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At Least I Didn't Hear, "Come With Me, Sir."

I walked in and out of Macy's at Northeast mall a couple of times yesterday after making a clothing purchase. I noticed the security alarm seemed to correspond with my entry/exit but didn't think much about. At least until I pulled out the purchase today and noticed the security doohickey was still attached. (Yeah, I paid for the clothes - don't get the search warrant.)

But I didn't really experience the joy of Christmas Eve a moment ago as I tried to remove thing. Sheesh. I finally had to take a hammer to dang thing. (Above.)


Anonymous said...

your LUCKY ink did not explode all over you or your precious item(i guess not so precious if you used a hammer)

You know it would have made EVERONES christmas if ink would have exploded all over your face and you posted a picture of it ;)

Anonymous said...

You are lucky there wasn't ink in it, that would have really ruined your Christmas Eve.

Anonymous said...

I know that banks have exploding ink cartridges, but is it in these transmitters also? Inquiring minds NEED to know!.......... Is this some type of mechanical squid we're talking about here????

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be really bad if it had a GPS locater in it? Just a thought.......Do you know any good attorneys? Just make sure you carry the receipt with you. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

This has happened to me, too. However, I realized at the door they hadn't removed the clip. I walked back thru the door - again setting off the alarm and both times no one responded to the sounds. I like the GPS idea - then send the cops out to retrieve the items with guns drawn.