Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was some kind of wreck that had 287 just south of Decatur at a stand still this morning. I'm not sure what happened but I saw firefighters washing down the highway. Maybe it just needed a good cleaning
  • I've got Michael Phelps burnout. And this point was made on The Ticket this morning: What other Olympic sport gives you the opportunity to win that many medals? Jason Kidd, who is on the basketball team, can win just one.
  • Is "retarded" a bad word?
  • Man, that silly civil assault trial involving Joel Osteen's wife is still going on. That jury is going to pour the Plaintiff out for Time Wasting alone.
  • I meant to see "Pineapple Express" last weekend but didn't get around to it
  • Meanest man alive's final words before he was executed last night: “I love all y’all, I forgive all y’all,” he said from his death bed, a white sheet pulled up to his chest. “See you when you get there. Do what you gonna do.”
  • When you strip all the junk out of the big Sunday paper, it's not much larger than the weekday version
  • Watched a crew put on a new roof on my neighbor's house this weekend. That has to be one of the worst job in the world. Behind movers.
  • Don't ask me why, but I stuck my hand in a moving washing machine last night. Note to self: Don't do that ever again.
  • That crazy Ranger game last night was some bad baseball. Get prepared for a Rangers free fall (that no one will notice.)
  • Football thought: Superbowl ring or not, I think Eli Manning is a spare. Random college football thought: Baylor's freshman quarterback Robert Griffin, who has never played a down of college ball, is the best Baylor player in twenty years.
  • Crickets are everywhere in the courthouse - it's like a horror movie. And this annual plague has just begun.
  • I was in Ponder, Texas for the first time in my life two weekends ago.
  • There are a ton of dead lawns on College Street in Decatur. Lots of Give Up Syndrome going on.
  • The Update today announced funerals for these ages: 51, 40 and 45.
  • Texas Tech has broken a school record for season tickets with 41,173, and has sold at least 43,000 tickets for each of its seven 2008 home games.
  • There has to be at least one person in America that thinks our Georgia has been invaded by the Ruskies.