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Random Post Holiday Thoughts

- Odd sight this morning: A nice bus pulled off to the side on 287 outside of Decatur with about 20 teenagers hanging out under a railroad bridge.
-A site that has recorded what every website has looked like over the last 10 years or so.
- Ralph Hardy's father was said to be a lawyer. Ralph Sr.?
- Four new names were placed on the Vietnam War Memorial yesterday (per ABC World News Tonight.) Not exactly sure how that works.
- Palo Pinto deputy shot and killed a man over the weekend. Taser probably would have been a better idea. Three gunshots may not have been necessary.
- I've never been to Black Creek Lake in Wise County but was surprised to learn there are no paved roads leading to it.
- I've begun using my debit card for convenience store purchases.
- Could it have been any more humid yesterday? And an emailer sent me a pic of this "panting" baby bird.
- I might have been a little hard on Colonial. Didn't realize 5 of the top 10 players were in the tournament. But, despite an amazing finish, seeing that guy jump in the water on 18 might have been the best part, but the broadcast didn't even acknowledge it.
- Ted Kennedy needs to take it easy. He was out on his boat again over the weekend.
- The "new" tradition of pausing for one minute at 3:00 p.m. on Memorial Day to remember the dead is a great idea which has been slow to catch on.
- I saw a blurb about it on some local news channel but nothing since: Over the weekend a guy landed a small plane on I-35 near the speedway. He was having health issues and took the plane down - safely.
- Horrible story over the weekend: The 9 year old that was dragged (for over a mile and a half) to her death by a horse in Benbrook. But it was strange to learn she had stopped at a convenience store before the incident to get a coke. But what adorable eyes she had.
- The very odd and dark had a "speedo man" posting this week. (Thanks emailer.)
- Being a boat owner for 10 years, I can say this about days like yesterday: A holiday coupled with high winds is a beating.
- When did the Tampa Bay Devil Rays become the Tampa Bay Rays?
- Finished watching The Fountainhead. Silliest. Movie. Ever. Next in my Netflix stack is There Will Be Blood and The Savages.
- No one really gets excited about the Texas Lottery anymore.
- The Texas/OU football game has been moved up to 11:00 a.m. I like that. I've only been to the game twice. One was a Texas blowout but the other was the OU victory when Roy Williams caused a Chris Simms interception at the goal line. That was a scene. Edit: And I just learned that OU will play in the Cotton Bowl Classic on January 2nd. Wait. Really?
- Google doesn't trick up its logo for Memorial Day but others have suggestions.