The Campaign For DA


These Girls Want To Remind You . . .

- There is no chance of a tiger escaping from that sanctuary in Boyd. But we need some media coverage to confirm it.
- Call 911 and ask, "Is this call really being routed to Bridgeport? Eeewwwww."
- "Freezing fog" can't touch you this morning
- Tonight is the last game of the year for The Evil Empire (and the 1st hasn't even arrived yet)
- Some important lady in Pakistan just got killed. Chaos ensues. Some local convenience stores may have spotty service today.
- That NFL game between New England and the Giants will be broadcast simultaneously on Saturday night on the NFL Network, NBC, and CBS. But these girls will be watching a Rock Of Love marathon. And it will be more entertaining.
- They are all potentially better wives than that lady in the Lexus commercial who hangs up on her husband right before he gives her a new car