Grex And The City

So I went yesterday to see Sex And The City at the Movie Tavern off of Hulen. (But allow me to digress for a second. To H.B. Zachry & Company: Your company is run by morons who decided to needlessly take I-35 southbound to one lane all day Saturday. But I'm not bitter.) So on with the review:

- Overall: Very good. But it's just odd that this was a "movie" since it really wasn't any different than what you would see on HBO. But it was all you would hope for. But if you had never seen the TV series, there's no way you'd be interested in it.
- Man, there were a bunch of women there. I'm guessing a 9:1 ratio, and I might be underestimating the female population
- At one point in the picture, a male character admits to his love interest that he has had an affair. At that moment, I heard the loudest "gasp" ever to come from a movie audience. I wanted to stand up and say, "Hold on, ladies! He's probably got a good explanation! Hear him out!"
- The other big crowd reaction came when Samantha told a generic obnoxious-friend-of-the-groom to, uh, shut up at the rehearsal dinner. It was like this female crowd had been wanting to do that all their lives.
- The four stars are getting a little old. And as the final scene ran with some random twenty something female foursomes roaming the streets of New York - in a message that there will always be other other Carrie Bradshaws & Company to take their place - I felt a little old myself.
- I've always wanted to be like Mr. Big.
- Carrie Bradshaw's written excerpts makes makes me think she is a horrible writer.
- Sidenote: Seeing a film at the Movie Tavern (there's also on one in the Bedford area) is great. It's about the only way I'll see a movie in theaters anymore.