wright was his "spiritual mentor" of 20+ years, Obama failed to tell the world and you that Rev. Wright is a racist, anti-American, black separatist who uses a pulpit to spew his hate mongering vitriol. If you want to know about a person's character look at their friends and mentors.

I have listened to some of what Obama has said with regard to his promises of raising the taxes of EVERY hard working American by allowing the current tax cuts to expire as well as raising taxes.

This link is just a taste of the Obama tax plan.

Current Tax percentages:
Income Tax rate 35%
Income/Payroll 37.4%
Capital Gains 15%
Dividends 15%
Estate Tax (2010) 0%

Obama Tax Plan
Income Tax rate 39.6%
Income/Payroll 52.2%
Capital Gains 28%
Dividends 39.6%
Estate Tax 55%

If Obama becomes POTUS and the Democrats retain control of the House and Senate you can bet the tax hikes will pass.

Exactly WHY is the government entitled to 55% of the assets of an estate upon which the deceased has already paid COUNTLESS taxes? Democrats are all about PREVENTING people from accumulating personal wealth.

Incidentally, it is common global economics that the best way for a government to stimulate their country's economy is to lower taxes. The Democrats hating on the wealthy people and corporations in the U.S. is nothing short of stabbing the U.S. economy it its heart so they can continue generating class envy and a sense of entitlement among Americans who believe they are owed a hand-out rather than an opportunity to improve their own lives.

zooboomafoo said...

I think it's funny that the lawyer (10:25) spelled "offense" wrong. Congratulations on proving your point.

You should go to dairy queen. I heard the blonde is really nice, and a blog fan too!

Bulldog said...

10:25. It's offense.

I rest my case, doof.

Anonymous said...

I guess then that when we are watching football and the drunken fans have a cut out "D" with a cut out white fence, that.......that is some kind of problem?

Anonymous said...

If Obama get to be president and congress passes a law for a 55% estate tax, what happens to the estate of Senator Kennedy when he dies? Oh, Kennedy doesn't have any money, it is in a trust. But, if a farmer with 500 acres in Wise County dies, the government would get 55% of the estate under Obama's dream tax law!!! You Democrates think that is fair for the Kennedy family, using a trust, to be exempt from an estate tax but the farmer's heirs have to sell the farm to pay the tax?

mzchief said...

To anonymous 11:28...
It has ALWAYS been the plan of the Democrats to protect their ultra wealthy elitist buddies and keep the hard working middle class from climbing above middle class. Democrats have always claimed to want to build the middle class when EVERYTHING they do keeps people down. Welfare and public housing has doomed generations to poverty. Democrats have always given just enough food stamps, benefits and welfare to impoverished people to allow them to survive in miserable conditions but the democrats have NEVER done anything to force those same people to do anything to raise their own standards of living.

There is a ancient proverb, "Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he'll eat forever. Democrats do not teach people to fish. Democrats are inclined to give a person a fish everyday so as to keep that person enslaved to them and forever inclined to vote for the Democrats who feed them.

Anonymous said...

The boat is a fiberglass hole in the water into which you shovel money.

Anonymous said...

Show a man how to slap somebody with a fish and he'll be entertained for life.

SHU said...

Zoo- youre funny.