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Doggin' Delayed Is Doggin' Denied

So what if it took me until tonight to read the Opinion section of the Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning News. But the always boring editorial section decided to dog our State Rep. Phil King. It's worth repeating. Why? Because it's Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Clearly a liberaly slanted editorial. Case in point. (And businesses already pay most of our state's sales taxes.) If you believe this, I have some ocean front property in Amarillo I will sell you real cheap. Here is the straight skinny for liberal weenies that believe this crap. Businesses COLLECT most of our state's sales taxes. If you buy their products or services, the tax that they have to pay is included in the price you have to pay. If their taxes go up, guess what? So does the price of the goods or services. You can thank me later for the lesson in economics 101.

Anonymous said...

10:28, you might want to enroll in economics 102. Businesses do pay most of the sales taxes in Texas. They purchase goods and services upon which they have to pay sales taxes. Go ask someone who builds a restaurant and then operates it about sales taxes. Go ask a corporation that buys a couple thousand computers to set up its offices in Texas about sales taxes. These are the same businesses, by the way, that hand out paychecks that make it possible for individuals to be able to buy taxable items in the first place. And around it goes.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash 10:28 -
1) Editorials are opinions, so of course they are trying to convince you of something - just like we do here so often.
2) Dallas Morning News editorials usually have a conservative slant - I can't recall them ever endorsing a Democrat for president & they are big supporters of Ric Perry.
3) Go find an economics text & you will find that a sales tax is a regressive tax - it takes more from the poor than the rich. - You fail Econ. 101.

Anonymous said...

Barry, did you just have to call King "our" state representative?

We know who he really represents.


Anonymous said...

So, what is your brilliant solution? Certainly not for the Government or Schools to spend less money?

Anonymous said...

None of us think Phil King is doing a good job representing us, but he's a republican in it'll be easy for him to win again...unless we remember this and do something about it. Don't forget to vote in the Republican primary.

Anonymous said...

The solution is to get mad and get active! All levels of gov are spending too much. It is about nest building at our expense. But how many citizens are at school board meetings, city council meetings etc. We get what we deserve. We choose national people by some sort of beauty contest or worse, pulling the lever for the party instead of the individual. Someone's ox has to be gored to provide for the needed services, but there should equity, and accountability all along the way.

Anonymous said...

I smell a State Income Tax coming. I realize it's not popular and I agree but when we continue to put the same people in Austin year after year the money gets treated the same, if not worse, year after year. This has been coming for a long time because the boy's and girls in Austin don't want to do anything different. When "they" do they will experience a depletion in funds like the rest of us. Our tax dollars don't provide their true income. Big Corporations provide their income, i.e. TXU and Phil King maybe. We are the only ones who can change the "big game" or "Joke" from Austin to Washington. We have Lawyers making laws. Wake up America and think about it.

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts:
1) I don'tthink we can afford to leave King in office until Jan. 2009; can we recal him NOW!?

2) Look @ the schools; I bet you they have more coaches hired to "coach" and fewer to "teach" and yet any time yuo go on campus, they are all piled up@ the "field house", if they are on campus at all. And this goes double for the over-paid "athletic directors". Once football is over, they do little more than sit around on their "laurels".

Anonymous said...

Anytime a business is hit with a tax increase, they don't just absorb it. They pass it on to you, so it is the consumer that ends up paying. Econ 101 dumbed down for posters 2 and 3. Your welcome.

do we care? said...

Interesting comments 9:40. I'd like to see some folks sit on school boards who are more interested in educating our kids than getting them to practices early in the morning and staying out late at night playing ball, thus going to school tired. Go figure: if they don't pass they don't play.

Sports are priority in schools and in America.

We are the ones who will change it. Phil King home schools his children. What does he really know?

elect financial wizards said...

8:07 - amen to your post!

I'd like to ask any person running for public office this question.

1. Do you know how to efficiently handle your own money whether you have a lot or a little of it?

If we are going to elect folks to handle OUR tax dollars, we should know if they did a good job of that on their own personal budgets.

Anonymous said...

9:12, "we have lawyers making laws"?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Are you kidding me?

Phil King may be a lawyer, but the days when our legislature was dominantly occupied by practicing attorneys is long in the past. The number of actual "lawyers" now making our laws has diminished greatly in the past 2 decades.

And THAT is the problem. Lawyers, at least, are (supposed to be) trained how to think about the practical ramifications of laws, and how they are supposed to interrelate with one another in a sensible manner. Too many of our laws now are written by non-lawyers trying to address some anecdotal complaint of their brother-in-law's ... without any real notion of how they're mucking up the system with unnecessary complications.

And those complications??? They wind up making money for lawyers, who have to take their clients through more of the judicial process in order to get rational interpretations of these screwy laws.

But that doesn't mean that lawyers think our legislature is their friend. Ask most lawyers about the Texas legislature these days and you'll get the same response you get from most folks: rolling eyes and muttering under their breath about incompetence and corruption.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of respect for a good caring lawyer and feel he or she deserves every fee they assess.

But then, there are the others whose stupidity give the good ones a bad name.

We know who they are and who hires them.

Money does talk.

Anonymous said...

Ask any lawyer, and they'lll tell you that they wish the legislature met once every FOUR years, instead of once every two years!

Anonymous said...

Hey you Republicans!! Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t (Ann) say “The Lottery will pay for the schools!”

Anonymous said...

No, Actually Ann said the lottery money would go toward the schools.

And because it wasn't designated the following legislature designated it to go towards school.

No one ever thought it would totally fund our schools.

Anonymous said...

We can't seem to find people to run for public office who really do care about educational concerns, so we just shut our eyes and choose the best of the worst at the ballot box, at least on the state and national levels.

But locally, we can make a difference. Letters to the editor, letters to school board members and attending sessions in Austin having to do with educational concerns can make a difference, if enough of us band together. Bunches of Chico parents met before the school board to defend Pete Hart (a really nice guy) and the athletic program. We should be willing to do the same to defend our hard working teachers.

Is it any wonder more parents are home schooling these days?

They are fed up with our tax dollars going for mega sports complexes and coaches, while the public school teachers take pitiful salaries and put up with many out of control kids whose parents blame the school for everything from hangnails to obesity.

It won't change unless we demand it.

Anonymous said...

A higher sales tax would be a lot easier on low-income homeowners than the school taxes they already pay. I just paid $600 in taxes to North West. Given a choice, I'll take a higher sales tax any day.

Anonymous said...

10:07 - I agree. It seems incongruous that a man who has not sent his children to public schools should be writing laws about funding them. Maybe his interest is elsewhere.

What is crazy is that he has received contributions and support from public school teachers. Maybe we should all do more research before we vote or contribute.

How many of you have received his Christmas cards which indicate that they were paid by the King campaign?

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Phil King, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Oh and by the way, a state income tax wont bother me one bit! I'm retired.

RPM said...

I know a great Democrat to run against King. I think they would do an honest job representing the people if nothing more.
Barron somethingorother.

Anonymous said...

4:34 - we received one of his Christmas cards too. Not impressed.

I just hope the guy from Weatherford can knock King off of his self centered throne.

Anonymous said...

Sales tax is a transaction tax. the transaction is taxed basded on the amount of purchase. trust me on this its my job to know. i work for the state comptrollers office. most sales tax is paid by consumers. If a restaurant buys a piece of equipment it is a one time purchase. How many items of clothes do you buy over your lifetime. You can only pay sales tax if you have the money to buy something. these are the facts. editorialize them as you wish.