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Yes, I Love Technology. But Not As Much As You, You See

This is a little tricky to explain, but I shall try. The Star Telegram is experimenting with some type of program that automatically pulls out "key words" from every story and then lumps them out to the side as "tags". From there, just hover over one the tags and get links to "related stories."

See how well this works? That guy in the picture fled an angry mob by running into the PrimaVera apartments. Now I learn, through the magic of tags and hovering, that "Campania Pizza makes a great impression." And it gets better. Since the guy's name is "Craft" the word "crafts" becomes a tag. Hover over it and get a link to "cookbook" by "the stars." I was thinking about cookbooks when I read how this guy set fire to the PrimaVera apartments in order to escape said angry mob.

See for yourself.