The Campaign For DA


A Discovery

Found a new, to me at least, Mexican restaurant call Oscar's located in a place I'd never expect to find: South of 820 in Fort Worth off 377.

- The main dining area was really nice.
- One of the side rooms, where I ended up eating, not so nice. The Christmas tree that had been tossed aside and was leaning against the wall was not a nice touch.
- Food was good. Salsa mucho good. Me loves me some salsa.
- They had "live entertainment" in the main dining area that I could have done without. I don't want to hear some guy sing "Margaritaville" during a meal. Heck, I don't ever want to hear any version of "Margaritaville" at any time.
- The outdoor dining area looks like it would be great when it's not freezing.
- Huge parking area.
- In the bar area, there were two huge screens that were showing a college football bowl game. TCU, which was playing at that moment, did not appear on either one of them.
- My waiter looked like a Hispanic A.C. Slater from "Saved By The Bell."