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Bridgeport PD Becomes NORAD

Channel 5 News just reported that 911 service for Wise County "went down" yesterday afternoon and that all calls are being funneled through Bridgeport.

WCSO released this yesterday:

Wise County 911 service went down about 2:00p.m. today. Immediately the emergency service was transferred to Bridgeport Police Department, so that all 911 calls would be answered. Communications Supervisor Susan Gomez worked throughout the day with Sprint to locate the cause of the problem. As of tonight, 911 service at the County has not been restored. It will possibly be Friday before Sprint can repair a failing part in the computer system.

911 Service is WORKING and will be answered in Bridgeport. Please do not be alarmed if you call 911 and it is answered "BRIDGEPORT 911." Other than Decatur Police Department, Bridgeport will answer all County 911 calls until the service can be repaired.

We do not wish to alarm anyone and will respond to all 911 calls. The only difference is where the calls are being answered.