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Ric Williamson Has Died

I really don't know much about the former Texas legislator, 55, that represented Wise County other than everyone thinks he was a good guy.

That's not a bad way to be remembered.


Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity of working with Ric several times he was a class act regardless of what you thought of his of his opponents set up a derogatory web site some time back I have spoken with the webmaster and ask out of respect for the Williamson family that he take it down he refused and gave the excuse that Ric was a public official the only persons being hurt by the website now are the family if you agree with me give the webmaster a call he can be reached at
BG if this is over the top you won't hurt my feelings if you take it down

Anonymous said...

bg he has edited his comments on the website please remove my earlier post no need to draw any unecessary attention to this idiot I'll give you a call

Sal Costello said...

Anonymous is talking about

I feel for his family. But be honest, the rest of our families will be better off without Ric Williamson leading the charge to place the highest toll rate possible on our already paid for freeways.

Sal "The Muckraker" Costello

Anonymous said...

Why is it that sometimes on this blog there is a sentiment to temper or block comments regarding the fate or situation of certain people out of "respect for friends or family". Doesn't everyone we discuss have friends and family? Yet we'll hammer away at someone else in an equally dire or fatal circumstance. It's OK to upset some folks and not others?

goober said...

No reflection on Ric the person, but let's hope this Trans Texas Corridore(sp?) idea goes to the grave with him. He was eyeballs deep in the concept of taking a persons land @ depressed values (eminent domain) for this stupid idea.

Anonymous said...

What ever happen to rest in peace.
God Bless his family in what must be a very sad time.

St. Peter said...

"...everyone thinks he was a good guy."

Apparently not everyone...

Jesus, at least wait till the guy is in the ground before bashing him or his career/policies you no class mofos.


mzchief said...

More people than I originally thought MUST have been raised by wolves.

The reason DECENT people are encouraged to NOT speak ill of the dead is because the dead are unable to defend themselves against any unkind remarks and accusations. Another reason and perhaps MORE humane is that the GRIEVING family should not be put in a position to defend their DEAD loved one. MOST people would believe that an individual DYING would put an END to the need for ANY recriminations or grudges being held by people who believe they were wronged by the DEAD person. Most people are familiar with the action involving the term...Let it go!

As for speaking ill of the living, it is NEVER a good idea to speak ill of an ABSENT third party, with the exception of public figures. However, just because some living cretin has family is NO reason to refrain from pointing out the cretin's short-comings.

Incidentally, I do believe the Trans Texas Corridor is ANOTHER bone headed, governmental heavy handed means by which to deprive U.S. citizens the RIGHT to control their own property and a COLOSSAL cluster fragging of individual rights and U.S. sovereignty over trade and who enters the U.S.

Anonymous said...

I had some dealings with Ric through the years; actually first met him just before he was first sent to Austin. Sometimes agreed with his politics, sometimes didn't. In my experience, he was always willing to step up to the plate and state his position and his reasons, which is all you can ask of any politian, and more than you get from most.

He was a good guy. I liked him. Rest in Peace.

RPM said...

My first ever on-air political interview was with Ric at the old KWCS studios. Nobody bothered to tell me he was scheduled so I didn't have a clue when he walked in and sat down. I was the proverbial deer in the headlights scrambling to be coherent for a 30 minute segment with zero prep.

About all I can remember is how awkward it was and how much smoke he got out of his pipe in that small studio.