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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Weird thing last night. Got up. Went to bathroom. Looked at self in mirror. Conclusion: Due to the way I slept on my hair, combined with some grey, I looked a little like Robert Tilton.
  • Did you the Fox 4 interview with the "meth guy" who threw his baby out of an attic into some bushes? (Baby is fine, by the way.) I normally take the position that a lot of people blame drugs for their screw-ups when they would be a screw-up even if they weren't on drugs. He didn't make me change my mind.
  • Michael Phelps is amazing. But isn't it odd, in all seriousness, that we wildly celebrate a guy whose contribution to this world is that he can swim fast?
  • The Dallas Police Department has 700 patrol cars but last week 210 are out of service for repairs or upgrades. (Heard it on the radio.)
  • I signed up for the NFL Season Ticket on DirecTV four years ago. Every year they automatically start billing me for it. Every year I don't stop them.
  • I finished season one of The Wire. Great stuff. But every single loose end was all wrapped up. I guess it'll be like 24 which starts out with a completely new story line every season.
  • I watched Open Water for the second time last weekend. Cheaply made, big time tension. and with an ending that didn't exactly make it the "feel good" movie of the year.
  • The last three bullet points started with "I".
  • The Ticket said that the Cowboy's preseason game on Saturday had a higher share of ratings in San Antonio than in Dallas.
  • Had to listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd when I made a call to someone's cell phone yesterday.
  • I wish we had "bullet trains" in the U.S.
  • The U.S. Men's basketball team is playing Angola in the Olympics right now. Is there anyone reading this that could pick out Angola on a map? Really?
  • Generic complaints about "those out of touch crooks in Congress" give me Tired Head.
  • The Rangers have absolutely no chance of winning the wild card slot (6 1/2 games back with three teams in front of them.)
  • Water polo looks hard. (But Yahoo apparently documented an incident where a female water polo player exposed a little too much. Deadspin covered it, so to speak, here. Careful.)
  • The morning skies around here at dawn are really beautiful
  • I always put my socks on before my pants. It creeps me out to put a bare foot through the inside of my pants leg.
  • What people refer to as "the meanest man" on death row says he won't go quietly tonight when his execution is scheduled. (And one guy on the radio this morning raised the interesting question of why do we give a death row inmate an elaborate "last meal.")
  • My last meal would be a Big Mac, Popcorn Shrimp, and Canadian Bacon pizza. But I'm pretty sure my stomach would be a tad bit too upset to eat it.
  • Ozzfest was in Frisco last weekend. I was never, even for a moment, interested in heavy metal. And I can't think of a worse experience than going to an outdoor metal concert in August in Texas.
  • My cruise control works for two weeks and then stops working for two weeks. Really weird.