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Random Monday Morning Thoughts - On A Slow Moving Blogger Website Today

- Watched the MTV Movie Awards last night. Other than a very funny bit by Jack Black, Robert Downey, Jr. and Ben Stiller that is hard to explain, it wasn't very good.
- Host Mike Myers hyped his new movie, The Love Guru, all night long. It looks awful.
- Only 17,661 at the Ballpark in Arlington yesterday. I had it on for some reason and I think the 7th inning lasted two hours.
- 100 greatest movie posters.
- The Becky Simpson murder-for-hire story was on Dateline Friday night but I missed it. I don't know if it was an original or a repeat. Edit: Here's the web page which includes a book in photo I've never seen before.
- I wear only one contact. Put a new one in yesterday. Put it in it's case last night. And it wasn't there this morning.
- Pete Delkus is filling in on WBAP this morning. That guy's not as near as charming as he thinks he is.
- Texas A&M is playing in the softball world series tonight which I'm guessing is on ESPN.
- Northwest is going to host a Student Council Convention will will bring in 2,000 people. In school, I always thought the Student Council was silly because it truly had no authority which seemed very hypocritical to me.
- If it doesn't get to 77 degrees this morning (it's 78 at 5:30 a.m.), that will set a record for the highest low for June 2nd.
- I bet I haven't used a toaster in 20 years.
- Ted Kennedy is having brain surgery this morning (just got a blurb about it, I think.) That can't be good.
- Ever since I became proficient at podcast syncing and audiobooks, I've listened to less and less radio. It just seems silly to have to listen through seven minutes of commercials for ten minutes of content.
- I want to drive by the new Cowboy's stadium but I bet I haven't been down I-30 in over a year. But, man, is it going to be a show place.
- There was another kid-ran-over-in-the-driveway story in Dallas yesterday.
- There was a fire this weekend at Universal Studios in Los Angeles which destroyed some old movie sets. I've been there - at the demand of an old girlfriend when I visited the city a few years back. But I went begrudgingly because of all the things to see in the city we were going to a Six Flags like movie park.
- I always struggle with The Spin, and I was worried today that my Major Award reference would be lost on most people. (And I've written 427 of those things - maybe more since a few have been lost to the accidental delete button.)
- We live in one of the windiest areas in the United States.
- Third best month ever for viewership on Liberally Lean last month but the numbers have leveled off. Maybe more scantily clad women would help.
- Watch a Boston Red Sox fan meet the business end of security after running onto the field over the weekend.
- Update on the lady rowing across the Pacific. Girl doesn't get very far in a week.