Flashback Of Limited Interest To Most

I don't know why I thought about Falls Creek today - a church camp in the "mountains" of Davis, Oklahoma that I used to go to as a kid. The trips were sponsored by First Baptist of Bridgeport, and I think the cost for the entire week was $20. I haven't been there is 30 years - a fact that is both amazing and frightening at the same time. But I did some looking on The Google and came up with the above picture. I kind of gasped when I saw it due to the incoming flood of memories. (I also found pictures of a "new tabernacle" which made me laugh because somehow I thought it would be exactly the way I left it.) There are handful of people that visit this silly blog that will have instant flashbacks like I did. I think we all share a bond which, I now realize, will never go away. Good times. No, make that great times.