The Campaign For DA



- Is there just one set of "Rhome apartments"?
- Who complained?
- And the complaint was made to whom?
- Who is responsible for fixing the problem
- Why is there no heat?
- Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?


Anonymous said...

only one set of apartments in rhome , there was a gas leak in the complex in the early part of last week and the managers decided to shut off the gas and make the repairs the next day, i guess that didint happen, some one needs to call the news they will get it done.

AnObiter said...

I shook my head, laughing, at the Pete Rose strike. Very funny....Barry had lots of coffee this morning. Or, caught a major Joe Duty happy-pic on the way to work.

inquiring minds want to know said...

Thats one way to get it fixed--BUT WHO decides what runs in the index and did it cost $$ to get it listed??

So I need to list this...when the water people come around testing our water(Bport) and they take my freaken faucet cover off would they PLEASE be respectful enough to put it back on....GOOOSH!! I mean I have it on there for a reason and if I wanted it off I would take it off myself..SHEAT!!