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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm predicting Tony Romo's pinkie isn't healed and trouble is a-coming on Sunday night
  • With the decision yesterday by newly crowned king Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson to take $250 billion of the bailout package and buy bank stock (instead of the bad mortgages), the U.S. Government is officially in the banking business.
  • Isn't it a matter of time that a new cabinet position is created to manage all the new stuff that the government owns?
  • Reminded of this by listening to the radio this morning: I once, about 20 years ago, drove away from a convenience store in east Fort Worth with the gas nozzle still connected to my car. Ripped it completely off. I sheepishly went in an told the clerk who had a very confused look on his face.
  • The next day, a jokester in the law firm where I worked heard about what had happened. We were in the break room together when he turned to me and said, "Did you hear about the gas pump exploding last night at that convenience store? Something went wrong with it!" My heart sank for a second.
  • I've decided it's harder to jog on a treadmill than it is outside but that outside jogging is a better workout. Odd.
  • With oil falling to $56 a barrel yesterday, I wonder if the oil and gas bust that we've feared is around the corner.
  • Great invention: Female 'boy shorts."
  • Saw part of Top Gun last night. That movie may have more cheesy lines than any others.
  • The Messenger printed a list of all of the scores of the Bridgeport/Decatur game over the years. For the lifelong county residents, it's weird how you can go back and find the score of the first game you can remember. But all games before that are just part of a murky history that you don't care that much about.
  • Real history is the same way to me. I remember the Vietnam War, the Iran Hostage Crisis, and man walking on the moon. But the JFK assassination, Pearl Harbor, and the Cuban Missile Crisis are all part of a different kind of "history" to me.
  • I didn't watch the CMA's last night but did Brooks & Dunn win best duo for the 30th year in a row?
  • I'd be a little scared to buy something off Craig's List. Meet women, yes. Buy something, no.
  • Saw gas for $1.89 yesterday in Fort Worth. I would have never believed it three months ago.
  • I get sucked in every time I see the movie Desperado on HBO and Salma Hayek was smoking hot in it.
  • Sarah Palin won't stop talking.
Edit: Two I thought about last night but forgot about this morning.
  • Audio (mp3) of the oral arguments before the Texas Supreme Court two weeks ago in the Hughes wrongful death case out of Paradise. I can't say it's riveting but I did stick around long enough to hear the Supreme Court justice ask the lawyer what was the racial makeup of Wise County. The lawyer, who I don't know, said we were basically a "bedroom community" of the metroplex.
  • Jacksboro "Teens In The Driver Seat". I have no idea what it means, but the person that emailed me the link referred to me as "Mr. Green" so I'm posting it.