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Life Of Its Own

I got an email today attaching a pdf file of an Original Answer "filed" a couple of days ago in Harris County. It was shocking because it contain an F Bomb, so I immediately showed it to a couple of lawyers in the Jack County Courthouse. Now back at the office, I did a quick check to see if someone had already blogged about it. Yep, they had. But it turns out that the pleading was a practical joke although now the "pleading" has already taken on a life of its own. The story here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Barry,
I found this on craigslist. Can you help this poor lady out?

Swimming (Rhome)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-05-25, 11:27AM CDT

We just moved to the area and I am trying to find a good, cheap (hopefully free), clean place that I can take my two kiddos swimming. We are coming from the hill country so we are used to swimming in lakes and creeks, in fact I'm not sure my youngest has ever been in a pool.

I know there is a ton of water around here, but I would hate to get them all excited to go just to find out its a cess pool, drug dealer hole.

Thanks for your help!!

Location: Rhome

Anonymous said...

Was the brief filed by the "Texas Monkeywrench" Ralph Hardy?