Beer At Six Flags

WBAP's Mark Davis was discussing the proposal to have beer sold at Six Flags when he took a call from a guy who opposed the idea (although he had a redneck accent that would lead one to believe he would be very pro-Coors Light.) But this part was pretty funny. He said, "You know why they're doing it? They want all those drunks coming out of the new Cowboys' stadium after a game to come over and get drunk at Six Flags, too" Davis respectfully disagreed aptly pointing out that there would be no bigger beating than going to a Cowboy game and Six Flags in the same day. But the caller, who had said that "If you can't have fun at Six Flags without a beer then you probably need to go to AA", also want to add one more point. ("Go ahead, you're on a roll, said Davis"): "And if you are going to AA meetings, I've got some advice. You might not want to go to those that are held at Fantasy Ranch." Just kind of stopped me down. (But I think I ended up more entertained searching for old Six Flags photos. Anybody remember Skull Island (pic above)? More here -- And the "Execution Of A Yankee Spy" street show looks like great fun for the kids.)