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Did I Miss This?

A guy jumped off of 287 in Fort Worth onto I-30 last Friday. Was this on the news this weekend? (And it's a crazy story, by the way.)

That's a Google Street View pic of I-30 with the 287 overpass.


Starr said...

Wonder how long until Google Street View catches something really awful like that as it happens? I shudder to think how fast something like that would make it around the internets.

Anonymous said... is it possible for someone like this to be released only 5 days after trying to abduct a 14 year old girl??? You know what would have happened if she wouldn't have succeeded in fighting him off. He was most likely after his next victim. What kind of judge would have allowed this to take place?? Please add your thoughts on what might have transpired.

Anonymous said...

Were drugs or alcohol involved?

Anonymous said...

While I've enjoyed the blog for years, I often wonder "when does he find the time?"

Can you say "billable hours?"

Clients, scrutinze your statements!