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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- Largest correction ad I've ever seen in today's edition of the Messenger after a $7,000 error in price for a pickup for sale at Karl Klement. Look for it.
- I think the are more cops around today than ever before. All over the highways. All over the towns. All over the water.
- Watched a little of the Tampa Bay/Rangers game last night. Man, there is nobody at that ballpark.
- Saw the mother of the nine year old girl who was dragged to death by a horse on Fox 4 last night. She was very calm. Never have understood people that can do that - I don't think less of them - just don't understand them.
- Fox 4's Clarice Tinsley referred to the Wii Fit (pronounced "wee") as the Why Fit last night. I'm absolutely certain she had no idea that she made a mistake.
- If Back To The Future were released for this summer, Michael J. Fox would travel back to 1978,
- Didn't get to excited about the death of Sydney Pollack. I remember him from Eyes Wide Shut but not much else.
- There will be protesters at the Exxon Shareholder's Meeting in Dallas today. That, I'm sure, will bring the prices down.
- There's some Dallas lawyer on The Bachelorette right now. He either resigned or got laid off from his Dallas silk suit job before taking the challenge. But I don't watch the show because it isn't as sophisticated as The Flava Of Love.
- There's a capital murder trial going on in Dallas where a guy killed a cop after a police chase. Looks like the cop was banging on the guys window when a bullet comes from the car killing him. Some news reports have said, "Defense attorneys were able to get his partner to admit that the officer should not have rushed the car." Good luck with all that.
- The Rangers Josh Hamilton is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. And he hit a grand slam last night. Of course, he should be in jail for violating "our" drug laws in the past. Right? Edit: The story is here and it is supposed to be fascinating.
- I can't find anyone who likes those crazy Sonic guys-in-the-car ads as much as I do.
- I'd vote for any Presidential candidate who would promise to cut the federal budget by 33% simply by eliminating government waste. That certainly could be done with needless employee reductions.
- I've never read the Federalist Paper but #45 was trashed a long time ago: "The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite." But no one cares.
- While I listen to less and less radio, I still jump over to WBAP in the morning to catch the news every now and then. But their comedy bits are awful. This morning: "Gas prices are higher than Cheech at a Willie Nelson concert." Triple grown.
- Some lady is rowing across the Pacific in a tricked up row boat. She keeps a blog (somehow) and has a tracking map of her journey here.


Anonymous said...

FYI-Sydney Pollack was voted in the Trifecta on the Hardline yesterday

"the hammer "

rov said...

BG.....I LOVE the Sonic commercials!!! Saw one this morning, made me laugh really hard!!! The chipolte sauce one, toooo freaking funny!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the Sonic commercial with the guy and his wife and she makes a comment about her mustache...Great commercial!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Back to the Future.....this is 2008.......Where are all the flying cars?

Mr. Fusion (which fuels cars with old milk cartons, used beer cans and other waste, etc.) would be nice right about now!

Silicone Alley said...

I love the wife and husband commercials, they remind me of Mr. Alley and me.

Anonymous said...

I watched Eyes Wide Shut a while back. Tom Cruise looked absolutely,positively 100% GAY while making out with Nicole Kidman! How is that possible?

Anonymous said...

Nice observation BG. Definitley more cops on the road but did you know there are fewer and fewer jailers watching over those growing arrest rates. That's why there are so many problems with these confinement facilitys. Lack of training, underpaid, overworked and underappreiciated employees anywhere in bussiness leads to wrong doing. The only one's that really care are the families of these inmates, because thier not getting the treatment the law demands. Then the lawsuits for lack of care brings us back to BG being able to live comfortably in his modest lifestyle. Thanks for you observation BG.
Retired CO

Anonymous said...

Triple home grown.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of the Sonic boys! The one last year about the free rootbeer floats is freaking funny!

Anonymous said...

Few things in this world can make my head want to explode like Flava Of Love.God,I weep for the species.

shu said...

Barry, you and my sister (zooboomafoo) should go on a date. she loves those sonic guy commercials as well. haha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


my favorite is the one with the two girls..."fries with that shake?" "yeah, lets get some fries"