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The Female Readership Holds Its Collective Breath


The following from Seinfeld comes to mind.

ELAINE: did something happened?

GEORGE: Well, Tony.. took a bit of a tumble

ELAINE: his face, did something happen to his face?

KRAMER: well it all depends on what you mean by.. happen

GEORGE: he..he's alive

KRAMER: yeah

ELAINE: what happened to his face, tell me, what happened to his face

GEORGE: Well you see he slipped, and he landed on a kinda of a..

KRAMER: rock


bgirl said...

Chest still intact? We're good.

AnObiter said...

What are you? 8?

Poor Matthew...hope the pain has subsided, and that, uh, the FACE is ok!!! Although, rugged features always add more interest........=)

Dr. Kevorkian said...

The doctor is prescribing naked bongo playing and smoking weed to help the healing process.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm weed... uh I mean bongos!