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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I think fog is cool. Dangerous, but cool.
  • Could Judge Elizabeth Berry's mugshot have been posted in more places? Ugh. But ya got appreciate any lady over 40 who'll sport the pigtails.
  • And the fact that Judge Berry was caught up in one of those "we're the government and we're going to take your blood by force" programs will just draw more attention to the arrest. (Just heard them discussing the case on The Ticket --- brutal.)
  • And if I hear one more person say "it's illegal to drink and drive" it might drive myself to drink. No, that's not illegal. It's illegal to drink, become intoxicated, and then drive. Edit: Obviously not taking about Class C "open container" violations. Talking about DWI.
  • The Dallas Mavericks are 2-5. Yeah, it's early but I think their window has closed.
  • I bet I heard that Oklahoma State coach's rant of "I'm a man. I'm 40" ten times last weekend. And I laughed every time. (I even had a text message from an unrecognized number with that quote.)
  • Another thing that drives me nuts. I get a message. I return the call. Voicemail picks up. I leave a message. And then as soon as I hang up that person has called me back without listening to the message.
  • Yeah, I know the "fellowship churches" try to put forth the image of being "cutting edge" but that "Seven Days of Sex" promotion put on by the Grapevine [Mega] Fellowship Church" is a little much. Won't little Junior turn to mom and dad during the service and say, "What's sex?"
  • Local Blogger News #1: One of our assistant DA's calls the Denton elected DA a "tool", "coward", and a "weasel."
  • Local Blogger News #2: The House of R&R gives up blogging forever but brings it right back up. I think Anobiter did that once too. They can't follow a 10 Step Program.
  • Local Blogger News #3: "R" Rated Silicone Alley has learned to take a pic and post it directly to Twitter. But she's tricked it up even more by drawing cartoons -- pretty funny cartoons. Here are examples of when she was about to have a snack and kill a fly.