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Out Of Pocket

I'm out of pocket most of today as I'm up before dawn to help referee the above fund raising activity. Gotta keep those cops in line.

Edit: Observations . . .

- It lasted from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. (Non-stop with no lunch break. Kill me.)
- The tournament was made up of 4 teams with only one being comprised of cops (and only partially at that.)
- It was more of an all-star game of Wise County high school players over the last 10 years.
- And some of those guys were great.
- How's this for crazy. The four teams played a round robin (each team plays the other.) And they used that to determine the 1 through 4 seeding for the championship tournament. So the final two teams played five games (of 40 minutes in duration.)
- The defenses and offenses were very sophisticated (all because of the creation of 7 on 7 summer play for high schoolers. Whatever happened to "go about 10 yards and cut across" or "just get open"?)
- I screwed up a couple of calls. Officiating is hard.
- I told my friends/officials that the key was to make any call "quickly and forcefully." Hey, act like you are a 100% convinced and you'll convince others. They looked at me like I was nuts.
- Former Decatur high school star Cheyenne Redwine broke his arm. I didn't go look at it after a group huddle around him and yelled, "Oh, my god!" The last I saw of him he was being treated by EMTs.
- After the game resumed, one of his Decatur teammates yelled, "Let's win this one for him!" A quick response from another teammate was, "Dude, he's not dead." Funny. Very funny.
- I blew a whistle too quickly on a play which prompted some guy to yell at me. Loudly. I said, "It's an inadvertent whistle. Get off my back." Another player came up to me and said, "Don't worry about that *&^%&, he's from Bridgeport any way . . . [insert awkward pause] . . . uh, are you from Bridgeport?"
- By the way, cussing was a big player. It was F Bomb Central.
- The championship game came down to both teams firing passes into the end zone in the final couple of minutes. I was the back judge with the primary responsibility of ruling on interference and catch/drop. That was not fun.
- The final play came with two seconds left with the offense spending a very long time in the huddle. One lady on the sideline yelled, "There are only two seconds left! How much time do you need to come up with a play?" Maybe the most confusing yell ever.
- Most shocking comment I heard from a fan: "At least [our star player] has a college degree. [The other team's star] was just picked up off the street."


House of R & R said...

I can't believe they would ask you to help them. You know nothing about sports. ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck, man!! Be the "whistle-blower" on any untoward behavior! Hope they raise a lot of money with a minimum of casualties!

Anonymous said...

Y'all picked a great day. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Barry, knows quite a bit about sports plus i'll have you know Barry did a very good job. Like his legal work, he was very organized and everyone knew where they stood.

RPM said...

Referee? Were you nuts?

I umpired Little League one year (ONE!!!). Let me just say it was the most uncomfortable experience I've ever had in Wise County, and that's saying something.

Possibly the worst part was being raked over the coals on a call by Coach Steven Wren. Yeah, the same one. How do you argue with a trial attorney?

Poorly, that's how.

Anonymous said...

Barry, I hope you were a home boy and yelled for the Bridgeport #*&^% all stars.

Anonymous said...

Is it not amazing to everyone how upset people can get about a fund-raising ballgame? In Jacksboro there's a basketball tournament for fund-raising....and it has almost come to blows! Oh my!....well it is slightly!

Anonymous said...

Your comments about your experience at this tourney are the kinds of things you would share with a spouse or a good friend - funny, self-revealing, intimate, & honest - sometimes brutally so. But here you are sharing these thoughts with the World Wide Web - all ga-zillion of us, many that know you personally &/or professionally. I couldn't do that - I won't even post under a pseudonym, much less my real name.
I think that is one of the things that makes this blog so popular and fun to read. It's quite charming, actually.
My hat's off to you.


Anonymous said...

Whole bunch of good ole boys playing grab ass. No wonder Barry agreed to show up.

Anonymous said...

Some people are so damn mushy

Anonymous said...

i'm laughing soo hard @ this post... thnx