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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

- In watching one of the million stories on the capture of the very sillily (sp?) named "Scarecrow Bandits" last night, Fox 4's Shaun Rabb actually said, in regards to the capture of one of them, "Police made him eat asphalt until they had him handcuffed."
- I'm about an hour and half into the Mary Tillman's book: Boots On The Ground By Dusk. It started a little slowly (didn't really care about her three years as a soccer coach), but it has really picked up.
- Music podcast I might like
- Man I tossed and turned last night with the craziest dreams. I have this vague recollection of every rooftop on the Decatur courthouse square being a functioning piano bar.
- Steve Eager does a segment every night on Fox 4 News called the "The News Edge." It's so odd because he quickly covers three stories but abandons his "neutral" anchorman position and fires off some hot sports opinions. Well, opinions.
- I was surprised to learn yesterday that kids were still in school in Wise County.
- I normally get a Morning News on Sunday but last weekend I picked up a Star-Telegram. You know, I think it might be better. (But I'll give the edge to the first one that abandons Parade magazine.)
- 82 year old "Racehorse" Haynes had 11 jury trials last year and he's at it again.
- I never mind having to enter my zip code when I'm making a gasoline purchase by credit card. And for the first time in my life this morning, a fill up cost me over $60.
- Saw on the news that media outlets are offering up to $15 million for the first pics of the soon to be born twins of Angelina and Brad Pitt. Heck, I'd sell my twins for $15 million.
- The Indy cars are out at the Texas Motor Speedway this week. A few years back I went and watched qualifying for the event and the sound was deafening.
- I've never cared who Nolan Ryan recommended for foundation repair.
- The very absent Paul Harvey's "News and Comment" was sponsored this morning by Greenwood/Mount Olive Funeral Homes. Dark?
- Apparently there was a hockey game on NBC last night that went into triple overtime and didn't end until midnight. Can you imagine Jane and Mike sitting there at their anchor desks waiting to go on the air for two hours? I bet they just stared at the teleprompter waiting for the red light to go on.
- My StumbleUpon button took me to a collection of weird photos called "Childhood Fears." Uh, very weird.
- I remember when Jessica Alba was a stripper in Sin City. Now she has a basketball in her belly.
- If you are interested in legal stuff. relationships, and the federal government (quite the trifecta), you'll enjoy this read. And the biggest shocker comes at the end.
- Finished There Will Be Blood. Verdict: Incomplete. What's up with all these movies that are artistically pleasing to look at, have a fairly decent story line, and then just end in the middle of nothing? (See e.g. No Country For Old Men) A and someone told me Daniel Day-Lewis played the same part that he did in Gangs of New York (which I've never seen.)
- Executions begin again tonight in Texas. How did we survive without them? But I noted one guy refer to them as "Texecutions."