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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

- Regarding the guy in Dallas that was convicted of capital murder of an officer yesterday, Fox 4's Clarice Tinsley said, "we'll learn next when the judge will hand down the sentence." Uh, it's a death penalty case. The last time a judge handed down a sentence, and not the jury, in a death penalty case was . . . never.
- But, sheesh, the penalty phase won't resume until June 23rd. Crazy. Not sure I've ever heard of that long of a delay.
- And we had the steroid couple found dead of death in Dallas. See her here. Or her myspace here.One oddity was the news footage of the cops hauling "evidence" out of the garage. They all had these dark masks on. So strange. It was like they were "playing cops". (More shocking is the steroid dead guy's myspace page and his unfortunate nickname - as pointed out by Frontburner blog.)
- I have never looked at one myspace page that I didn't think, "Does anyone really think you can read that crap with that background?"
- New stuff for Gmail users.
- Looked at airline prices yesterday. Oh, my.
- Usher, who just released a new album and whose last hit "Yeah" will always get my attention, is married to a lady seven years his senior and who already had three kids.
- Creepy public service announcement.
- I'm halfway through the Pat Tillman book I keep referencing. Man, that thing is great. And, to add to the drama, the audiobook I'm listening to is read by the author: His mom. I'm not sure how she made it through the recording. ( AndI feel bad for being a little hard on her yesterday.)
- I'm about 75% through The Savages. I might hang myself.
- Pussycat Dolls at MTV Movie Awards. I don't know if like them or not, but they sure give it the What For when they perform.
- Someone decided to have a fireworks display for the public last night at Gateway Park in Fort Worth. Uh, fire without the works, ensued. And I used to make errors in a lawyer's softball league at that park about two decades ago. That's some good trivia right there.
- Before the fireworks display, there was a softball game with this girl pitching. Holy moley.
- I drink way too many diet cokes in a day.
- Robbie Knievel is supposed to jump a bunch of Hummers tomorrow at the Speedway. Now if he had done it yesterday in the wind, I'd pay to see it.
- And Robbie told a joke on The Ticket yesterday: "I rear-ended a guy outside of the Marriott last week. He got out and said, 'I'm not happy.' I said, 'Well which one are you?'" Kinda funny.
- I think I hit on this lady at Cassidy's last Wednesday.
- $1.3 million condo for sale at Texas Motor Speedway. Keystone Light not included. Pics.
- The fact that Ed McMahon's home is up for foreclosure is mindboggling. He apparently took out a $4.8 million mortgage from Countrywide (he needed a mortgage?). I'm not sure how much he made off of standing around on the Tonight Show, but throw in Star Search, a couple of books, and general appearance fees, and that guy should be rolling in dough. Something is going on.
- Gotta go to Jacksboro this morning.
- Had a guy tell me yesterday that the font on my Liberally Lean graphic above looked "cheap." I agree. I'll work on it. Unless there's some graphic artist out there that wants to throw a little graphic love this way. Uh, you know what I mean.