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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I still can't get over the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Probably more impressive than the drum part (mentioned below) was what I can only describe as the bouncing-boxes-with-people-inside-them part. (You had to see it to believe it.)
  • I fear a war with China. They look too disciplined.
  • Every time you see people on TV having "fun" in the water they tend to be splashing one another when, in reality, being splashed is no fun at all.
  • That Russian invasion of Georgia is a little unnerving. Other than that, I don't know much about it.
  • I shave in the shower without a mirror.
  • How in the world did John Edwards think he could keep his affair a secret in this day and time? And the National Enquirer, despite its reputation, breaks big stories all the time.
  • And worse than Edwards, did you see that Dallas personal injury lawyer Fred Baron (who made his fortune in the very seedy world of asbestos litigation) paid to relocate the woman with whom Edwards was having an affair? (Another side note on Baron: He's suing his own son.)
  • I jogged outside on Saturday morning and had to stop due to the heat. I don't recall every having to do that before.
  • There is no bigger time waste than an NFL pre-season game
  • President Bush getting his picture taken with the Olympic women's volleyball players was pretty funny.
  • I feel guilty for liking America's Funniest Home Videos.
  • I had my recurring "school dream" this weekend. Can't find my classes. Can't find schedule. When I do, I realize that I have final exams for the classes that I haven't been to all semester.
  • I got lucky and saw the U.S. Men's incredible win in the 4 X 100 meters swimming even last night. It's being universally called "the best relay race ever." Edit: You can watch the incredible last leg here. (Thanks emailer.)
  • Bernie Mack dead. I'm not sure I really watched much of his work.
  • Issac Hayes dead. This fact that got my attention: "His wife found him unconscious next to a moving treadmill." As an avid treadmill user, let me say: "Eeeeeek."
  • I feel kind of fat this morning.
  • From a Letter to the Editor in a Star Telegram: "Jury duty is a formal procedure. Don’t come in shorts and a T-shirt. More appropriate is a shirt with a collar and slacks for men and a nice dress or pants and blouse for ladies. Proper attire shows respect for the law and respect when serving our legal system." Uh, is the person that would normally dress like a slob for jury duty truly going to change based upon this letter?
  • Award for craziest picture alongside a random news story in Austin. (Credit.)
  • I'm about six chapters in The Shack. Man, it's a tear jerker. Didn't expect that.