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Throw Out Justice Nathan Hecht

Hecht is the Supreme Court judge who was sanctioned for his vocal support of failed Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers (uh, bad judgment for a judge). He fought the sanction and won but somehow ran up a legal bill of $340,000 (which is simply mind-boggling). So, as I wrote earlier, he gets some Texas stooge/representative to introduce a bill that would require the taxpayers to reimburse him for his legal fees.

Get this: Today we learn that the $340,00 bill had already been paid by contributions from outside sources (read: it was paid by other lawyers who will practice before him at the Supreme Court. Also read: Corrupt system.)

So today the representative withdraws the bill after noting he wasn't given all the necessary "information."

But you should throw up because of this quote from Justice Hecht: “Here is the problem: If judges are sanctioned like this and it’s unjust and it’s wrong and they want to prove it, they can represent themselves or hire a lawyer that you can’t pay for on a judge’s salary.” He is paid $150,000 a year of your taxpayer money.

Hey, hoss, you should see the number of poor people who sit across my desk who have been wrongfully accused of something that could send them to jail or the pen. You want to help them out? I won't shed a tear for you - as you become another fine example of how the Republican Party (yep, he's one) possesses the incredible skill of imploding.

This drives me insane.