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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

- Double motorcycle death in Fort Worth where the two riders came to a rest in the drive through of Taco Bueno on Camp Bowie.
- "Gas saving" tips like "slowly depressing the accelerator" beat me down. It's kind of like "drink lots of fluids" to avoid dehydration in the summer.
- Haven't really had to water my lawn this year but that's about to change.
- This is the 40th anniversary of Robert Kennedy's assassination. As a kid, I just remember how odd the killer's name was to me: Sirhan Sirhan.
- I'm trying to schedule a vacation for August but scared to look at airline flight prices. I've got a ton of Advantage Miles but they never seem to work like I want.
- Saw that Michelle Obama is to be a guest host on "The View." Seems like a greater chance for disaster than for benefit.
- Odd moment: Yesterday evening in Decatur a bunch of young military guys were kind of hitting on the clerk at a convenience store (the one that houses the Quizno's and Burger King.) She tells them she doesn't date military guys. "Why?" they ask. "Because the last one hit me in the face." Awkward silence ensued.
- Thing you already know: It's amazingly windy outside.
- John McCain threw down a challenge yesterday for Obama to join him in ten "town hall debates." Careful there, hoss.
- On the cover of People this week is the headline, "From Meth Addict To Mom" in connection with a story about some girl that used to be on "Full House." I'm so confused. Aren't we supposed to lock people like her up in cages for drug use?
- Marky Mark turns 37 today. I thought about him when I looked in the mirror this morning.
- Worst business timing: Owning Hummer dealership right now.
- Asian worker meltdown is like me by 11:00 a.m.
- Danica Patrick puts me in a bad mood every time I see her. Personality challenged - Big time. And as long as she has her helmet on, I kind of want someone to deck her next time she goes into "confrontation mode."
- Very random thought. "Big Media" trying to act like "New Media" is a failed bit. Take for example the Dallas Morning News "blog" featuring entries by Steve Blow, Jacquielynn Floyd, and Ed Housewright et. al. Yesterday the spent some time discussing the merits of tomatoes. Not salmonella poisoning. Just whether tomatoes are good to eat. Riveting.
- I've still got HBO's "Recount" saved on my TIVO but haven't watched it yet.
- Still working on my Pat Tillman book "written" by his mother. Man, if you want to hear some George Bush hating bitterness, listen to her for a while. And, with all due respect, she's not that smart.
- Blurb in the Update about Rep. Phil King being concerned about the high energy rates. The quote from a Few Good Men comes to mind: "I strenuously object?" Is that how it works? Hmm? "Objection." "Overruled." "Oh, no, no, no. No, I STRENUOUSLY object." "Oh. Well, if you strenuously object then I should take some time to reconsider."


Anonymous said...

The wind just stopped,dead at my house. Now the quiet is going to drive me crazy!

Anonymous said...

The best part was the girl doing the B grade horror movie screams

Anonymous said...

Good luck on that vacation you'll probably have to sell a kidney! We are driving this year much cheaper than flying the 4 of us!

Anonymous said...

Careful McCain. You might slip and use Obammy's middle name, point out the company that he keeps, his willingness to appease tyrants, his promise to reduce our armed forces, his pledge to increase taxes and the fact that he thinks there are 58 states. Don't piss the brutha off. You might just get a cap popped off in your ass.

AnObiter said...

Madame Barack is challenging her guest spot -- she wants to be a cohost like Cindy McCain was....can open "Hot Topics" that way. Get the TIVO ready...[not]...

I don't have Recount in mine, but I do have The Matador saved in mine. Can't bring myself to watch it...can't talk myself into deleting it either.

mzchief said...

Crazy Asian:
WHAT are all of those morons in the crazy Asian's office doing just standing around watching him have a snot slinging, wall eyed fit, throwing monitors and beating things with a coat rack. I would have been out of there when he tossed the first monitor on the woman at the desk next to his. The security video/second video shows the guy goes crazy because the supervisor is looking through his desk drawer. You have to wonder if the supervisor found kiddie porn in the drawer?

McCain Invitation to Obama:
Obama is an excellent READER of speeches but not much of a THINKER. McCain has seen how poorly Obama performs when attempting to answer questions that aren't scripted. Obama is nothing more than a charming, extremely well polished empty vessel. Obama pontificates to huge crowds whereas McCain talks to groups of people. McCain will own Obama in town hall debates.

Jarhead said...

Screw RFK. Today is the 4th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's death.

RFK. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

You never hear much about who killed RFK's son. I think his name was syringe syringe.

Anonymous said...

My friends are thinking about having a drinking game while watching the townhall meetings like we used to have watching The Bob Newhart Show. Each time someone said "Hi Bob" we would do a shot. This time it will be everytime Obammy says "Uh". I feel a drunk comin on.

Jarhead said...

What were two dudes doing on a motorcycle together?

Major faux pas. Major.

Anonymous said...

BG you wish they were all thrown in jail so that you could rail against the injustice of the system. The vast majority, and you know this, get probation and if needed counseling. Why don't you blog about the testimonies of people who say their life was saved by being arrested and forced to get off of drugs. You won't do this because sometimes, as here, you use this blog to convince people (i.e. potential jurors) that the law is wrong and no matter what they should let your client go. I know this is your blog but it irritates me to see someone so intelligent present only one side of an arguement believing/hoping that we are ignorant/stupid enough buy it without looking to see if there are oppossing arguements. You show either your ingorance or contempt for our intelligence by doing this.

AnObiter said...

Jar, no kidding. Triple-sheesh.

"Syringe syringe." So wrong, so funny.

9:30, my husband complains of the same thing; always points it out and then it starts driving me crazy too. Pass the shot.

Anonymous said...

jarhead, I think the two guys on one bike must have been some hard core Bueno heads.

Anonymous said...

Obamanation and Hilarity should team up and then we'd have the first black man and women as president and VP at the same time in history probably to never be repeated ever again.

Anonymous said...

Well of course the people of Wise County have spoken overwhelmingly in favor of Representative Truthful. Let us all rejoice and thank God & The King we are able to just have high electric rates! Hallelujah! Amen !

Anonymous said...

ARISE,RISE UP zombie Reagan and make Jimmy Carter shut his pie hole- again!!

wordkyle said...

Notice the huge dropoff in style and content from Obama's prepared speeches to extemporaneous answers. If the debates are run legitimately, some clay feet would show themselves.

That having been said, the Republicans have shown a complete and utter ineptitude in contolling townhall debates. The crowds are always loaded with Liberal shills. If that happens, Obama will have prepared answers, making him look better as a speaker and a thinker than he really is.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what things will smell like after December 21 2012

Anonymous said...

I have a simple policy: Don't ever be caught dead on the back of a motorcycle! I would give them a do over if I could. Though they would have to surrender their man cards for at least 30 days.

Anonymous said...

Ya know,it sure seems like the Fizzz has gone outta this blog.

Anonymous said...

10:06, The country doesn't need a Jimmy Carter redux.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Barry! Quit dissin' on my beloved Danica Patrick!!

Anonymous said...

Barry, You did remember to TIVO Barry Manilow didn't you?

Anonymous said...

Barry, did you just HAVE to put Phil King's name on your blog today?

He is the biggest joke in Austin.

But Decatur loves the guy.

Go figure.

joblo said...

only take shot when hrc say "you know",double shot when cackle....haha

Anonymous said...

Phil King is about as phoney as a three dollar bill. He doesn't care at all about the people, he just knows this is an election year and he's in real trouble. He likes the cushey side benefits and BIG MONEY he gets from being a State Rep. You know, like representing the oil and gas companies, while the legislature is in session, so he can get their trial delayed. He's absolutely WORTHLESS unless you are an oil and gas company!!

Anonymous said...

You people are so arrogant, especially Mzchief, about Barack Obama. You are entitled to your opinion, but that is all it is, an opinion, much of it based on other people's opinions, which is not the same thing as facts.

YOU GUYS are NOT EXPERTS on Barrack Obama.

I doubt you have read either one of his books, and to be an expert on someone, you have to at least consider their version of their own life.

There are huge numbers of poeple much smarter, well-read, and well-traveled than these arrogant experts on Barack Obama on this blog and those people are uplifted and excited about the intellect, the vision, the perspective, & the possibilities he could bring to our country.

I am 50 year old white woman & although I was a child when Dr. King was assassinated, I don't remember listening to his speeches live. Sen. Obama is the first presidential candidate in my whole life that has inspired and challenged me and speaks of the America I want to see.
So you can disagree with my opinion, but I feel fairly certain my opinion is based on more reading, more listening, more researching on Sen. Obama in the last year than any of you.

Go ahead, respond; I am sure you will get some threat, something we all need to fear if Obama gets elected, because FEAR is your weapon of LAST resort.
Your message will be one of fear, fear, fear, or else (more fear.)

Anonymous said...

Triple shots when Hussein says change.

Anonymous said...

Our lives are mostly pre-determined by the true powers...(The Captains& The Kings),our next prez will be/has been already chosen for reasons we won't understand until it's way too late!!(1929x1000...)Banks end up owning everything...

Anonymous said...

To the 12:04 poster:

That was an excellent way to start with your bashing of the uneducated Wise County citizens! Take a closer look at your remarks:
There are huge numbers of POEPLE much smarter, well-read, and well-traveled..
We assume that you were not included in this "smarter" group! Way to stand out!

wordkyle said...

1204 - The main question I need to ask is this: Why was it necessary for you to identify yourself as a white woman? Is race a consideration in your support of Obama? Should it be?

My disapproval of Obama stems from his actions - his introduction of legislation for a global tax for Americans to pay to the UN for redistribution; his referral to his grandmother as a "typical white person" (an appropriate comment for someone who purports to bring the races together?); his friendship with Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers and Tony Rezko (associations which would have gotten any other candidate booted long ago.)

There are clearly many people who are better-read, better-traveled and smarter than those of us who post on this blog. A substantial number of them are against Barack Obama for the same reasons I listed.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

You seek to belittle and insult those of us who wish to follow Dr. King's dream. And you, the "typical white woman," should look into your soul to see if you are judging Obama by his race, rather than the content of his character.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered what those background guys were doing in the old kung fu know, how they would just all move around a lot but not really enter the fight? Now I know....they were all getting into better postions to take video with their phones.

You learn something new every day.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of worthless politicians, your very own Texas Senator Craig Estes just got smacked with violations of campaign expenses:

"State Sen. Craig Estes, R-Wichita Falls, paid a $17,300 fine for violations of campaign expense rules. The fine was the largest levied against any Texas politician for complaints filed during 2007, according to records of the Texas Ethics Commission. The commission originally fined Estes $52,300, but agreed to reduce the amount if Estes put his campaign reports in order by May 1." From Times Record News in Wichita Falls.

Anonymous said...

First of all, 12:41, no big insight in your post. That was exactly my point - that these posters only have a second-hand & fairly recent (18 months)knowledge of Barack Obama. No one here qualifies as an expert on him, including me. These are opinions only & opinions are only that.
Some of these posters act like they know everything there is to know & they certainly don't.

AND yes, Wordkyle, I identified myself as a "50 year old white woman". It's called demographics - I gave you my age, race, & gender to let you know my demographics, but race is the only thing that seemed to bother you. I promise you that you have no right to lecture me in regard to living out Dr. King's dream; you have NO IDEA; you just think you do because you seem to think you know everything about everybody. Spare me.

Obama is a different age, gender and race than I; I am closer to Hilary Clinton in all 3 areas, so if you say that I am judging him by his race & not his character, I guess you are saying that I judge him to be exceptional (as I do) BECAUSE he is a DIFFERENT race than me???? That makes no sense. THat's the whole point - his race makes no difference, not to mention he comes from a varied background.

But I congratulate you on the subtle way you used fear. You said to me....
"You, the 'typical white woman,' should look into your soul to see if you are judging Obama by his race, rather than the content of his character."

Oh, I see, I should FEAR that in my soul I am not living up to Dr. King's dream. I SHOULD FEAR MYSELF because I support Obama!
Quite ingenious of you Wordkyle. But me & my soul are doing just fine, thank you.

BTW, I never said I was "typical white woman." You did, or rather you said Obama called his grandmother that & then you end by calling me that. Anyone that knows me knows that I am not typical.

Anonymous said...

OK Miss 1:36,

The big "insight" in my 12:41 post was the fact that you CANNOT spell.

Jarhead said...

Jeez lady, settle down... deep breaths... in and out... in and out...

I think we have an "AWF" in our midst.

We get it... you like Obama. Good luck with that.

I'd hate to be her husband! What a beating.

wordkyle said...

1241 aka 136 - I believe that you are an individual. Obama is the one who would think of you as "the typical white person."

You keep mentioning "fear" -- if you read fear out of any of my comments, you are projecting. I commented on the facts that concern me and many who are smarter, better-read, etc.

You brush off your emphasis on your race, age and gender -- why should those be important to any of us? Why not simply express your support for Obama and let your ideas speak for themselves? Would Obama see you as a person or as a demographic?

There are very few experts on anything in the world. Those of us who oppose Obama do so for reasons as valid -- if not more valid -- as those who support him. Which prompts this question: What has Obama done that prompts your opinion of his abilities? Or is your support based solely on the things he says?

Obama's nothing new. Jimmy Carter campaigned on so-called "hope" and "change" in 1976. He delivered neither.

Anonymous said...

My husband is quite happy to be my husband, as I am to be his wife.

But you are right in one respect - These anti-Obama posts were getting under my skin and they were making me angry, as well as the cruel posts about the car hitting the bicyclists. I do need to breath deeply and get back on an even keel.

Thank you. I'm better now.

Anonymous said...

1:09 - now now, it's ok about Estes. Next time the WC Republican women invite him to speak, we can all go to the courthouse, join hands in prayer with these folks and pray for his forgiveness.

Sweetness and light reigneth!

Jarhead said...

If a little ol' blog is making you so angry, may I make a suggestion?

Okay, 2 suggestions.

1) don't read the blog.

2) Seek out a local anger management class.

And good luck to you and your husband.



Anonymous said...

It's not Jarlid.

It is Slop Jar Lid.

Think he is sitting on one in that stupid photo.

wordkyle said...

If we post images of Obama, how will his supporters react? Their almost religious zeal is intersting. No challenge to Obama is to be permitted or tolerated.

It makes me wonder what they're hiding.

I hear there's this video of Michelle Obama.....she's crying and screaming for whitey to just leave Britney alone, or something.

Note: the media is already emphasizing that Obama was not implicated in the multiple convictions of Obama's friend, benefactor, campaign donor and brilliant property speculator -- he sold Obama land for less than he paid for it -- Tony Rezko.

I predict that the next five months will be a low point for the mainstream media's integrity (forgive the oxymoron.)

Jarhead said...

Um, yeah 3:13. I think you used that same lame attempt at a zinger about 6 months ago.

News flash: It's still just as lame.



P.S. that's your wife's face I'm sitting on in that picture, BTW.

See? That's how it's done! "Giggity Giggity Goo!"

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah 3:08PM - just let me know when that happens, and I will be sure to NOT BE THERE!

And to Jarlip, I just want all the folks who read B's blog to know you are just a little boy who sticks his fingers in his ears, and shouts "Nanny, nanny poo poo, I'm not listening to you", when anyone tries to post a comment on your blog that you don't agree with. I know it's your privilege, but it just goes to prove you're nothing but a little chicken-shiate.

Oh, and your room, you know, the one you rented for Wordbile's visit with you, is the motel right next to Frilly's. I left two mints for y'all on the pillows. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I can speel you just can,t reed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Slop Jar has a memory!


wordkyle said...

An interesting sidenote to the RFK anniversary -- few people know about the debate in which Robert Kennedy got pwned by Ronald Reagan.

Now that was a Conservative warrior.

Anonymous said...

Quoting wordkyle - "I predict that the next five months will be a low point for the mainstream media's integrity. "

I respectfully & vehemently disagree; the media's low point was when they did not question Bush/Cheney's assertions that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction - both biological and nuclear. THEY HAD NEITHER, yet WE WENT TO WAR being told they did, AND WE HAVE YET TO COME BACK FROM IT. Iraq did not have AlQueda there then either, but they do now. A mess (not a "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED) for the next administartion, whoever that may be, to clean up.

And to deny any of this, you have to use sources that have an agenda, and it's certainly not truth.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that having a black president will prove is that nothing will change because as I have said in many posts,it's not the person but the political machine and whether it be Obama,Clinton,Kermitt the frog or whomever,nothing will change.

It hasn't changed before or since the majority of us were born so I don't know why any of you think it will.

If you believe it will,time will prove me out as it has for decades.

Anonymous said...

8:44, Clinton, Kennedy, and other high profile liberal weenies were spouting from the same intelligence that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction in 98but did nothing about it. Where was the media asking questions of them?

wordkyle said...

844 - We'll go back to Iraq, late 2002, early 2003. The entire world (including the press) believed Saddam Hussein had WMD. Iraq had lots and lots and lots of opportunities to show they didn't. Instead, SH played coy, barring inspectors from certain sites and flouting UN resolutions. (Does anyone talk about the year and a half of diplomacy that Bush tried first?)

After 9/11, Bush had one concern - to make sure we weren't attacked again. (And so far, we haven't.) Intelligence overwhelmingly indicated that Iraq had WMD and associations with terrorists -- the kind of terrorists who would do anything to kill Americans.

If Bush had done nothing -- which Democrats now claim they would have done -- and another attack had happened, it would have been unforgivable. The alternative was what Bush did, remove a huge threat and prevent him from being able to kill Americans.

The intelligence on WMD was wrong. So was the intelligence that could have prevented the 9/11 attacks. Nonetheless, the other two reasons for going into Iraq, delineated repeatedly by Bush since March 2003 -- support of terrorists and criminal mistreatment of the Iraqi people -- stand as true.

Obama has come through the entire primary process with the media's protection. With a Republican to beat up on, the media will ensure that Obama will never be questioned about anything of substance. You will have elected a President who has not been vetted at all.

Other than his repeat of Jimmy Carter's buzzwords, and a paper-thin agenda of warmed-over traditional Democrat policies, what has Obama ever accomplished? What are his plans? At least one piece of legislation he introduced would obligate Americans to a new tax to be paid to the United Nations. Does he plan to subordinate the US Constitution to the UN? His actions so far would say yes.

Anonymous said...

Weeelllll, Nancy, Reagan did not remember if he was a warrior or not.

Anonymous said...

8:44, Quoting Hussein Obammy about Rev. Wright, "The person I saw yesterday was noth the person that I met 20 years ago." And quoting him again about Rezko who was found guilty on 16 of 24 corruption counts, who was a friend and adviser "This isn't the Tony Rezko I knew." I wonder if Barry Hussein will conduct foreign policy this way? "The person who bombed Tel Aviv is not the person I know that I negotiated with last month. Yeah, that'll be effective.

Anonymous said...

A Bush Third term? Quoth the Raven, Nevermore...

Anonymous said...

Bush, the Warriliar, compaigned on bringing "Honor and Integrity" back to the Whitehouse. He did neither.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing hows yu kin keep that thar pipe clenched in yo teeth with all of that thar diarrhea flowing/blowing/excreting while you spin/makeup and repeat sheet yo heer from talk radio.
Is yo book outselling "Wha' Happin'd" yet? If not, git yo fans to buy yo book so yo can luke smartr than Scotty Mc.! I kin not wate for Tony Snow to write a book. The title might be "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes Sir, Yes" and it wil be aproproate as his Press Sec. Stint, or Stink, whatever, spelling?....

wordkyle said...

It keeps piling up. Obama mentions in his book Dreams of My Father being mentored as a teenager by an acquaintance named "Frank."

"Frank" turns out to be Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA and who was involved in a Soviet-sponsored network in Hawaii.

As the twig is bent...

Anonymous said...

Frank's a weiner.

Jarhead said...

Man, you guys need to come up with some better nicknames than "Jarlid" and "Wordbile." You sound like a bunch of 6th graders. I understand that that's what you have to resort to in order to get your point across and that's fine, but please, be a little more creative.

wordkyle said...

Jar, if they had the wherewithal to make their points rationally, they wouldn't have chosen Barack Obama.

I post here for two reasons: To point out the lies, distortions and misrepresentations that Liberals use to try to "prove" a point, and to make Liberals fly into spit- and snot-spewing paroxysms of fury and frustration.

I have no illusions of convincing those committed Liberals who are too closed-minded to entertain a differing thought. But for those people who read and don't post, I want them to see the Conservative viewpoint in contrast to the Liberal propaganda that's regularly presented in the MSM and here.

wordkyle said...

Oh, and by the way 1238 - I ghostwrite for other people, so I make my money whether the book sells or not. And I'm doing very well, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Jarhead and Wordkyle sittin in a tree K I S S I N G first comes love then comes marriage then comes MZCHIEF in a baby carriage.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 12:43...
Thank you for associating me with two out of the handful of people, who consistently comment using an alias on this blog, whom I consider intellectual equals.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 12:04...
Your vitriolic rant, lacking in content and facts, is not worth my responding with anything other than stating my opinion that you appear to be a typical OBAMA ZOMBIE lacking the ability and desire to generate an informed opinion. Incidentally, I have, in numerous past comments regarding Obama, provided several valid links supporting my opinions and FACTS associated with Obama being unfit to hold the office of POTUS.

Good luck to you in one day accepting the fact you walk around with your head firmly planted in your arse and the stench you smell is of your own making.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody heard,is John Denver still dead?

TXsharon said...

Ah. My bi-monthly fix of Wise County crazy. Never changes.

wordkyle said...

Slight Detour: How about that Democrat-controlled Congress? A year and a half after their taking control in Washington, today 1) Oil hit a new high of $139 a barrel; 2) Unemployment rose to 5.5%, the biggest jump in 22 years; 3) The stock market fell 400 points; and 4) The Senate Democrats dropped their bill to address global warming, which they had called "the most important issue facing the planet." (Apparently second only to their political ambitions.)

Those Democrats are really doing a bang-up job, huh?

Anonymous said...

Well wordkyle, at least the Democrats stay focused on tax, spend and global warming.

The Republicans can't decide whether to star gaze (Nancy Reagan) or Bible thump (the religious right) or have another war.

Anonymous said...

Just a minute there, Wordkyle. A slight majority Democratic Congress has to deal with a President, that threatens to veto anything they do.
During Bush's term, Congress was all Republican majority in BOTH houses and a Republican president for 4 years, I believe. That's the only time that one party has NO roadblock to their agenda. So how did that work out for us?

Hopefully it will be the other way around after November. The country is pretty sick of the situation Bush & Republicans have led us into.

And please, Bush & croneys have always been in bed with the oil companies, you can't blame the mess we are in now on anyone other than them.

wordkyle said...

wow, 912, you sound like you have real insight into the political process. Please elaborate on how Democrats are staying focused on "tax, spend and global warming."

I'm sure everyone would enjoy reading your extended thoughts about the Republican topics you mentioned.

Unless these comments were simply the regurgitated fluff of a lightweight mind -- but I'm sure that's not it.

wordkyle said...

1045 - The Democrats control Congress, and have exerted that power heavy-handedly since they took office a year and a half ago. (e.g., Harry Reid's blocking of Bush's judicial nominees, betraying a promise he made to Republicans.)

I won't attempt to defend the Republican Congress of several years ago. They failed to live up to promises they made to Conservatives and suffered defeat in 2006 because of it.

Having said that, since the Democrats took over control of Congress, food prices have soared; oil prices and gasoline are up; the dollar has dropped.

If they had only been in power a few months, they might be cut some slack. But they have had a year and a half to do whatever it is they do, and we see the results of their efforts. The question is, are the Democrats ineffective or incompetent?

Ironically, one of the few bright spots is the Iraq war, which Democrats claim to be against. Repeat: the thing that's going the best is what the Democrats are against.

The Democrat-controlled Congress's approval rating is at a historic low. (Lower than Bush's, by the way.) If people want "change," why not start at the congressional level? The Democrats clearly are not up to the task. Heck, they had trouble running their own nomination process.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you wordkyle -about the do nothing Democratic congress. Nancy Polosi is rarely ever there and when she is, likely she takes a week getting her makeup done and just the right RED suit.

Congress is more about theatrics than the business of the American people.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle, you are really smart but your lack of humility is glaring.

wordkyle said...

You know, you're right. From now on, just mentally insert "IMHO" at the beginning of each of my posts.

(I'll repeat something I've said here before. Don't assume you know someone based on what or how they post on the internet. I'll bet I'm more humble than anyone else in the world!)

Anonymous said...

I have heard the song! Johnny had a version and many others. A Country-Western Standard!

"GhostWriters In Their Lies"

Also, I take it TordWord you are making more money that McClellan. Way to go! Are you giving a share to Veterans like McClellan is going to do with his big profits? Well, Bravo to you! You are a Compassinate Conservative! I don't care what anybody else on this blog says, you are OK!

wordkyle said...

607 - My compliments, you were this close to being original. Keep trying!

And no, I'm not making as much as McClellan. He's plugged into the big-money Liberal propaganda machine. (aka "Soros money")

Thanks again for the nice compliments, and keep reaching for the stars! You'll get the hang of this whole "writing" thing some day!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Giving a share of your writing money to Vets, yes or no?

wordkyle said...

913 - Silly rabbit. This is the internet. I could tell you anything. Think what you will.

The bigger question is, Why are Liberals concerned with what other people do with their money?

Suffice to say, I'm confident that Liberals/Democrats want to reduce the take-home pay of anyone who works for a living. If you're just going to steal it, what does it matter what I have in my pocket?

Anonymous said...

That is right wordkyle. This is the internet, and you could tell anything. Whether it is true or not. So you don't support the Troops, we all know now.
That "original" comment you made, coming from a Right Wing Nutball Radio Echo Chamber, is really pretty funny. Thanks for the laughs.
At least McClellan supports the troops, and is giving part of his earnings on his truth revealling book to American Military Families.

wordkyle said...

Wow, the things that you "know" are, well, amazing. Especially what you "know" about me -- brilliant! Unfortunately for you, I'm not the one running for President.

What original comments were you referring to? Obama's ability to deliver words written by someone else, compared to his inability to articulate ideas when on his own? That's kind of apparent to anyone who listens -- which I have.

Or is it the Republican ineptitude in setting up legitimate townhall debates? That is very clear to anyone who watches those debates - which I have.

What few concrete policy ideas Obama has actually put out there are simply rehashes of standard Democrat rhetoric of the last forty years. Nothing new at all. I heard Jimmy Carter say the same things in 1976.

Obama runs as a "unifier," but nowhere in his history is there any evidence he unified anything. He writes at length in his book about his hostility toward white people. He unified the Democrat party -- if you can call it unified -- by defeating Hillary Clinton. Liberal definition of unifying (aka bipartisanism): "Capitulate completely and say you agree with me." Sort of a Borg philosophy.

I guess thinking about somebody supporting Obama might be good for a laugh -- maybe an aw shucks, scuff your toe in the dirt, sheepish kind of laugh.

A better laugh: press an Obama supporter for reasons they support him.
What has he ever done?
"Well..HOPE!...and, and, and CHANGE!"
Did you know that he wants Americans to pay a new tax to the United Nations?
"Erk....BUSH'S FAULT!"

Now that's entertainment!

Anonymous said...

I was talking about the verbatim writings that you post hear, and I have already heard them on talk radio. You brought up Obama, not me. Rush will probably vote for Obama, cause he knows where his bread and butter comes from. Oh, and i guess obama would be as good as unifying as Bush.

wordkyle said...

Hate to disappoint you, but you likely listen to more talk radio than I do.

FWIW, I have an interest in communication, and I noticed last year that there was a huge dropoff in Obama's communicating ability from a prepared speech to extemporaneous. That's normal for anyone, but it jumped out at me with him.

Want analysis? With prepared text Obama uses grand themes (hope and change, e.g.) and a preacher's singsong rhythm. He deepens his voice to sound more authoratitve.

Responding to questions he is much more hesitant, moreso than many (if not most) other politicians on the national scene. His themes are much more a mundane repetition of standard Democrat talking points. Thus my opinion that he is nothing new. His voice is tight and higher-pitched.

Keep listening to Conservative talk radio, maybe you'll learn something.

Anonymous said...

I plan to keep listening to Right Wing nuts Radio. Here agin, I was not talking anything about Obama this or Obama that. I plan to keep listening because it is a Conservative/Repubican Trait not to listen to anything that varies from what Conservative want to hear. I suppose they are afraid they might have a change of mind on some ideas, and their families and friends would make fun of them.

Anonymous said...

MasterBtr Kyle, you can't type on your keyboard, if you just keep stroking it.