An Early Power Down Moment

So I'm at a stop sign this morning with a car beside me going in the same direction. It pulls out a little too quickly not realizing that a car traveling left to right in front of us had the right of way. No big deal. The car that had the right of way probably had to slow down for two seconds (if that long) to make sure there was no collision. The car beside me hit its brakes (softly and safely) immediately upon realizing the mistake. All's good. Let's go take on the day. Then the car that had been delayed ever so slightly passed by in front of us with the rear passenger flashing the angriest obscene gesture I've seen in a while. And not just with one finger. He did the unfake double handed gesture for emphasis. Sheesh. At that moment I had the life force sucked out of me. And it was before 7:00 a.m. in the morning.