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Things I Care About . . .

. . . that most people don't.

Today, Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick was indicted in federal court for taking part in dog fighting.

One thing that makes me shake my head is that the federal government, through the office of the U.S. Attorney, has filed the charges. Not the State of Georgia, not some county in Georgia, the United States of America is using your resources to prosecute this case. (Uh, fellas in the U.S. Attorney's office, you've got a bunch of guys down in Guantanamo Bay that need to be prosecuted (maybe). And you're wasting your time on this?)

It's a local matter. If Vick did something wrong let the local County Attorney or District Attorney file charges. But federal? Please.

Edit: Since the "dog pile" is beginning in the comments, let me clarify. The federal government may be able to legitimately stretch the meaning of "interstate commerce" to gain jurisdiction, I'm just saying that you would never (practically) have seen this type of federal prosecution 10 years ago.